D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich


GM: Encounter: Imani's Agents & Oggsbruff vs Old Icy Death in his Lair on Oyaviggaton

(BGs)IcyDeath (AC36AG39); Skragg1 (AJ34); Sk2 (X49); Sk3 (BF38)
(PCs)Alhana (AS34); Kalorn (AW29); Lorenn (K39); Primus (AW37); Sesto (SW32);
(NPCs)Oggsbruff (AG37); Loklafd (AO31); Sooty (Dead); KoboldZombies (Destroyed);
(Berzerkers)B1 (AF35); B2 (AE35); B3 (AD35); B4 (AB37); B5 (AB38); B6 (AB39) (All in the Water, Prone)
(Berzerkers)B7 (AC40); B8 (AD40); B9 (AE40); B10 (AF40); (All Prone) B11 (AG39) (Grappling Dragon);
Encounter: Mord & Ice Trolls vs Cult of the Dragon in East Lair of Oyaviggaton

(BGs)Arrufel (CS27); DF1 (CW23); DF2 (CV28); DW1 (CX28); DW2 (CW23); DW3 (CT24); DW5 (CV26);
(BGs)Skragg5 (CJ39); Sk6 (CN38);
(PCs)Mord (DC49); (NPCs)MT1 (CP46); MT2 (CU40); Eko (BW35);
(Trolls)Sargloth (CR39); Ooga (CK41); Blurcho (CY41); Oodna (DQ38); IT3 (CV50); IT4 (CY50)
Visibility (Dark & Foggy) Darkvision 60'=40' (120'=80'), Light (Sesto & Loklafd) 30'ra (15/15).
Terrain Difficult (Everywhere) (Crampons/Claws ignore) (Slide w/ dc11 Acrobatics).
Elevation 8' per colour (darker at bottom) (Down = 15' move; Up = 15' & dc15 Athletics)
(See OOC post#1034 for details)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Alhana AC17 HP 15/68 HD 8/8 PP14*
Kalorn AC16(21)* HP 63/63 THP2/5 HD 8/8 PP15 WSS 1/2 EKSS 2/2
Lorenn AC17(20) HP 54/54 HD 8/8 PP14* SS 2/4 2/3 3/3 Song 2/2 (Mirror)
Mord AC14 HP 45/51 HD 8/8 PP11* SS 2/2
Primus AC12(16) HP 35/59 HD 8/8 PP19 Psi(6) 27/44
Sesto AC18* HP 29/59 HD 8/8 PP15 SS 4/4 2/3 2/3 2/2 CD 1/2 (Light)
Loklafd AC14 HP 15/58 HD 9/9 PP12
Eko AC11 HP 1/1 PP13*
Sooty AC12 HP 0/1 PP11* (Gone)
Mordtroll1 AC12 HP 28/39 PP9*
Mordtroll2 AC12 HP 23/39 PP9*
KoboldZombies AC9 HP 0/13 PP8* (Destroyed)
Oggsbruff AC17 HP 10/105 PP13* (Prone)
Sargloth AC18 HP 84/84 PP12*
Oogabooga AC16 HP 58/84 PP12*
Blurcho AC16 HP 84/84 PP12* (Fear)
Oodnadatta AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Ice Troll3 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12* (Fear)
Ice Troll4 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12* (Fear)
Berserker1 AC13 HP 36/67 (Wet, Prone, Fear, Ex1)
Berserker2 AC13 HP 40/67 (Wet, Prone, Fear, Ex1)
Berserker3 AC13 HP 36/67 (Wet, Prone, Fear, Ex1)
Berserker4 AC13 HP 42/67 (Wet, Prone, Fear)
Berserker5 AC13 HP 36/67 (Wet, Prone, Ex1)
Berserker6 AC13 HP 41/67 (Wet, Prone)
Berserker7 AC13 HP 44/67 (Prone, Fear)
Berserker8 AC13 HP 54/67
Berserker9 AC13 HP 40/67 (Prone, Fear)
Berserker10 AC13 HP 53/67 (Fear)
Berserker11 AC13 HP 59/67 (Grappling, Fear)
Name * Damage Taken * (Notes)
Old Icy Death 68;
Wyrmsoul Arrufel 0;
Dragonfang1 0; DF2 0
Dragonwing1 0; DW2 0; DW3 0; DW4 0; DW5 0;
Skragg1 22; Sk2 0; Sk3 0; Sk4 0; Sk5 68; Sk6 43;
End Round Five; Begin Round Six
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Dusty Dragon
fear spell vs ice dragon: 1D20+2 = [20]+2 = 22

Kalorn felt the dragon's fear blast and snarled. His anger was stronger than the drake's dread.

