D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich


Mord smiled as he watched the cultist run off. Who knows how they would react, but there should be a certain amount of panic involved. And panic tends to make people make mistakes. Now he returned to the battle at hand, firing off a pair of force bolts at the same Skagg he'd been shooting before the cultist approached.

His skeletons were failing at doing much more than distracting these enemies. Perhaps that was all they were good for. He called out mentally directing them to grab and pull at the Skragg's arms and legs in an attempt to make them easier to hit for the real trolls.

Having the skeletons provide the help action for the real trolls. Should have had Mord take advantage of one of them. YEESH! Fist troll on each Skagg gets advantage!

Eldritch Blast: 2#1d20+8 10 12 2#1d10+4 13 5

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Eastern Lair

As the cavern shook and the sound of the Dragon's Roar echoed through the vast cavern, the drowned trolls broke off fighting and turned their backs on the trolls. They lumbered off into the mists, as Mord's skeletons followed harassing them. Eventually, the drowned trolls shrugged off Mord's skeletons and left them behind as they went to find their master.

Blurcho and the other confused and frightened trolls flung ice-chunks at them, and one of them yelled, "Yah, yooz beddah run!" (as if the drowned trolls were fleeing).

Mord fired eldritch energy at their backs, half-heartedly, as he thought about what they should do next.

GM: MordTroll's "Help" advantages have been used.
Mord stayed & missed SK5
helped & moved to (CP46)
MordTroll2 helped & moved to (CU40)
Blurcho did 12 (ice) damage (resisted) to SK6 & moved to (CY41)
Troll3 stayed & did 14 (ice) damage (resisted) SK5
stayed & missed SK5
Skragg5 dashed to (CJ39) provoking OA from Ooga & MT1
dashed to (CN38) provoking OA from Sarg & Oodna & MT2


Primus can't see anything in this fog, even with dark vision. He peers out into the darkness, and reaches into himself, transporting a portion of his Mind's Eye out towards where the Dragon went.

A small, invisible Sensor appears 60 ft closer to the Dragon, through which he can "See" though his mind's eye.

He sees the Dragon. While he shunts more of his power into healing himself, he prepares to attack.

Wandering Eye (6 psi; conc., 1 hr.). As an action, you create a psychic sensor within 60 feet of you. The sensor lasts until your concentration ends. The sensor is invisible and hovers in the air. You mentally receive visual information from it, which has normal vision and darkvision with a range of 60 feet. The sensor can look in all directions. As an action, you can move the sensor up to 30 feet in any direction. There is no limit to how far away from you the eye can move, but it can’t enter another plane of existence. A solid barrier blocks the eye’s movement, but the eye can pass through an opening as small as 1 inch in diameter.

By my calculation, the Dragon is about 90 or so feet away. I can make the Sensor within 60 ft of me, and it has Darkvision out to another 60 ft, 40 if I'm reading the conditions of the room, right. So he should be able to see the dragon. Doesn't help this round, but as long as he keeps his concentration, he should be able to attack the dragon in the next round.

Bonus Action: When I spend Psi Points, I can use a bonus action to heal that number of points. I did this last time, and healed 6 points, and I'm doing it again, so I now have 33 hp.

{AC: 16 (+4 if hit and it would make the hit miss)
HP: 33/59
PP: 27/44)}

Prickly Pear

The Drowned Troll, formerly known as Uncle Boogey, suddenly turned when the cave shock. Oodnadatta took the opportunity to tear a piece of flesh from the dead troll.
Uncle Boogey set off towards some unheard call but Oodnadatta would have none of that. He caught up with the troll and sank his teeth into the shoulder and dug his claw into the waist. Time to end this, he thought.

OOC: Opp Attack: 1d20+7 21
Claw damage: 2d6+4 12
Move: Oodnadatta follows Drowned Troll.
Action: Oodnadatta bite attack against scragg: 1d20+7 19
Oodnadatta claw attack against scragg: 2#1d20+7 11 23, probably just one hit but I'll roll damage for two. Pick the right one.
Bite damage: 1d6+4 6
Claw damage: 2#(2d6+4) 12 13


Dusty Dragon
OOC: damn I forgot to move last round.

