D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn nodded to the old shaman - she knew how to play this better than they did, and he didn't feel like fighting the whole village. If she was going to betray them... well they would be ready for that too. In his raspy voice he asked. "These visitors... did they leave after they raised the dragon? Or did they stay?"

Once she was out of earshot he said

"We should eat our own food just in case she changes her mind. Some people are amused by telling their victim how someone else will betray them. We also need to think how to ward ourselves from the ice of the dragon. I have some protection, but I do not have the skills to extend it to others..." He looked hopefully at Sesto, then at Lorenn and Mord - clerics were good with protection magic, but perhaps these two....
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Primus said, “I can give one person some measure of resistance to Ice for an hour, but it’s hard to do and takes my concentration. I can also be resistant to most elemental attacks for the duration of one attack, but again, it takes some energy to do so. Best to leave my skills in this area as a last resort.”


Mord nodded to the woman, smiling in response to her suggestions. "I will happily accept your idea. We have no wish for a conflict with your tribe and will gladly do our best to slay this being as part of our mission. Truly, doing so will only further our current goals."

If there was nothing else to learn from the shipwreck and the shaman, Mord started the trek back towards the village. It would be best to start their mission with as much rest as possible.


As the group hiked back up to the village, the shaman answered Kalorn, "I do know know where are the Dragon's visitors. I think most of them did leave, but some may stay. There are many servants of the dragon: Ice Trolls. Hoary Toads. Kobolds. All live in the Ice-caves. We do not often go. Some visitors may still be there."

When Eko found Lorenn, she was able to report that she saw an Ice-Hunter villager in the chamber at the bottom of the way down, but otherwise she took the shortest path out, flying through a series of uneven tunnels and up a second shaft that led to the shaman's hut. (They way they expected to enter from.)

When they returned to the village, they informed Chief Barking Seal that he was correct and the shipwreck was ancient and unrelated to their quest. He was very pleased and ordered a meal served - smoked fish.

"You may stay until your ship returns for you in the morning." he declared, translated by Loklafd.

The village champion, Orcaheart, eyed the newcomers with suspicion and constantly found reason to take offence at their every social blunder.

OOC: Anyone doing anything particularly sneaky to avoid eating the fish, or are you just *not* eating it? (Which may be seen as offensive, especially by Orcaheart.


Mord used his obsidian dagger to 'slice' a piece of the fish for himself and ate his share with it. The image seemed real enough. And Mord took his time eating, using the knife to slice off smaller bits and stabbing them to bring to his mouth. After his first bite, he smiled at the chieftain and spoke.

"My compliments to your cook. This is quite a feast."

OOC: Multiple castings of Minor Illusion using the dagger as the focus.

Deception: [roll0]


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn had thought of an excuse to not eat the fish - blame delicate southern stomach perhaps? - and was surprised when he saw Mord eat the fish. What was he doing?!?

... of course. He too knew a few of these tricks! Standing further back, he too began using minor illusions to "eat" the fish, adding a few prestidigitations to complete the effects.

He then blinked at Alhana's terrible lie. The story was plausible, but the delivery... he had to deflect attention.

He chucked and said, somewhat mockingly "Elven stomachs are far too weak for northern fare". It was a recycled lie. The best kind.

lying about elves!: 1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12

Prickly Pear

Sesto was grateful for shaman Bonecarver's warning about the poisoned food. He chided himself for not having prepared the Purify spell this morning. Well, that cannot be help. At least I can protect myself against poison, he thought and casted Protection from Poison. I hope tho others have some means to avoid the poisoned food.

As they sat down to eat, Sesto thanked Chief Barking Seal for the generous offer and suggested that a prayer to Lathander before eating would be in order. Without waiting for an answer, Sesto began blessing the food and the gave thanks for the day that has been so fruitful and how wonderful it was to meet such lovely people. Within the prayer, Sesto weaved in the Bless spell, so that his friends would be better equipped to eat the food, would they have too.

Next, Sesto looked at the Chief and said: I am sure this meal will be pleasant!, and then took a bite of the fish.

OOC: This would be the time to have the spell "Purify Food and Drink" prepared but alas... I will try another approach. I hope the dice goods are with me.
Sesto casts "Protection from Poison" on himself on the way back to the village. (2nd lvl)
Seto casts "Bless" on all party members (3rd lvl for 5 PCs (?))
Saving throws, whatever is appropriate: Hmmm, the dice roller is not working at the moment. I will try again later and post then.
Con Save poison

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