5E (IC) Fitz's Folly


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo turned to Chrysagon "Deal with the foul dead! Delrak is isolated. I will delay this beast"

Action: Dodge

Rodrigo started waiving his arms and hooting, moving unpredictably from one side to the other, attempting to distract and puzzle the great ape with his peculiar, non combative motion. At the same time he focused on it - not making eye contact to threaten it, but to predict its motions better.


Dusty Dragon
Qawasha saw what Rodrigo was trying to do. He was... dubious it would work, but the foreigner was right - the Ape should be an ally.

Move: "down and left" to not get isolated in front

Action: Cast speak with animal followed by "Oh mighty titan of the forest! We are not your foes! The cursed walking dead are! All the jungle must unite against it!"


"This jungle wants me dead" grumbled Chrysagon recovering from the crash.

Then without much thinking he jumped into the melee to stand between the undead and Delrak.

OOC: Lay on hands 20 hp and movement to Q13. new HP 29/36
Concentration check: 1d20+2 21

HP: 29/36 HD: 4/4d10
AC: 18 (Resist Nec & Rad)
PP: 10
Divine Sense: 5/5
Lay on Hands: 0/20 hp
Healing Hands: 4/4 hp
Channel Divinity: 1/1
Spell slots: 1st: 2/3


"I'll help Delrack."

Harb dropped his bow as he moved with the swiftness he was known for. Ducking under the beast's great fists as he swept into range of the nearest ghoul. By the time he'd reached the creature, his quarterstaff was in his hands, and he swung for it. Unfortunately, in his haste, he wasn't terribly accurate. A moment later, he was on full defense.

Move: 40' to O14, staying outside of 5' of the gorilla but probably entering it's threat range anyways.
Action: Quarterstaff: 1d20+5 12 1d8+3 7
BA: Dodge , 3/4 Ki pts.


Myrral, Rodrigo, & Qawasha vs the Giant Ape

Rodrigo waved his arms, distracting the enormous gorilla while Harb and Chrysagon moved past to help Dellrak. The beast reached out, and ignoring Myrral's attempt to calm him, he ripped the tree out of the ground and swung it around defensively, trying to keep all the little creatures and their claws away from him.

Unfortunately, this caused him to first sweep the tree through where Rodrigo was standing, and the fleet-footed swordsman was not able to avoid such a large weapon. He was thrown back from the ape and battered by sharp leaves and branches.

Qawasha spoke, and the ape appeared to be confused by the strange sudden understanding of language. It was obvious to Qawasha that the beast could not tell the difference between them and the ghouls, but he swung the tree around and struck one of the undead anyway, throwing the snarling creature back and away.

GM: Damage Taken:
(BGs) Ghoul2 11 (Ape's Tree Sweep);
(PCs) Rodrigo 11 (Ape's Tree Sweep); Myrral 8 or 4 or 0 (Going Flying. See Notes.)
Ape's Tree "sweep" vs Rodrigo (Well, THAT was a lot worse than I thought it would be...)
Tree: 2D20.LOW(1)+9 = [19, 19]+9 = 28; 2D6+5 = [4, 2]+5 = 11
... Also vs Ghoul2
Tree: 1D20+9 = [3]+9 = 12; 2D6+5 = [4, 2]+5 = 11
Myrral damage from being flung 30 feet
Fall: 3D6 = [1, 3, 4] = 8
If Myrral wants to hold onto the tree, he can try a dc16 Athletics. If he makes it, he takes 0 damage and stays on the end of the tree. OR, he can let go and roll with the impact with a dc12 Acrobatics, taking 4 damage. If he fails either of those (he can only try one), he takes the full 8 damage. If he makes either check, you can chose where he winds up (any square within 10' of the ape). Otherwise, I'll determine it randomly.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
As the tree swings and hits multiple opponents, a yowl comes from between the leaves and lithe form comes flying among the leaves and branches landing with a thud.

One can deduce that 'cats always lands on its feet' doesn't apply to humanoid cats.

Acrobatics to remain near the ape: 1d20+4=[4]+4=8 figures :( I was hoping to remain within 5 to heal it...but no such luck, full damage for Myrral.


