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D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

Prickly Pear

It's getting hot down here already, Sesto said in an attempt to sound jovial. The decent into these caverns was not easy on the icy steps. But thanks to combined efforts and a little guidance, they made it down without an incident.
So we have Kobolds sharpening their weapons to the south and Kobolds polishing some ice to the north. And frozen Frost Giants imprisoned in ice. Sesto turned to Kalorn and Mord, Where do you think we should go first? He continued before they could answer, Surely the Frost Giants are still alive and merely trapped in the ice? Maybe, Sesto mused, we could free them and they could hopefully help us in our quest?

OOC: [roll0] and with guidance [roll1]

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Dusty Dragon
Kalorn replied "let's wait for Lorenn to return".
Thoughtful he added "the dragon can't be that large if it can fit in some of those tunnels... and breaking the ice would make a lot of noise"


"Perhaps it too creates simulacrum to indulge it's whims."

Mord returned to his usual form as he reached the last step. The scythe floated back to his hand and he studied the blade for a moment before discarding the blunted weapon.

He proceeded to study the environs of the room they had entered while the others scouted.

"Pah. I would like to replace my bodyguards, but not with vermin. Still, might be best to deal with the pests lest they become a nuisance later."


Sooty left the chamber of the frozen giants and flew along the curving hallway. It rose steeply - a difficult climb for people on foot - but the familiar took no notice of it. At the top, just before arriving at the next side-tunnel, the bat saw an enormous toad hopping along the icy, uneven ground. The light-blue toad's bulbous eyes swivelled about as it noticed the little familiar flying upwards toward the ceiling.

OOC: If Sooty doesn't get out of there, it will probably get eaten.


Dusty Dragon
Kalorn's eyes opened and he hissed.

"Trouble! Some kind of giant blue toad monster."

Mentally he urged Sooty to get the heck out of there and come back to him. He drew his sword

"It might follow my familiar back... be ready."

He tried using the link from the message to warn Lorenn, not sure if it would work or not...

OOC: if the thing does follow, Kalorn will try to cast Blade Ward the round before it comes in the room so he has resistance to damage.


The familiar flew back to its master with the toad-creature hopping along behind it. When the toad came within sight of the intruders, it stood up on its hind legs and waved its webbed arms about, saying something that sounded like gibberish to all but Loklafd, who translated:

"It greets us in the ice-hunter tongue and asks our business." he said, with mild surprise.

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