D&D 5E (IC) Rise of the Dracolich

Prickly Pear

Sesto opened his eyes as soon as the powerful liquid entered his throat. Kalorn entered his view, poured another potion down Sesto's throat and shouted something about getting up. That sounded like a good idea so he stood up on trembly legs and looked around. Kalorn and Lorenn seemed in good shape, the berserker and Oggsbruff, not so good. The others he couldn't see. Sesto didn't feel very good either.
Sesto decided to call upon Lathander's healing powers yet again, this time for himself. No good to others if I'm dead. He was momentarily surrounded by a shimmering light and cuts and bruises disappeared leaving a him with a warm feeling.
Where is the dragon, he asked Kalorn and Lorenn. We need to find shelter!
Sesto start moving in the direction Lorenn pointed, carefully avoiding the drop on the ground, and called in his spectral mace closer. As Sesto walked he asked: Oh Great Lathander, Now is the Time to Show Mercy Upon Your Disciple. HELP! but his call went unheard.

OOC: Sesto's light spell is still active and I am assuming Spiritual Weapon is also active. Nothing in the spell description says it disappears when unconscious. DM's fiat apply, of course, but the spectral mace is still on the map so let's go with it! 😎
Sesto cast Cure Wounds at 4th level;
Cure wounds on self (4th level) with Disciple of Life: 4D8+5+2+4 = [8, 6, 4, 5]+5+2+4 = 34. Sesto has now total of 48 HP.
Move: 15' to stand up and 15' south to AI35. Moving spectral mace to AD38

Just for fun: Calling for Divine Intervention: 1D100 = [11] = 11

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Dusty Dragon
Having spent so much effort reaching Sesto, Kalorn was a bit ... irked that Lorenn had appeared out of nowhere to deliver a potion, beating him to the punch. He could feel his reserves slowly depleting, and all he had accomplished was a few glancing bolts at the dragon.

He pointed south and said "The drake went that way, I can't see it, I can't get to it. Spread out and beware its ice!"

He looked around and noted Alhana and lokaftd struggling against a skragg. An archer would serve much better against a dragon than a swordsman... perhaps this was where he needed to be.

He started making his way east again, moving away from the others, hoping it was the right decision. He raised his left and and once more, bolts of smoking darkness hurled forth.

(OOC: I'm doing this because I presume that Kalorn can't reach it on foot in a single round so he's moving and blasting. if this is incorrect please let me know)

(Eldritch blast)
2 eldrich blasts in the back of SKrag 1: 1D20+7 = [4]+7 = 11
1D20+7 = [6]+7 = 13

OOC: FFS... I don't imagine I get advantage for shooting it in the back? Maybe it will distract it at least...

Kalorn of Mulmaster, the cursed sell-sword (Fighter(eldrich knight) 3/Warlock(hexblade) 5; alt-human, soldier)
HP: 63/63, Hit dice: 3/3 fighter, 4/5 warlock
AC: 16 Temp AC:
Passive Perception 15
Saves: Str: +5, Dex: -1, Con: +5,2Int: +0 , Wis: +2, Cha: +4
Warlock slots remaining = 0/2. EK slots remaining = 2/2
Action surge = 0/1. Second wind = 1/1, hexblade curse = 1/1
Potions of healing remaining: 5 [/minisheet]


Moving from Eastern Lair to Western Lair (Slowly!)

In slow-motion, the frozen, undead trolls rushed down the crevasse toward the western lair. In slow pursuit, and pushing and shoving for the best spot, followed the troll brothers shouting "Eeeeyyyee ggoodddeemm!" in a deep, slow version of the trollish giant-tongue. Finally, they both scratched at the back of the creature that had once been their uncle, and they brought it down, slowly tearing at the frozen flesh.

Oodnadatata did 16 (claw, resisted) damage to Skragg6 & moved to (BQ37)
Oogabooga did 10 (claw, resisted) damage to Skragg6 & moved to (BQ39)
(Ooga is no longer slowed, but Oodna is still slowed)
Skragg5 dashed (slowed) to (BH38) (still slowed)
Skragg6 died


Western Lair

Sesto climbed to his feet. He wasn't sure how long he'd been out, but things seemed to have been pure chaos, and much was still. Lorenn flew over his head on his flying board and dropped a potion to one of his summoned berserkers, who gratefully drank it. Then, the bladedancer fired a bolt of flame past Sesto, just missing a frozen troll that loomed out of the darkness, rushing toward him.