Dusty Dragon
Rodrigo attempted to parry the tree as best as he could, but all he managed to achieve was push himself away from the weapon somewhat. He hoped the druid would do something soon...

parrying the tree: 1D8+4 = [1]+4 = 5

Rodrigo Di Castalone, Human Fighter (battlemaster, criminal(spy)), level 4
HP: 30/36, Hit dice: 4/4
AC: 18
Passive Perception 14
Rapier: +6 to hit, 1d8+6 dmg
Main Gauche (if used main-handed and not to parry) +6 to hit, 1d4+4 or +6 dmg
Crossbow: +6 to hit, 1d8+4 dmg, range 80/320
Darts: +6 to hit, 1d4+4 dmg, range 20/60
Saves: Str: +3, Dex: +4, Con: +4, Int: +1, Wis: +2, Cha: 0
Superiority dice: 3/4, Action surge: free, Second wind: free
Maneuvres: Riposte, Parry, Trip (DC 14)
Potions of healing remaining: 2


Harb & Imogen vs Ghast1

Harb ducked past the gorilla's swinging tree and came upon one of the ghouls that had been thrown from the ape's back. He swung his staff, but the ghoul was quick - even though it was still getting up, it fended off the staff with its forearm and it lunged toward Harb, scratching the nameless man's arm with long, black claws, just before Harb was able to defensively knock the ghoul back and away.

Harb felt ill and his arm went numb. And what was that terrible stench? The ghoul came with a veritable cloud of putrification. Harb's head swam and he staggered as Imogen's arrow flew past him and struck the ghoul in the nose. The creature fell to the ground, twitching as if still alive, but it did not rise.

Hup'lo & Kasqa

Having stashed the Sticks' supplies, Hup'lo and Kasqa gathered their spears and made their way through the underbrush toward the north, working their way around the chaos with the intent of helping from the flank.

GM: Damage Taken:
(BGs) Ghast1 16 (Imogen's Arrow, "Dead");
(PCs) Harb 5 (Ghast claws, please see Notes);
(NPCs) None
Ghast1 claw vs Harb
Claw: 2D20.LOW(1)+5 = [15, 16]+5 = 20; 2D6+3 = [1, 1]+3 = 5
From the Scratch: Harb must succeed on a dc10 Con Save or be paralysed for 1 minute. He can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of his turns, to end the effect.
From the Stench: Harb must succeed on a dc10 Con Save or be poisoned until the end of his next turn.
(Not really important if he gets paralysed, I suppose.)


Round 2

With the ghouls close now, Dellrack dropped the crossbow and drew his greataxe. He stepped up and spat out a curse in dwarven as he swung the axe at the undead monster.

OOC: 19 points of goodberries available.

Move: To Nearest ghoul
Free Object Interaction: Drop crossbow
Action: Attack ghoul
Greataxe, Planar Warrior: 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25
1D12+1D8+4 = [7]+[7]+4 = 18

Bonus Action: Planar Warrior
Reaction: Opportunity Attack

Dellrak Character Sheet
Initiative: +1
Perception: +4
Speed: 25
AC: 15
HP: 40/40 HD: 4/4d10+2

Bolts: 18
Bolts used: 1
Arrows: 19
Arrows used:

Detect Portal (1/R): Within 1 mile
Planar Warrior: As a bonus action, choose one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The next time you hit that creature on this turn with a weapon attack, all damage dealt by the attack becomes force damage, and the creature takes an extra 1d8 force damage from the attack. When you reach 11th level in this class, the extra damage increases to 2d8.
Primeval Awareness (action and spell slot): For one minute per level of spell slot, detect within 1 mile (6 in favored terrain) aberrations, celestials, dragons, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. This feature doesn’t reveal the creatures’ location or number.

1) 3/3 Protection from Evil/Good (Horizon Walker), Jump, Goodberry, Longstrider

Rodrigo Di Castalone - male human fighter
Miss Imogen - female samurai, party member, Zhentarim
Chrysagon - male aasimar paladin, Order of the Gauntlet, Kelemvor
Harb - male human monk
Myrral - Tabaxi bard?
Qawasha (NPC) - Chultan druid
Kupalue (Weed, NPC) - vegepygmy


Brapp vs Ghoul2

Brapp saw his friend Myrral hit the ground hard. A ghoul that had been thrown by the ape was nearby him, and it scrambled to its feet and rushed toward his friend. Brapp let two arrows fly from his bow, and the ghoul fell to the ground, twitching.

Chrysagon & Grrol vs Ghoul4 & 5

Chrysagon rushed forward to cover Dellrak as the dwarf switched weapons. A ghoul jumped on him and scratched at his armour. Then another ghoul ran toward him, and even though Grrol's arrow struck it in the chest, it too jumped on Chrysagon.

