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D&D 5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


"You're right, I can see now how much they invest in here... But you were going to give us instructions on how to find the entrance to the Serpent's Coils..."

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The Grand Souk

Not far from the Weave of Life and utterly unmissable, is the Grand Souk. Traders from up and down the Sword Coast come to this market to buy timber, spices, medicines concocted from jungle plants, dinosaur skulls and claws, iron, tiger pelts, carved ivory, Batiri and Grung handiwork, coloured feathers, tropical fruit, monkeys, plesiosaur meat, and all the other riches of Chult.

Business begins before the sun comes up, and dealing doesn’t stop until well after darkness edges across the city. It’s a noisy, jostling, aroma-rich circus. Guards are numerous, but less numerous than the urchins and pickpockets. Street performers and tabaxi minstrels add to the cacophony. Colorful awnings protect the market from sun and rain but also trap the heat and smells.

Nearly everything one could imagine is available in the Grand Souk, as well as things unusual to the foreign eye. For example, as the group of newly-arrived allies ventured to the market for their first time, the first thing they came to was a large pen, and an auctioneer was taking bids on a triceratops. Well-trained, according to it's handler.

It would be easy to spend the rest of the day here, exploring the various stalls and speaking to the people.


OOC: Not in the Grand Souk, but now that I have a proper map...

Chrysagon had slowly been taking stock of the city's temples and so far was not pleased. Grand as some of them were, they were dedicated to Gods of Wealth, Trade, Crafts, and Vanity.

Isolated atop a rocky formation in the sea, the Temple of Sune is reachable only by an elevated causeway from Temple Hill or by boat. Steep steps wind up the cliff from the temple’s small harbour. When seen from a distance, the temple’s roof seems to float in midair. Chysagon saw this temple while coming into harbour on the Swordcoaster.

The Temple to Waukeen is a magnificent structure that residents call the Hall of Gold for its shining, golden roof and for Waukeen’s focus on trade and wealth. Mount Sibasa is the highest point in the city, and when the sun is shining, light glinting off the temple roof can be seen for miles out at sea. Chrysagon saw this temple while travelling up the hill toward the Tavern, high on the hill's peak.

The boxy stone Temple of Gond, deity of craft and construction, looms behind the royal docks. It’s popular among Port Nyanzaru’s many artisans, craftspeople, smiths, ivory carvers, and hydro-engineers. Where most such temples have a forge as a centerpiece, this one features an immense fountain whose water jets shift continually to create amazing shapes. Chrysagon saw this one across the Harbour while waiting to speak to the harbormaster.

In the Grand Souk, Chrysagon learns of a temple that might be closer to his liking:

The Temple of Savras is one of the oldest, grandest buildings in the city. The tiled roof of its great dome resembles an unblinking eye, staring skyward. Savras is a deity of wizards, fortune tellers, diviners, and those who unfailingly speak the truth regardless of whether listeners want to hear it. His symbol is a monstrous eye, or a crystal ball filled with eyes.

He also hears that Tymora, goddess of Luck, has a Temple in Malar's Throat, outside the city walls.


As the group moves through the crowds Dellrak listens for that familiar sound of hammer on steel. But the path the group follows seems to be bereft of smithies, and the Great Souk is so large that they just may be in the wrong area.

He watches the auction along with the others with great interest as the astounding beast looks like it would make a better pack animal than any mule or horse could ever become. In between the bidding he hears a sound that brings his head around quickly. The *thunk* of an axe hitting wood draws him towards a large Calishite in the local garb. He holds an axe of obvious dwarven make (slightly bloody) in one hand and a thin spiral of horn in the other.

merchant.jpg "Al-mi'raj for sell! Get your Al-mi'raj horn here!" he cries holding the horn aloft.

Dellrak's eyes go from the horn to the axe and back one more time, before the dwarf wonders what kind of creature produced the unicorn like horn. The gruff dwarf's eyes widen at the small furry rabbit lying on a wooded block, its lifeless eyes staring back, a small bloody circle in the center of its forehead.

"Ah, Master Dwarf, interested in the pelt? Softess in all the Realms." the fat human says grabbing the creature by the ears and lifting the carcass close enough to touch. "Your kind have little use for the horn powder as it is said to be a great remedy for an poison that may ail you. But the pelt is good and the meat when roasted crisp is divine"

"You...you," Dellrak gets himself visibly under control. "Your using that axe as a butcher knife?!"

Turning his face away from the merchant, for fear he might punch that smugness in the nose, he sees another Al-mi'raj alive in a small cage. A deep sigh escapes the dwarf as he loses himself in the sad eyes of the scared creature.

"How much for that one?" he asks throwing a thumb over his shoulder at the cage.

"Umm..." thrown of by the offer the merchant stumbles for a price. "It is my last one. Say ten golden lions.?" ,he answers knowing a dwarf will haggle down to the copper.

"Make it twenty," the dwarf counters, stunning the man. "I'll pay half now and the other when I take delivery. And since you won't be needing this again..." he adds swiping the axe from the merchants hands. "... I'll take it as collateral, towards my purchase."

Still stunned as he counts Dellrak's coins, the dwarf turns to add as he walks away, the axe causally over one shoulder. "If anything happens to my bunny until I have had the chance to collect him, your going to lose your horn, Master Merchant."

Turning back he notices the others watching and holding in their smiles. "Wha-? Eyes needed an axe," his face slightly a blush.

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Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo does his best to suppress a delighted smile.

"Ah, master Dellrak, a fine axe to be sure. Most interesting haggling method too".

Rodrigo felt that the axe was a crude, inferior weapon to the sword... when wielded by a human. Dwarven shoulder anatomy changed things. He hope that this companion was up to the task... and with that thought the smile faded.

"Right. Based on the map the entrance is over there, behind that old tower. Now should we set up an ambush or given them the chance to surrender the artefact?"

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The Nameless goes back into his "Harb" persona as they left the meeting. And upon arriving in the market proceeds to 'wander' through the stalls making sure to examine any medicine stalls he comes across, especially those who make use of local remedies. He makes no purchases, but occasionally attempts to draw information from the sellers about ingredients and preparation. All the while he moves closer to the entrance.

Squirrels are evil!

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
The smells and colours of the bazaar fascinate Miss Imogen, and she strains her ears to hear the bidding on the triceratops. Children pull at her skirts and she wants to place a copper in their eager open hands, if only to see their smiles. She knows that will set a precedent and make forward travel even more difficult, and she doesn't want to appear a soft touch.

She seems to glide through the crowds, one hand on her purse at all times, holding the lid closed. She is not tall, but with her perfect posture she is still a presence.

An incense seller offers her a sandalwood bracelet which she pushes aside with a smile, and she accompanies Dellrak as he makes his purchases. She is charmed by the care he takes, and the seriousness in his brow. When his shopping is done, she is pleased that it's Rodrigo who encourages them to the task. She doesn't want to be seen to be pushing them towards this job, and she is reassured that she is not, in the end, the only one undertaking it.

"We might want to ask some of these urchins to be our eyes and ears," she suggests. "They stick out a lot less than we do."

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