Unable to see the dragon anymore, Kalorn headed south west as well as he could, towards Lokald's position.

OOC: His intention is so move closer, so move and action spent moving- I'm assuming that the dragon is out of sooty's echolocation too?


I forgot to move last round... I'm assuming that the dragon is out of sooty's echolocation too?
If I recall, you took cover at the corner there. In fact, Sooty can actually still see the dragon, if he's still alive. Did you ever roll for him? I don't see it. (It's in post #838: dc19 Dex Save (he's got advantage) from the Wing Buffet. 1 damage will kill him, and it's certainly more than that.)


Western Lair

Primus took cover behind an ice-shelf, psychically healing his injuries. Primus could hear an undead troll below him in the fog, even as he sent his senses forward, creating a psychic eye that shimmered in the fog and allowed him to see the dracolich, who had flown low to keep in the thickest of the fog.

This caution proved to be a mistake, as Oggsbruff left his spiked club where it fell and climbed over the drowned troll he had been fighting. The undead raked him on his way past as he bellowed to the others, "I goddim! Nekkermunched dragoon iz king ovah berg no more! Oggsbruff rulez 'ere!"

The big armoured troll lunged into the air and managed to catch one of the dracolich's bony legs, and he yanked on it as the dragon beat him with its tail. "Eye holdem, yooz gettim! C'mon, gangz!" bellowed the troll in his low giant tongue. The undead troll was up now too, and it jumped on Oggsbruff's back, trying to wrestle him away from its master.

Kalorn could hear the yelling and growling, but he didn't understand most of it, and he couldn't see. He crept forward, wary of his leg and he found himself among the frozen bones that had been Sesto's kobolds.

OOC: I assume Kalorn won't risk attempting to slide to move further?

Primus moved to (AW37) & healed 6
Kalorn dashed (in difficult terrian) to (AW29)
Oggsbruff moved (provoking) to (AG37) & grappled IcyDeath
Skragg1 moved to (AI36) & did 12 damage to Oggsbruff
dashed to (BF38)
IcyDeath stayed (grappled) & did 16 damage to Oggsbruff


Slowly slaloming between the stalagtites, Lorenn looked down through the fog, trying to spot the dragon. He was ready. And when the big shadowy form appeared, he blew into his Valhalla Horn. The same horn he stole from another Dracolich. He wondered what treasure he'll loot on this one. But that's for later. Now he had to fly away and hide after having revealed his position.
OOC: Lorenn flies west and as soon as he got a target, he uses his horn to conjure
3D4+3 = [4, 3, 1]+3 = 11 Bersekers right on the back of the Dracolich.
Bonus Action: Stealth: 1D20+10 = [16]+10 = 26
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Prickly Pear

That dragon's breath is foul! Sesto cried out. He couldn't hear Loklafd anymore, and he was unsure if Alhana managed to avoid the dragon's fury.
The frozen air cleared and Sesto moves closer to the ice shelf. Once there, he reckoned he was close enough to all injured. Sesto lifted his shield high to present the holy symbol of Lathander. Strong energy surged through the symbol and the shield to reach out to all the injured friends around Sesto. The energy surge closed open cuts and thawed frozen limbs.
Sesto then moved closer to Loklafd to see how the old ice hunter fared. The dragon was close so Sesto called forth his spiritual mace near the dracolich and took a swipe at it.