Sesto shuffled away, still getting his bearings. Suddenly Primus appeared within the light of Sesto's glowing shield and appeared to be focused on something far away, as if he was reaching out his senses to find the dragon. This recalled Sesto to the task at hand, as Lorenn's flaming sphere rolled past them, lighting up a berserker who was climbing up onto the ice-shelf toward another frozen troll, shrouded in mists. The sound of stomping feet and scraping claws indicated that these undead creatures were coming from all directions to defend their master.

Primus, for his part, had not found the dracolich, but he found signs that it was nearby. He watched as Lorenn's familiar eko, who was also searching for the dragon, was killed by an explosion of ice. Then, a wall of ice formed along the end of the ice-ridge that ran across the lair. Perhaps the dracolich was building itself a protective wall while it waited to replenish the energy that created it's terrible breath.

Primus teleported to (AO38) & moved Psychic Eye to (AM44)
Lorenn dropped a potion to B1, flew to (AK28) & missed (firebolt) & rolled his Flaming Sphere to (AQ41)
Sesto healed 34 (cure), moved to (AI35) & flew Spiritual Weapon to (AD38)
Berserker1 stayed & healed 5 (potion)
Eko flew to (AG50) & died
Lair killed Eko
Icy Death
stayed & summoned Wall of Ice
Skragg2 dashed to (AE31)
Skragg4 dashed to (X44)
Dragon Breath recharge (5 & 6): 1D6 = [4] = 4
Lorenn Firebolt vs Skragg2
Spell: 1D20+6 = [5]+6 = 11 for 2D10 = [10, 2] = 12

Berserker1 healing potion
Potion: 2D4+2 = [1, 2]+2 = 5


Eastern Lair

Mord moved along the ice-ridge and fired eldritch energy into the hazy, shrouded scrum. His troll skeletons tore at the cultist leader as the tall catfolk swung his icy blade, striking a troll skeleton, and also the sergeant of the troll squad. The cult-leader looked winded, but he kept on, and his smaller, human minions swarmed in. One hacked a skeleton apart, and its bones scattered to the floor. That cultist climbed over the large bones and stabbed at the other skeleton. Mord knew that his minions would not last long.

Another cultist got in on Sargloth - when the troll raised his shield to block Arrufel's sword, the shorter cultist lunged in and stabbed the troll in the ribs. The troll was on fire, and his flesh bubbled where normally it would have sealed the wounds.

Mord moved to (CA40) & did 14 (EB) damage to Arrufel
moved to (CK33) & did 10 (claw) damage to Arrufel
stayed & missed
Sarge stayed & did 13 (club) damage to Arrufel
Arrufel stayed & did 15 (sword) & 4 (cold) damage to MT2
& 13 (sword) damage to Sargloth
moved to (CJ25) & missed (bow)
DragonWing1 stayed & did 6 (sword) & 1 (cold) damage to MT2 (Destroyed)
& moved to (CK32) & did 9 (sword) & 1 (cold) damage to MT1
stayed & did 7 & 9 (sword) damage to Sarge
burned Sargloth for 4 damage (keeping him from regenerating)


Dusty Dragon
Blurcho bellowed, both in frustration and a more than a little fear, in giant: "Put me out! Put me out! Throw snow at me or somethin!" He then tried to relieve his frustration by clawing at the injured dragonfang/dragonwing

(I see both are equally close and injured, and Blurcho will just go for wichever of the two seems to be the easiest target)

blurcho attacks, disadvantage, first 2 rolls bite roll 3 4 first claw, roll 5 6 second claw: 1D20+7 = [10]+7 = 17
1D20+7 = [12]+7 = 19
1D20+7 = [5]+7 = 12
1D20+7 = [17]+7 = 24
1D20+7 = [8]+7 = 15
1D20+7 = [7]+7 = 14

(OOC: So 17 on bite, 12 on one claw, 14 on second claw, I'll roll damage for all 3 just in case

Troll bite: 1D6+4 = [3]+4 = 7

2 troll claws: 2D6+4 = [1, 1]+4 = 6
2D6+4 = [4, 3]+4 = 11

OOC: In case there is a save to remove the fear:
fear save for blurcho, I am not sure if I was supposed to, but if so, why not save time: 1D20-1 = [19]-1 = 18


Western Lair

Loklafd lit two torches and he swung them in the face of an undead troll. The troll batted at them with its claws, distracted, while one of Lorenn's berserkers hacked at the creature from the other side. Kalorn stumped along through Sesto's light, coming upon Primus, where they began to hatch a proper battle plan. This had not been going well so far, and it was past time to change the momentum of the battle toward the favour of Imani's Agents.

