D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


Round 0

Dellrak was just as surprised at the commander’s good humor. He gratefully took his bag of gold, hefting it to judge its weight, grinning as he was a hundred gold richer. “Tae bad we cannae get t’ toon an’ spend all this,” he said, resigned to more trekking in the jungle. “‘ow long b’fore the guid captain’s expected back?” he asked.

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen replaces her boot, retrieves her bow, and enters. Rather than following to the Commander's she checks in with the infirmary, and uses the jug to pour fresh water for the injured.

Seemingly in light conversation, she enquires how long the canoe has been away, and who was in it when it left.


Sister Cyas was very pleased to see Miss Imogen again and she gladly accepted her help with the sick. Some were on the road to recovery, and a few remembered Imogen's brief care from her few hour's help when last she was there. Others who she had cared for were among those evacuated in the boats.

Sister Cyas said, "Captain Perne took many of the worst in our care with her to Port Nyanzaru for proper rest. We have much less work than before, but of course, she needed to take my assistant Tarsh and a native attendant to care for them on the trip, so it works out to much the same. You'll recall from your journey here that there are many waterfalls to traverse. Some of the sick will have to be carried. I expect they will take a full tenday to get to the Port, and another to return, if they stay a few days to resupply and recruit some reinforcements. They left six days ago, so we should not expect them to return for a fortnight."

Elsewhere, similar math was made by Qawasha, who then suggested, "We could demand the use of their last row-boat, though it would only hold half our number. Hmmm. I expect we could find where our friends Cimber and Dragonbait left their canoe. It was much smaller than ours, but could hold the other half our party. We would be leaving them without if they planned to return for it, though. I expect I could find it in no more than a day or two. At any rate, without watercraft, it would take us sixteen to twenty days to arrive at the fort. Only slightly faster than awaiting the return of our canoe, should it ever happen."

On the subject of a raft, Wulf Rygor remarked, "Rafts are surprisingly ineffective on these sluggish rivers. They don't pole well, and they are hard to maneuver as you approach a falls. Dangerous, really. On top of that, they get caught up in the swamp-grasses that grow at the river's corners. You might be better off walking."
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Round 0

Dellrak sighed. “Ain’t that just the story o’ life,” he muttered. “Well, mebbe we’ll meet them on the way back,” he mused. “We can grab our canoe then. Best not be stealin’ one from somewhat wot might need it.”

[sblock=Dellrak Actions]
Free Object Interaction:
Bonus Action: Planar Warrior
Reaction: Opportunity Attack

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Dellrak Character Sheet
Initiative: +1
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 15
HP: 40/40 HD: 4/4d10+2

Bolts: 19
Bolts used: 0
Arrows: 19
Arrows used:

Detect Portal (1/R): Within 1 mile
Planar Warrior: As a bonus action, choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The next time you hit that creature on this turn with a weapon attack, all damage dealt by the attack becomes force damage, and the creature takes an extra 1d8 force damage from the attack. When you reach 11th level in this class, the extra damage increases to 2d8.
Primeval Awareness (action and spell slot): For one minute per level of spell slot, detect within 1 mile (6 in favored terrain) aberrations, celestials, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. This feature doesn’t reveal the creatures’ location or number.

1) 2/3 Protection from Evil/Good (Horizon Walker), Jump, Goodberry, Longstrider


Rodrigo Di Castalone - male human fighter
Miss Imogen - female samurai, party member, Zhentarim
Chrysagon - male aasimar paladin, Order of the Gauntlet, Kelemvor
Harb - male human monk
Qawasha (NPC) - Chultan druid
Kupalue (Weed, NPC) - vegepygmy
Wulf Rygor (NPC) - Half-elf scoutmaster, Camp Vengeance
Tarri (NPC) - cartographer, Camp Vengeance
Kasqa (NPC) - Chultan warrior, Camp Vengeance

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen thanks the sister at the end of a shift, and shares the information she has learned. Again, she uses the jug to pour out fresh water for the patients, and ensures it is chilled before she leaves.


Dusty Dragon
"I too am loathe to grab that canoe if it isn't ours... ah Master Dellrack, if only we had a flying ship! I wonder if that wreck up on the trees was one of those...."


The scoutmaster had an idea, he said, "While a raft is terrible on the river, it might be a good way to cross the Aldani Basin. In my experience, much of that swamp is shallow enough for poles, and they would be easy enough to carry over land when you come to it. Two sturdy rafts should do. My men can make them for you in under two hours."

Qawasha agreed, "I think it would work, though we would not be able to return to Port Nyanzaru. Onward, my friends?"

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