OOC: Action: Channel Divinity: Preserve Life. Sesto can restore 40 HP divided between any numbers of creatures within 30 feet, to half their max HP. Sesto gains 8 HP, Primus can have 2 HP and Alhana and Loklafd can share the rest (depending on how Alhana rolls her Con save). If Sooty is within reach (which I doubt, but maybe he is falling into reach?) he can maybe be healed too. I leave it for @FitzTheRuke to decide how the 40HP can be divided.
Move: Closer to Loklafd after Channel Divinity.
Bonus Action: Sesto casts Spiritual weapon (60 feet reach) as 3rd level spell, 2d8+spell casting bonus.
If Sesto is close enough, Spiritual Weapon attack: 1d20+8 15
Spiritual Weapon attack (if disadvantaged): 1d20+8 9, missed if Sesto has disadvantage.
Spiritual Weapon damage: 2d8+5 9, if it hits. (Edit: Force damage)
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Eastern Lair

As the drowned trolls shuffled away, Mord shook his head as he watched all of his troll allies run after them, clawing and chasing with little to no tactics. Over the howling and scratching, Mord could hear someone speaking in the northern cavern, though he could not make out what was being said.

Meanwhile, Lorenn's owl flew off into the swirling mists as the sound of a Dragon roaring echoed through the chambers. Though the ground's trembling was not quite as bad as it had been, still the loose ice shook and scattered.

GM: Trolls gotta dash to keep up with the Skraggs, so Oodna couldn't have attacked.
I'll just use Prickly's extra rolls for the OppAttacks of the trolls who's players have yet to roll them.
Oodna did 12 (claw) damage (Resisted) to Skragg6 & dashed to (CP38)
Ooga did 13 (claw) damage (Resisted) to Skragg5 & dashed to (CK41)
Sarg missed & dashed to (CR39)
Eko dashed (flying) to (BW35)
Cultists moved


Western Lair

Lorenn blew his Horn and a battle-cry rose in response. At first it appeared to be far away, but it grew louder and louder until eleven raging Rehgedmen (a few were women) of various tribes appeared out of the air above the dragon. As soon as they appeared, they began to fall. A few of them dropped their weapons and tried to grab on to the dragon, while others recklessly swung axes as they fell. Most landed hard on the ice below the dragon, even as a few landed blows as they fell. One woman with a facial tattoo clung to the dragon's neck and kicked viciously at the dragon's partially-skeletal wing as it tried to knock her off.

The dragon tried to escape the onslaught, clawing unsuccessfully at Oggsbruff, who was holding its leg. Finally, it bit hard into the big troll, taking a huge chunk out of the troll's shoulder. Oggsbruff fell back - seemingly dead as the dragon beat its tail into the ice below, causing a nearby pool of freezing-cold, but still liquid sea-water, to double in size. Most of the Berserkers, who were trying to regain their feet after the fall, fell in the water as many of the others were knocked flat by the force of the dragon's beating wings. The dragon roared, and a feeling that ranged from a nervous unsettling to outright panic flowed through every living creature in the area.

Most of this went heard but unseen by those on the treasure-shelf (though Primus saw through his psychic eye). The unsettling feeling effected them anyway, and Sesto prayed to his God for protection and mercy as he moved toward the fallen Loklafd. Sesto took cover behind the outcropping of ice that he could see Alhana, lying frozen on its surface. As he prayed, his holy spirt-mace appeared behind the dragon, though he could not see it, and it began to swipe at the creature. His lighted shield glowed brightly, reflecting off of the thick fog. Alhana and Loklafd began to stir as Lathander healed much of their injuries.

Alhana was unconscious, but wakes with 15 HP, as does Loklafd
summoned Berserkers, moved (flying) to (K30) & hid (dc26)
Sesto moved to (AS33) & healed Sesto 8; Primus 2; Loklafd 15; & Alhana 15
& summoned Spiritual Weapon which missed.
Berserkers appeared & did 10 & 7 (axe) damage to IcyDeath & one grapple too.
IcyDeath stayed (grappled) & did 17 (bite) damage to Oggsbruff & did 18 (9 on a dc19 dex save, wing buffet) damage to Berserkers & Oggsbruff & knocked failed saves prone.
Dragonfear dc14 Wisdom save or Frightened for 10 rounds (Everyone must roll)
Lair did 8 cold damage to Ber1 to 6 (some saved for half. Failed took Exhaustion1)
Alhana Con Save. She was down.
Save: 1D20+5 = [11]+5 = 16
1D20+5 = [8]+5 = 13