Kalorn sent a blast of energy from his sword that further distracted the undead troll while Oggsbruff climbed up on the cliff and tore the thing in half with a roar. Alhana took that opportunity to climb back up onto the higher shelf, where her superior vantage allowed her to send two arrows, solid and true, into the undead troll that was moving in on Sesto.

Back on the ice-shelf from where Primus had disappeared, the undead troll there was sniffing around for the now-missing mystic, when one of Lorenn's berserkers foolishly leaped out and buried two hand-axes into the creature. Unfortunately for the northman, the frozen troll ignored the axes long enough to lift him up by the arms, then bite his head off his shoulders. Then it threw the body aside and climbed down to continue its search for Primus.

Loklafd moved to (AS30) & missed (torches)
Berserker3 moved to (AP32) & did 7 (Axe, Resisted) damage to Skragg1
moved to (AN36) & missed (EB)
Oggsbruff moved to (AO29) & did 24 & 13 (Claw) & 10 (Bite, Resisted) to Skragg1 (Dead)
Alhana climbed to (AR34) & did 23 & 18 (Bow) damage to Skragg2 & 2nd Wind for
Berserker9 climbed to (AV38) & did 8 & 10 (Handaxe, Resisted) damage to Skragg3 then died
Skragg1 died
Skragg3 did 8 & 11 (claw) & 9 (bite) damage to B9 (Dead) & moved to (AT41)


Eastern Lair

Blurcho asked another troll to put his fire out as he reached for the less-threatening of two cultists and clawed and chewed the man to death. He liked the way the bones crunched in his teeth.

"Pud yerself oud!" answered the Troll at first, "Eyem buzzy! Awwww... fyne!"

The troll tore a chunk of ice out of the shelf beside them and crushed it in his fists as a cultist stabbed him twice in the back. The troll ignored the sword-wounds and crushed the ice in his fists, patting it on Blurcho's burning back. The troll held still and sighed as the crushed ice soothed his bubbling flesh. Then the cultist that was above him on the higher shelf hacked at his face with a sword, putting out one of his eyes, and Blurcho snapped back to attention as the eye began to grow back.

Another troll climbed up on that higher shelf and mauled the cultist, who found himself now between three very large trolls, injured but alive for the time being.

Blurcho stayed & did 7 (bite) & 11 (claw) damage to DragonWing4 (Dead)
Troll3 stayed & put Blurcho's fire out
Troll4 climbed to (CT33) & did 20 (claw) & 14 (bite) damage to DragonFang2
DragonFang2 moved to (CS34) & did 21 & 9 (sword) damage to Blurcho
stayed & did 9 & 8 (sword) damage to Troll3


GM: Encounter: Imani's Agents & Oggsbruff vs Old Icy Death in his Lair on Oyaviggaton

(BGs)IcyDeath (AN55); Skragg1 (AQ30); Sk2 (AE31); Sk3 (AW37); Sk4 (X44); Sk5 (BH38)
(PCs)Alhana (AS32); Kalorn (AN36); Lorenn (AK28); Primus (AW37); Sesto (AI35)
(NPCs)Oggsbruff (AM34); Loklafd (AS30); Eko (Gone); Sooty (Gone); KZombies (Destroyed)
(Berzerkers)B1 (AL32); B3 (AP33); B9 (AV38, Dead);
(Spells) Sesto's Mace (AD38); Lorenn's Flaming Sphere (AQ41); Primus Psychic Eye (AM44)
Encounter: Mord & Ice Trolls vs Cult of the Dragon in East Lair of Oyaviggaton