OOC: I think the position on the map is correct (what is written is last round's position?) If Kalorn takes a single move towards the action, can he see anything?

Kalorn of Mulmaster, the cursed sell-sword (Fighter(eldrich knight) 3/Warlock(hexblade) 5; alt-human, soldier)
HP: 63/63, Hit dice: 3/3 fighter, 4/5 warlock
AC: 16 Temp AC:
Passive Perception 15
Saves: Str: +5, Dex: -1, Con: +5,2Int: +0 , Wis: +2, Cha: +3
Warlock slots remaining = 1/2. EK slots remaining = 2/2
Action surge = 1/1. Second wind = 1/1, hexblade curse = 1/1
Potions of healing remaining: 6


OOC: Fixed, thanks. Kalorn can only move 15 feet unless he wants to risk falling (dc11 Acrobatics). Sesto's light only illuminates 30 feet, so it goes to about (AM38) - meaning it just illuminate's Primus' floating eye, which I imagine to be visible, but maybe it isn't. As far as I can tell, Kalorn can't see anything, other than a few allies and some treasure. I'm sorry if it's frustrating, but the Lair is dark.


OOC: I should point out too, in case it comes up, but the Dracolich is 20 feet in the air. Oggsbruff, believe it or not, can just reach that by jumping up, though he's 'dead' (regenerating to 10 HP).


The battle was on now, and the trolls were likely to be caught up attacking their own brethren, possibly for quite some time. They really disn't have time for this and Mord needed to get into the real fight if they were to have a real hope of achueving their goal. He found a thick lump in the ice near his feet and pushed off from it, sending himself into a strange running slide which ended in a smooth skid much closer his nearest skeleton. Then, he instructed the creature to come back and pick him up. He didn't trust his luck to propel him quickly into the real battle. But perhaps his minions clawed feet would do.

Once safely settled astride the skeletal neck, he ordered the creature towards the sound of the dragon's roar.

Double move towards the smelly and calling it to grab him and move towards the dragon. I'll assume it spends an action just to settle him into a 'riding' position. Doubt he can give the other one separate orders at the same time, so it'll just help if it can get into range to do so, or get fouled up trying. He'll change it's orders when he can.

Dex Check: 1d20+2 22


Dusty Dragon
OOC: With all the warriors and trolls piling on the dragon, can he tell where it is enough to blast at it? Is the dragon's "piled on" status make it easier to his? Any of the Scraggs visible?


With all the warriors and trolls piling on the dragon, can he tell where it is enough to blast at it? Is the dragon's "piled on" status make it easier to his? Any of the Scraggs visible?

Nothing is hiding, so you're essentially aware of where everyone is (within reason, I doubt Kalorn is aware of the Skragg at (X49), for example) but if you think you have reason to interact with anything, you can. That said, Kalorn (AFAIK) doesn't have any special vision, and Sesto's light spell doesn't currently reach any Badguys at all. So Kalorn is perfectly okay to Target whatever you want (including the Dragon) with range attacks that will reach, but he'll have disadvantage for not being able to see it. The dragon is currently 85 feet away from Kalorn, though he can knock that down to 70 by moving forward 15 feet, or 55 if he wants to risk falling prone. Skragg1 is 55 feet away (before Kalorn moves) and Skragg3 is 45 feet away (again before he moves), down near Primus (but out of Sesto's light) Kalorn is probably vaguely aware of that guy. I'm happy to help out if things are vague.


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn continued carefully forward, blasting towards the dragon commotion, his face bitter. Why hadn't anyone stuck a light on the thing?!? He realized he had relied too much on Echo to see in the dark.

2 eldritch blast with disadvantage, roll 1 2 is first attack, roll 3 4 is second attack: 1D20+7 = [6]+7 = 13
1D20+7 = [12]+7 = 19
1D20+7 = [7]+7 = 14
1D20+7 = [14]+7 = 21

OOC: so 13 and 14... I don't think I need to roll damage on that.

Kalorn of Mulmaster, the cursed sell-sword (Fighter(eldrich knight) 3/Warlock(hexblade) 5; alt-human, soldier)
HP: 63/63, Hit dice: 3/3 fighter, 4/5 warlock
AC: 16 Temp AC:
Passive Perception 15
Saves: Str: +5, Dex: -1, Con: +5,2Int: +0 , Wis: +2, Cha: +3
Warlock slots remaining = 1/2. EK slots remaining = 2/2
Action surge = 1/1. Second wind = 1/1, hexblade curse = 1/1
Potions of healing remaining: 6


Dusty Dragon
Blurcho bit his lip again, drawing blood. The necromuched ones were running way, but his guts were still watery. This made no sense. It made him angry.

