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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo nodded sharply at Miss Imogen and drew his blades. He moved sideways a bit - he wanted her to have a clear shot, but not so much to the side as to be unable to intercept.

His eyes narrowed... was it coming *closer*?

Perception for the thumping: 1D20+4 = [17]+4 = 21

He focused intently, ready for an attack and blocking out the sounds of the children, Dellrack, the birds...

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The door gave into a single-room home with one small bed and desk, a table and two chairs, and a bookshelf. Nothing was particularly well-kept, and the air smelled slightly off.

Rodrigo listened to the thumping and was certain that it sounded like someone trying to break a door, like Dellrak had just done, but with less success.


Not aware of what's happening, Chrysagon arrived. "Where have you been? I think I lost you in the crowd, everybody is wearing those damn rain clothes." Then seeing everybody at the ready, his smile fades out as he looses the head of his flail.


While Harbs is taking care of the child, Chrysagon kneels near the little body, takes off his gloves and, closing his eyes, takes a deep breath before laying his hand on her.

If her breath returned to normal, "Maybe the angel of Death will just walk by..."

Then Chrysagon turns back and goes straight toward the sound, impersonating his processioning priest of Death. "I'm with the Death and the Death is with me..." while his companions go in stealth mode.


Lay on hands 5 hp to cure the poison.
Then, dodge action when progressing toward the sound. If enough time.
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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Miss Imogen begins to trace a large parabolic arc with her steps, away from the hut her companions have just entered, with the intention of getting both huts into her sights. If anything should travel from one to the other, she wants it in her sights. Her quiver is full, and she is a good shot at a long distance.


Location: Old City Outskirts, Huts Encounter: Zoombies

Harb removed the needle-trap and tucked it away on his person while Chrysagon healed the poisoned child. The thumping noise became louder as Miss Imogen and Rodrigo moved off into the jungle, on either side of the little trail that led to the smaller hut; a shed, it was really.

Chrysagon headed toward the shed, chanting "I am with death, death is with me." as the thumping grew in intensity. Suddenly the shed's door burst open, and blackened, twisted bodies that were once Chultans stumbled out, their eyes white dead orbs.

They immediately rushed toward Chrysagon, faster than a dead thing ought to move. More of them began to pour out of the shed, moaning and growling.

Begin Round One

Name * (Position) * AC * HP
Chrysagon (L8) AC18* HP 20/20 (Resist Nec & Rad)
Dellrak (G21) AC15 HP 20/20
Imogen (E7) AC14 HP 18/18
Nameless (Harb) (K12) AC15 HP 15/15
Rodrigo (P10) AC17* HP 20/20
Mayni (O20)
Louzo (O21)
Zoombie1 (Q3)
Zoombie2 (Q4)
Zoombie3 (Shed)
Zoombie4 (Shed)
Zoombie5 (Shed)
Zoombie6 (Shed)
Zoombie7 (Shed)
Zoombie8 (Shed)



"Lord of the Damned,
Yours is the path of Judgment,
Yours is the path of Death
And I am your instrument."

Lighting up his flail, "So be it."

Chrysagon casts protection against evil on himself. If he seems to be the target, he brings the zombies into Miss Imogen line of sight and brace for impact.


[sblock=StatBlock]HP: 20/20 HD: 2/2d10
AC: 18 (Resist Nec & Rad)
PP: 10
Divine Sense: 4/4
Lay on Hands: 5/10 hp
Healing Hands: 2/2 hp
Spell slots:
1st: 1/2
Concentration: protection vs undead
Javelins: 5/5
Health Potions: 0/0
Coins: 29 gp
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Quick as they were, the zombies stumbled through the jungle underbrush. One of them reached Chrysagon and made to scratch at him with long yellow fingernails. But the priest's protection spell worked and the creature shrunk back as if it had been stung.

GM: [sblock=Rolls]Attack: 2D20.LOW(1)+3 = [14, 9]+3 = 12
1D6+1 = [5]+1 = 6

Gone: (PCs) Chrysagon; (BGs) Zoombie1, Zoombie2
Damage Taken: (PCs) None; (BGs) None

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