(BGs)Arrufel (CL31); Skragg6 (BS38, Dead)
(BGs)DF1 (CJ25); DF2 (CS34); DW1 (CK32); DW2 (CN32); DW3 (CR32); DW4 (CU36, Dead);
(PCs)Mord (CA40); (NPCs)MT1 (CK33); MT2 (CJ30, Dead);
(Trolls)Sargloth (CM33); Ooga (BQ39); Blurcho (CS35); Oodna (BQ37); IT3 (CQ33); IT4 (CT33)
Visibility (Dark & Foggy) Darkvision 60'=40' (120'=80'), Light (Sesto & Loklafd) 30'ra (15/15).
Terrain Difficult (Everywhere) (Crampons/Claws ignore) (Slide w/ dc11 Acrobatics).
Elevation 8' per colour (darker at bottom) (Down = 15' move; Up = 15' & dc15 Athletics)
(See OOC post#1034 for details)
Name * AC * HP * Hit Dice * PasPrc * Spells * (Notes)
Alhana AC17 HP 31/68 HD 8/8 PP14* 2W 0/1 (No Fear)
Kalorn AC16(21)* HP 63/63 THP2/5 HD 8/8 PP15 WSS 1/2 EKSS 2/2 (No Fear)
Lorenn AC17(20) HP 54/54 HD 8/8 PP14* SS 2/4 1/3 3/3 Song 2/2 (Mirror)
Mord AC14 HP 45/51 HD 8/8 PP11* SS 2/2
Primus AC12(16) HP 35/59 HD 8/8 PP19 Psi(6) 25/44 (Fear)
Sesto AC18* HP 48/59 HD 8/8 PP15 SS 4/4 2/3 2/3 1/2 CD 1/2 (Light, No Fear)
Loklafd AC14 HP 15/58 HD 9/9 PP12 (No Fear)
Eko AC11 HP 0/1 PP13* (Gone)
Sooty AC12 HP 0/1 PP11* (Gone)
Mordtroll1 AC12 HP 18/39 PP9*
Mordtroll2 AC12 HP 0/39 PP9* (Destroyed)
KoboldZombies AC9 HP 0/13 PP8* (Destroyed)
Oggsbruff AC17 HP 30/105 PP13* (No Fear)
Sargloth AC18 HP 26/84 PP12* (Regen off)
Oogabooga AC16 HP 84/84 PP12* (Not Slowed)
Blurcho AC16 HP 40/84 PP12*
Oodnadatta AC16 HP 84/84 PP12* (Slowed)
Ice Troll3 AC16 HP 77/84 PP12*
Ice Troll4 AC16 HP 84/84 PP12*
Berserker1 AC13 HP 9/67 (No Fear, Ex2)
Berserker3 AC13 HP 4/67 (Fear, Ex1)
Berserker9 AC13 HP 0/67 (Dead)
Name * Damage Taken * (Notes)
Old Icy Death 68;
Wyrmsoul Arrufel 81;
Dragonfang1 0; DF2 52;
Dragonwing1 0; DW2 0; DW3 0; DW4 38 (Dead);
Skragg1 86 (Dead); Sk2 41; Sk3 24; Sk4 0; Sk5 68; Sk6 82 (Dead);
End Round Eight; Begin Round Nine


The skragg began to turn as it was wounded by the barbarian. Unfortunately for it, that was a mistake and seeing his opportunity, Loklafd struck, thrusting both torches into the creatures unprotected flank.

Dual-torches: 2#1d20+5 24 22 2#1d4+3 4 6


Dusty Dragon
Blurcho let outh a deep sigh. "aaaah, that's so much better. Next time you're on fire I'll put you out! Now go put out that other guy!"

It came out mangled of course, as he was also busily chewing that chunk of cultist. His mom had always admonished him to eat well after regenerating. Well, time to eat more cultists!

OOC: I'm not sure if Blurcho is feared or not - if yes, let me know and I'll re-roll)

Blurchor eating some more, bite claw claw: 1D20+7 = [10]+7 = 17
1D20+7 = [6]+7 = 13
1D20+7 = [1]+7 = 8

bite damage: 1D6+4 = [3]+4 = 7

claw damage on surrounded cultist: 2D6+4 = [4, 2]+4 = 10
(didn't roll the other claw because AC was so low.

Blurcho smiled as he swallowed another gulp and felt his healing start again. It was so good! He didn't know how humans did without it. No wonder they were so grumpy.

Prickly Pear

Oodnadatta felt good. Finally Uncle Boogey was put to rest. Hopefully. Must stop all neckermunchers!
Oodnadatta suddenly heard another skragg approaching. He didn't recognise this one but he better put a stop to it.
Oodnadatta felt slow and useless but instead of running, he decided to break off a chunk of ice and throw it at the oncoming skragg. Slow and useless!


Prickly Pear

Sesto heard heavy steps behind him. He stopped and a skragg came into his circle of light. It looks injured or should I say 'damaged', Sesto mused amongst the chaos surrounding him.
Sesto moved his spectral mace and took a swipe at the skragg. He then pointed and the air around the skragg filled with the deathly toll of a bell that only the skragg could hear. Sesto continued on his way south towards where the dragon might be.