His nostrils twtiched... he smelled something. Then he heard it too. Maybe there were other people north, people he could fight?

perception check for blurtcho with advantage: 1D20+2 = [16]+2 = 18
1D20+2 = [2]+2 = 4

OOC: Blurcho will move (single move) diagonally north and west to investigate those voices. What does he see?


Eastern Lair

Mord ran and slid into one of his troll skeletons, who picked him up and lumbered after the drowned trolls, who continued to ignore the lumps they were taking as they went west, presumably to protect their master. Mord's other skeleton followed as well.

Ahead of them, Lorenn's familiar Eko, disappeared into the swirling mists as he went to report his findings.

Now that the drowned trolls were out of sight, Blurcho felt the funny feeling inside subside enough that he ventured to climb up on one of the ice-shelves and peered over it into the fog. His troll eyes were keen enough in the dark for him to spot a troll-sized creature, covered in white fur, with strange horns on its head. It was moving between the ice-shelves and heading for the noises in the western lair. Blurcho had never seen anything like it. Soon it would be where others could see it, thought Blurcho. He was pretty sure that there were other, human-sized creatures behind that one, following it. Dirty nekkermunchers.

OOC: Oogabooga and Oodnadatta can both make opportunity attacks against the Skraggs. The Skraggs then dash away. The trolls can chase them, but the'll have to dash, so the opp attack is probably it for their attacking, unless they wanna throw some ice-chunks, which are lying about. (1 attack Range 40/120 at +7 to hit, 2d8+4 damage)

Mord dashed to (CP46)
MT1 picked up Mord & moved to (CJ43)
MT2 dashed to (CI35)
Blurcho moved to (CS35) & spotted Arrufel at (CS27) (other cultists nearby)
Eko dashed (flying) to (AY45) (& Returned to Western Map)
Skragg5 dashed to (BT36) provoking opportunity attack from Ooga
dashed to (BX36) provoking opportunity attack from Oodna


Dusty Dragon
Blurcho squinted. Think troll, think! He could charge in sure, but there were a lot of them, and maybe they had fire. He could shout to his clan-mate and let them know about these guys, but that would give his position away...

Or he could clobber them at a distance and let their screams of pain alert his clan! Yes, That would be what he did. They would never see it coming! He aimed it at a smaller form, clipping it on the back of the head

blurcho thrown ice boulder with advantage: 1D20+7 = [3]+7 = 10
1D20+7 = [13]+7 = 20

boulder attack on cultist: 2D8+4 = [5, 6]+4 = 15

Necromunch this! he thought. Oh that was so good. He was so looking forward to tell his clan!

Prickly Pear

Oodnadatta did not notice anything untoward as he charged after the drowned troll, formally known as Uncle Boogey. He had the opportunity to swipe once at Uncle Boogey in the hopes that it would slow him down. Alas, it didn't. He swiped wide, lost balance and almost toppled over but he managed to stay on his feet, continuing the pursuit.

OOC: Opp Attack: 1d20+7 9, which must be a miss!

Prickly Pear

Sesto moved closer to sound of combat. There was suddenly a lot of yelling and screaming and Sesto wondered where all these people had come from. Have the Ice Hunters joined the fight? It certainly sounded as if they all fought the dragon. Little did he know that this was the effect of the Horn of Valhalla.
Sesto continued and at the ledge he scrambled down carefully and advanced until he could see the dragon hovering in the air not far away. He moved his spectral mace closer and took a swipe a the dragon. Sesto saw that the mace connected well but did not affect the dragon terrible much. But now I have eyes on you, he thought.

OOC: Action: Dash
Move: From AS32 to AI32, which includes 15' climbing/jumping down the ice shelf. He should now be able to see Icy Death in dim light, right?
Bonus Action: Spiritual Weapon attack: 1d20+8 26, Spiritual Weapon damage: 2d8+5 10


Western Lair

The summoned Reghedmen had been very excited by the idea of leaving their celestial resting place and joining a fight against a Dracolich; it had seemed like such a thrill. But as the portal to the torchlit halls closed behind them, they were plunged into darkness. Many of them were plunged into ice-cold sea water, as well, and the terror of dragonfear gripped them as they bumped into each other in the icy water, struggling to reach an edge in the dark.

A flash of light and the sound of battle gave Kalorn his target, and he stumped forward on his bad leg, firing eldritch energy toward the sound of the dragon's swooping wings. The blasts went off into the swirling mists and the darkness beyond Sesto's light, and Kalorn cursed that he had no idea if he'd been successful or not.