Dellrak vs Ghast2

Having dropped his crossbow and drawn an axe, Dellrak moved to join Chrysagon on the front line. Yet another ghoul joined the scrum, and Dellrak burried his axe deep into its chest. The ghoul howled and scratched the dwarf's face. It wasn't a deep gash, but it stung like nothing Dellrak had felt before.

GM: Damage Taken:
(BGs) Ghast2 18 (Dellrak's Axe); Ghoul2 7 & 9 (Brapp's Arrows, Down); Ghoul4 7 (Grrol's Arrow)
(PCs) Dellrak 5 (Ghast's Claws. See Notes);
(NPCs) None
G3 Strength to escape Qawasha's Entangle (nope!)
Save: 1D20+1 = [6]+1 = 7
Grrol vs G4 (2 Arrows) & Brapp vs G2 (2 Arrows)
Bow: 1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14; 1D6+3 = [4]+3 = 7
1D20+5 = [1]+5 = 6; 1D6+3 = [1]+3 = 4
1D20+5 = [9]+5 = 14; 1D6+3 = [4]+3 = 7
1D20+5 = [14]+5 = 19; 1D6+3 = [6]+3 = 9

Ghoul5 vs Chrysagon
Claw: 1D20+4 = [9]+4 = 13; 2D4+4 = [2, 2]+4 = 8
Ghast2 vs Dellrak
Claw: 1D20+5 = [12]+5 = 17; 2D6+3 = [1, 1]+3 = 5
& Dellrak must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or be paralysed for 1 minute. He can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of his turns to end the effect.
Also Stench. Any creature that starts its turn within 5 feet of a ghast must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution saving throw or be poisoned until the start of its next turn. (Dellrak must roll this, but with advantage because it's Poison)


GM: Encounter: The Sticks vs Ghouls vs a Giant Gorilla in the Chultan Jungle

(BGs) Ape (N16Q19); Ghast1 (Q14); GST2 (R11); Ghoul1 (AA7); GL2 (T15); GL3 (Z5); GL4 (R13); GL5 (R12);
(PCs) Chrysagon (Q13); Dellrak (Q12); Imogen (C6); Harb (O14); Myrral (T19); Rodrigo (K19);
(NPCs) Braapp (I15); Grrol (H17); Hup'Lo (F10); Kasqa (G9); Qawasha (G14); Weed (I9); Ukee (F12)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Chrysagon AC18* HP 29/36 HD 4/4 PP10* SS 2/3 CD 1/1 LoH 0/20 (Res Nec&Rad)
Dellrak AC15 HP 35/40 HD 4/4 PP14* SS 3/3 (Res Poison)
Harb AC15 HP 27/27 HD 4/4 PP14 KI 3/4
Imogen AC16 HP 31/31 THP 5/5 HD 4/4 PP12 SS 2/2 FS 2/3
Myrral (Dew) AC14 HP 18/26 HD 4/4 PP14* SS 3/4 3/3 Ins 3/3
Rodrigo AC18* HP 30/36 HD 4/4 PP14 SD 4/4
Braapp (Climbing Vine) AC14 HP 33/33 HD 6/6 PP13*
Grrol (Rockmoss) AC14 HP 33/33 HD 6/6 PP13*
Hup'Lo AC12 HP 6/16 HD 3/3 PP12*
Kasqa AC13 HP 17/17 HD 3/3 PP11 (Hidden 13)
Qawasha AC11(16) HP 27/27 HD 5/5 PP14 SS 3/4 3/3
Kupalue (Weed) AC13 HP 9/9 HD 2/2 PP12* (Hidden 21)
Ukee AC12 HP 3/3 HD 1/1 PP13 (Hidden 20)
Name * Damage Taken * (Notes)
Giant Ape
Ghast1 41 (Down); Ghast2 18;
Ghoul1 13; Ghoul2 27 (Down); Ghoul3 0 (Restrained); Ghoul4 7; Ghoul5 0;
End Round Two; Begin Round Three



I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Sorry for missing the round for tabaxi, I opened the thread this morning and only now got enough time to properly sit down.
KahlessNestor: the ghast is restrained, attack with the advantage and it either loses action or attacks with disadvantage. Don't fail the save (inspiration)
@FitzTheRuke don't forget that ape also has one inspiration dice :)

Another growl and tabaxi fly all over the jungle, their legs working impossibly quickly in a short sprint. Two hunters raise their bows in unison and release a volley toward the melee. This time, the results are more dramatic as several arrows thud into undead flesh. Less dramatic is that neither fell and the hunters growl to each other something.

Through the gestures and pointing, you can conclude they agreed on the target for the next volley.