Prickly Pear

OOC: I'll take over Alhana

Alhana could see Sesto in the light and also the skragg that entered the outskirts of the light circle. She quickly fired a couple of arrows towards the skragg before Sesto moved on.
I'm not feeling so well, Alhana thought. I should've invested in some of those healing potions... but no, I decided to keep the gold. What good is the gold doing me now, eh!
Alhana decided to jump off the ice shelf and take cover.



(Primus moves the sensor towards the dragon, looking for it. He moves wherever he can to see the biggest number of good guys.)


The cultist was at about the edge of his sight now, but Mord's eyes were particularly good at seeing in the darkness and he was able to pick out his target even now. Launching another pair of bolts he smiled to himself as he watched them strike hard. Then he ordered his remaining skeletal minion to follow as he mived farther down the ridge that he was on.

Eldritch Blast: 2#1d20+8 23 19 2#1d10+4 12 7

Moving another 15' and the skeleton taking a disengage and a move action to catch up to him.


Eastern Lair

Blurcho chomped at a cultist and told a troll to put out the Sarge. That troll marched away, heedless of the cultists around him, who only got minor wounds on him in their surprise. Mord struck solid blows with his eldritch blasts on the cult-leader Arrufel, and the large catfolk pulled back as Mord's troll wandered toward its master.

This left Sargloth to take the brunt of the cultists' assault. The one on the ridge punctured the armored troll with arrows, and two others surrounded him and beat him down with their swords. The troll sergeant would have died for sure, if it weren't that the other troll shoved his way into the fray and put the fire out with some crushed ice. Sargloth lay on the ground, but his flesh began to knit itself back together.

Meanwhile, another troll grabbed at the cultist that Blurcho was munching on, and pulled half of the human free of the other troll's jaws, munching on the half of his own. It was a grizzly picture, but the trolls liked it that way.

Mord took the opportunity to move away from the battle, working his way westward to see how his allies were faring against the dracolich.

Blurcho did 7 (bite) damage to DragonFang2
did 12 & 7 (EB) damage to Arrufel & moved to (BX41)
MordTroll1 disengaged & moved to (CE36)
Sargloth dropped but regenerated 10, waking up
Troll3 moved to (CO33) (provoking) & put Sargloth's fire out, saving him from death
Troll4 did 8 & 15 (claw) & 6 (bite) damage to DragonFang2 (Dead)
Arrufel disengaged & moved to (CQ28)
DragonFang1 moved to (CM26) & did 4 & 15 (bow) damage to Sargloth
did 4 (sword) damage to Troll3 then was torn to pieces
DragonWing1 moved to (CL33) & did 6 (sword) damage to Sargloth
did 8 (sword) damage to Sargloth (down)
DragonWing3 moved to (CQ33) & missed Troll3


Primus' psychic eye floated over the ridge that bisected the lair, and he could see the dragon in its dark, mist-shrouded shadow. The old bones scraped along the ice as the undead creature slowly built a protective fort for itself - a sanctuary of ice - that gave it protection while it waited for its magical energies to build, so it could once more unleash its icy breath.

Around him, his allies began to gather as they defended themselves from the Dracolich's drowned-troll minions, who came from all sides.

OOC: Okay I did this post quick because people seem to be waiting to see if the eye can find the dragon. @tglassy, some of them will be done their turns this round, but Primus can see Oggsbruff, leaping back off the ledge to go after the Skragg that Sesto's mace is smacking. Sesto has moved past him, but he's lit by his shield. Kalorn is there. Both berserkers are nearby, and Loklafd, after burning the Skragg (finishing him off) can come around the ice-shelf, his torches will light up Alhana above him - so Primus can see them as well. That pretty much just leaves Lorenn out, who can get wherever on his own. Are there any distance limits, or just sight? I assume you need to wait until the round rolls to teleport, though, and the dragon still has a turn this round... so things might still change. Who still has to go? @Ancalagon Kalorn and Lorenn (and some NPCs) and I have to resolve everyone... oh, and @tglassy you can post for Oogabooga if you like.


OOC: I have to be able to see them and they need to be within 60 ft. I can teleport them to a spot I can see within one mile.

Question, is the dragon walking himself off in an area where it wouldn’t be able to easily escape if we all teleported next to it? Is there a floor under it, or is it in the air?

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