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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


"Did you see no one else inside, laddie?" Dellrak asks as he steps up beside the door to the hut. He had unharnessed his battleaxe as he moved and now gripped it in both hands.

[sblock=OOC] Ziggurats noted in my character sheet as a "place of interest. I will have Dellrak bring them up the next time we have free time to discuss them/ask locals about them.[/sblock]

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The child shook his head, "We think no one is home. We was going to look inside when she was bit! We was told your man came here. This is the home of a man called Viplo."

Listening at the door, Dellrak heard no movement from inside. Sure enough, though, the door appeared to have some sort of mouse-trap-like needle that had been sprung next to the door-latch, now clearly visible.


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo's hand was firmly on his sword's hilt - he too had wondered if the poisoning had been inflicted by trap or foe... his eyes darted left and right.

"alas, I am no expert at medicine... we need a healer indeed"

He looked at the trap. "now was that left by him or *for* him..."


Looking at the trap, it appeared to be a security feature of the door.

Rodrigo suddenly became aware of a thumping noise that was coming from away from the hut; not far off in the direction of the jungle. Dellrak and Harb heard it too:

Thump. Thump. Thump.


"Some thing approaches..." Harb picks the girl up and moves her to a safer place. (OOC: Behind a tree or the house.) As he goes he asks the boy to follow and then shows him what to do to keep her stable.

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Dellrak grabs the handle of the door (minding the needle) and checks to see if it will open.

OOC: If it opens He'll peer inside, and see if its safe to get the group inside.


Dellrak tried the door: It was locked, but not well-constructed; it would be relatively easy to force.

Harb stowed the children behind a large fern-like plant. The boy said, "There is another hut there, in the trees. I saw it, but we did not look." (It did sound like banging.) Before leaving them, Harb took one last look at the girl. Her breathing was shallow, but steady. She was very lucky, he thought - this Death Curse was said to make it harder to survive an experience such as this.

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Miss Imogen had travelled with the insistent child to the injured one, and watched her companions as they tended her illness. She should learn some first aid, she scolded herself. This was not something common sense (of which she prided herself to possess an abundance) alone would be helpful with.

She heard the first thump, and she ascertained its direction in the jungle. By the second her bow was no longer on her shoulder, and an arrow was nocked by the time the third occurred. She waited and peered through the foliage as Dellrak opened the door. She was prepared to fire.
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OOC: STR check to force the door open, [roll0]

Dellrak quickly lowered his shoulder and then slammed it into the hut's door....

...It gave and the dwarf motioned for everyone to hurry inside before stepping in first.

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