Primus tried to force his way into the dragon's mind, but as dim-witted as it was, it resisted him.

Awash with Lathander's light, Loklafd awoke to terrible gut-wrenching dragonfear. He pried his brace of javelins out of the ice, and ran for cover behind the nearest ice-shelf. Alhana, too was recovering thanks to Lathander, and she stood, firing two arrows at the Dracolich as Sesto slid off the ledge and brought his shield's light to the scene. One arrow struck the dragon, and it reared up, flapping its wings and sucking in the misty air around it. It appeared to be about to breathe again, so Alhana jumped down behind the shelf she had been standing on, taking cover.

Sesto moved toward the Reghedmen who were mostly flailing in the water. At least, he thought, they had Lathander's light to see by. The dragon's powerful wing-beats were making it difficult for them to stand, and Sesto watched as Oggsbruff began to stand, only to have the dragon beat him down again with a blow of its tail. The big troll's armored body slid into the icy water of the pool that was below the dragon. Sesto directed his spirit-mace to strike at the dragon, and it made a solid thumping-noise.

Lorenn tried to fly forward to help, but he found that the fear that gripped him kept him locked to his spot near the ceiling. Still, he caused a ball of flame to appear, which dropped on the dragon from above, bouncing off in a shower of sparks, and it landed on the ice below, rolling away.

One of the berserkers, who had been clinging to the dragon's neck, tried to kick at it's wing again, but the dracolich tore her free and she fell to the ice below. Then it back-beat its wings and took some distance. For a moment, Sesto thought it would flee - then it turned, lowered its head, and breathed another roiling wall of mist, ice-shards, and death, which washed over the struggling berserkers, and Sesto himself.

As the ice-breath cleared, Primus could see through his psychic eye, that only a small handful of berserkers had survived. One climbed out of the water and dragged himself over to Sesto, while another was stuck under a lair of ice that had formed over the surface, struggling to free himself in a panic. One more, that had not fallen into the water, had survived by sheer luck, and that Raghedman threw a hand-axe at the dragon and ran for cover.

Primus was watching this unfold as he was suddenly struck from behind. He was blind to his immediate surrounding, but he could tell by the smell that it was one of those drowned trolls.

The drowned troll that had been fighting Oggsbruff got to its feet and began to move back toward the rest of Imani's Agents - it began to climb up onto the treasure-shelf. Another drowned troll crossed the lair and began to climb after Lorenn. Things were looking dire.

OOC: That was pure insanity. Let me know if I screwed anything up. I hope Sesto can survive another 64 cold damage Breath! dc19 Con (Shield give advantage) for "only" 32 cold damage. I'll be back "soon" to finish the East Side and roll over the round.

Kalorn moved to (AT29) & missed (EB) IcyDeath
moved to (AI32) & did 10 (spirit weapon) damage to IcyDeath
stayed & did no damage (mind blast) to IcyDeath
stayed & did 6 (flaming sphere) damage to IcyDeath
did 15 (bow) damage to IcyDeath & moved to (AS32) (Cover)
Loklafd dodged & moved to (AT33) (Cover)
Berserkers mostly died, except:
Berserker1 stuck in the water at (AD34); gains exhaustion 2
Berserker3 climbed out of the water, moved to (AI33)
Berserker9 missed IcyDeath (hand axe) & moved to (AK43)
Oggsbruff regenerated to 10HP
IcyDeath stayed & did 11 (tail) damage to Oggsbruff & escaped the grapple
then moved to (W42) & breathed 64 cold damage (dc19 con save for half) to Sesto & Bersekers
got up & dashed to (AN33)
Skragg2 dashed to (N41)
Skragg3 moved to (AX37) & did 13 & 13 (claws) damage to Primus


I thought the Skragg was 45 ft away...
Let's see... it started exactly 40 feet away, but I failed to take into account the elevation change, so yes... it would have needed 50 feet of movement to get to you. So it had to dash. Forget the damage, and instead of being struck from behind, Primus heard it's claws scratching into the ice behind him as it came for him.

Prickly Pear

Sesto had a bad day and it was getting worse.
The dragon rose and reared his head. It was going to spray him with an icy breath again, Sesto realised far too late. As the icy cold spray washed over him, Sesto's last thought was:
Oh Crap!!!

OOC: Why did you have to roll above average damage on Dragon's Breath???
No need to roll con save for Sesto. He was on 29 HP.
The good news are that he is only unconscious, he is not dead dead!

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