In the meantime, Myrral gets up from his tumble and rushes almost on all fours, low to the ground away from the ape and behind the melee. Hopefully, undead held by the spell will remain bound for several seconds more.

He unfurls and tosses wide vine net with big teeth cleverly woven throughout its structure to snag into the flesh of whatever is caught inside.

away from the ape to T10 (but going through U column, so U18--> U11 --> T10) using feline grace again
Action: Net Throw on Ghast2: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18 - it is restrained, attacks on it have an advantage, it attacks with disadvantage, needs Str DC 12 to free itself or do 5 cutting damage to the net
On a failed attempt it takes 1d4 damage
Bonus: inspiration to Dellrack

Braapp attacks R12 (ghoul 5)
to M11
Attack1: 1D20+5 = [13]+5 = 18;
Damage1: 1D6+3 = [2]+3 = 5;
Attack2: 1D20+5 = [7]+5 = 12;
Damage2: 1D6+3 = [3]+3 = 6

total 11 damage if 12 hits, 5 otherwise
Grrol attacks R13 (ghoul 4)
to K12
Attack1: 1D20+5 = [10]+5 = 15;
Damage1: 1D6+3 = [4]+3 = 7;
Attack2: 1D20+5 = [5]+5 = 10;
Damage2: 1D6+3 = [2]+3 = 5

Total 7 damage if 10 misses, 12 otherwise
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Chrysagon patiently watched the undead coming but waited to be surrounded before he unleashed the power of Kelemvor, the Judge of the Damned.

"And when the night is dark, In the places that have never known light, I will go with you and I will burn bright!"

OOC: Turn the Unholy Wis DC 13: As an action, you can make any fiend or undead, provided that it's within 30 feet and that can see or hear you, make a Wisdom saving throw. If the creature fails its saving throw, it is turned for 1 minute or until it takes damage. A turned creature must spend its turns trying to move as far away from you as it can, and it can't willingly move to a space within 30 feet of you. It also can't take reactions. For its action, it can use only the Dash action or try to escape from an effect that prevents it from moving. If there's nowhere to move, the creature can use the Dodge action.

HP: 29/36 HD: 4/4d10
AC: 18 (Resist Nec & Rad)
PP: 10
Divine Sense: 5/5
Lay on Hands: 0/20 hp
Healing Hands: 4/4 hp
Channel Divinity: 0/1
Spell slots: 1st: 2/3
Concentration: Protection vs evil


Tabaxi & Chrysagon vs Ghast2, Ghoul4 & 5

Myrral rushed past the fallen ghoul while unfolding one of his very well-made tabaxi nets. He threw it over perfectly over the smelliest ghoul and the undead struggled to free itself while being scratched and torn by the net's woven-in teeth and raptor claws.

The other tabaxi sent arrows over the shoulders of the front line, striking the ghouls, but they kept coming, snarling and biting at Chrysagon's armour. Chrysagon held up his thurible-flail and it glowed brightly from inside. The ghouls thrashed about, moaning, and one began to run from him.

OOC: Ghoul5 is running. He'll provoke opportunity attacks from Dellrak, Chrysagon, and Myrral. The Ghast is turned too, but it's still stuck in the net.

GM: Damage Taken:
(BGs) Ghast2 3 & Restrained (Myrral's Net) & Turned (Chrys);
Ghoul4 7 (Grrol's Arrow); Ghoul5 5 (Brapp's Arrow) & Turned (Chrys);
(PCs) None; (NPCs) None

Kobold Stew

Miss Imogen sees the Ghast captured in the net, and takes an easy shot, hitting it clean in the skull. A second arrow glances off its shoulder, and she is not sure if it hits

OOC: Move: as necessary to position shot, otherwise stay put.
Attack: arrow with sharpshooter (and advantage from net). 1d20+2 (17, 17)=17. Damage =1d8+13=14.
Action surge: Attack: arrow2 with sharpshooter (and advantage from net). 1d20+2 (14, 8)=14. If a hit, damage = 1d8+13=18.


Chrysagon had warned them to watch for the tell-tales. And now Harb recognized the tell-tales of his allies turning attempt. He waited until the creatures who would flee. Did so and then he moved in to help deal with those who were left. His staff strike wasn't terribly accurate. But the pair of kicks that followed it struck home.

Quarterstaff: 3#1d20+5 13 24 24 1d8+3 4 2#1d4+3 7 4

Movement. He'll try not to trigger an AoO from the gorilla. But if he has to he will. Flurry of blows. 2/4 No this round.