How many berserkers attack? (the rest will grapple)
Attack: 1D12-1 = [8]-1 = 7
Berserker attacks! Recklessly!
Axe: 2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [6, 6]+5 = 11; 1D12+3 = [12]+3 = 15
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [16, 17]+5 = 22; 1D12+3 = [7]+3 = 10
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [14, 13]+5 = 19; 1D12+3 = [1]+3 = 4
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [11, 11]+5 = 16; 1D12+3 = [11]+3 = 14
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [7, 10]+5 = 15; 1D12+3 = [8]+3 = 11
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [13, 6]+5 = 18; 1D12+3 = [4]+3 = 7
2D20.HIGH(1)+5 = [15, 4]+5 = 20; 1D12+3 = [4]+3 = 7

Berserkers vs Dragon grapple: Last one got him!
VS: 1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9 vs 1D20+6 = [17]+6 = 23
1D20+3 = [12]+3 = 15 vs 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25
1D20+3 = [9]+3 = 12 vs 1D20+6 = [18]+6 = 24
1D20+3 = [6]+3 = 9 vs 1D20+6 = [14]+6 = 20
1D20+3 = [7]+3 = 10 vs 1D20+6 = [1]+6 = 7

10 Berzerkers fall 20 feet
Fall: 2D6 = [1, 6] = 7; 2D6 = [2, 1] = 3; 2D6 = [1, 6] = 7; 2D6 = [4, 1] = 5; 2D6 = [2, 5] = 7; 2D6 = [4, 4] = 8; 2D6 = [4, 3] = 7; 2D6 = [3, 2] = 5; 2D6 = [6, 5] = 11; 2D6 = [3, 2] = 5
Breath recharge? Nope.
Recharge: 1D6 = [4] = 4
IcyDeath vs Oggsbruff
Claw: 1D20+11 = [5]+11 = 16; 2D6+6 = [6, 1]+6 = 13
Claw: 1D20+11 = [5]+11 = 16; 2D6+6 = [4, 2]+6 = 12

Bite : 1D20+11 = [6]+11 = 17; 2D10+6 = [10, 1]+6 = 17
Berserkers Saves vs Wing Buffet (dc19) Last one made it! Still holding on!
Save: 1D20+1 = [14]+1 = 15; 1D20+1 = [1]+1 = 2; 1D20+1 = [17]+1 = 18; 1D20+1 = [11]+1 = 12; 1D20+1 = [17]+1 = 18; 1D20+1 = [4]+1 = 5; 1D20+1 = [3]+1 = 4; 1D20+1 = [19]+1 = 20; 1D20+1 = [6]+1 = 7; 1D20+1 = [18]+1 = 19; 1D20+1 = [18]+1 = 19
Oggsbruff save vs Wing Buffet:
Save: 1D20+1 = [6]+1 = 7
Buffet Damage: 2D6+6 = [5, 5]+6 = 16

Lair Icy Water: (failure = Exhaustion1)
Cold Damage: 3D6 = [3, 4, 1] = 8
dc12 Con Saves:
1D20+3 = [3]+3 = 6
; 1D20+3 = [8]+3 = 11; 1D20+3 = [3]+3 = 6; 1D20+3 = [19]+3 = 22; 1D20+3 = [1]+3 = 4; 1D20+3 = [14]+3 = 17
Dragonfear dc14 Wisdom Saves.
Oggsbruff: 1D20 = [10] = 10
Berserkers: 1D20 = [1] = 1
; 1D20 = [9] = 9; 1D20 = [12] = 12; 1D20 = [10] = 10; 1D20 = [15] = 15; 1D20 = [18] = 18; 1D20 = [8] = 8; 1D20 = [20] = 20; 1D20 = [6] = 6; 1D20 = [3] = 3; 1D20 = [6] = 6
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