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5E (IC) Vault of the Dracolich (Ensemble)


OOC: extra damage from Auraia. [roll0]. Let's say Auraia, Trrrus and Pyrus all attack the same person.


Pyrus: 32/32 Psi points
Aquaria: 32/32 Psi points
Terrus: 27/32 Psi points (tremorsense plus Might Leap)
Auraia: 27 Psi points (tremorsense plus Step of the Wind)

Enemies should have disadvantage attacking Auraia and Terrus, while they have advantage. [/roll]
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First Post
OOC: Dash to S15, draws sword. And did I miss the you awake feeling rested post? I tend to miss whole pages when I come in from my email.

Zander watches SnorLoska smash into one of the remaining skeletons and then sees the arrows come flying into view. He rushes to cover the raging warriors flank. "Normally you would need something blunted to take on a skelly, but brute force works too."

Torbin & Zander

Lobbing his arrows up the long tunnel, over the heads of those fighting the skeletons at the tunnel's entrance, over the lake - it is one impressive shot after the other. But to Torbin's dismay, the guards raise their shields and his arrows land home only in that hard wood.

OOC: That's fluff. Her AC is higher than 15. I assume Torbin has some way to shoot past cover?

Zander makes his way over to back up SnorLoska. Peering across the lake he sees Valiandra, the Archer - who the mercenaries must have pulled from the Watchtower, where she usually watches the road. He's never known a better marksman and had hoped to never be on this side of her arrows...

GM: Gone (PCs) Torbin, Zander
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Genasi Siblings

Running out of the tunnel, Auraia and Terrus leap into the air. The former floats gracefully over to the ledge near the Pillar of the Sun, and the latter lands with a resounding thud. Both bury their weapons into the cultist with the lantern as he runs blindly into them, trying to escape from Mord's terrible blackness. He falls, and his lantern rolls off the ledge into the lake.

Pyrus and Aquaria turn their attention on the Adept carrying his share of the heavy barrel behind him. He is concentrating on getting out of the horrors around him when Aquaria enters his mind and turns it to mush while Pyrus fries his body. In some ways, it is blessed release from the thing-he-can't-see that is chewing on his shoulder. The cultist behind him manages to take the weight of the barrel as the Adept collapses.

"Go back!" he yells to the other two, who turn and flee the way they came, finding merciful escape from the horrors by shuffling around the corner. Devout and determined, the lone cultist gives up on their original plan, to blow the tunnel and seal the group within the Pit of Teeth, and sets off his barrel right there on the ledge. The explosion rocks the whole place: Rocks fall from the ceiling into the lake.

The cultist's body flies off the ledge and into the lake.

Terrus and Aura are hit by the blast.

GM: The Barrel's explosion does 23 force damage (dc15 dex save for half). Auaraia and Terrus also have to roll dc12 Dex or Str saves or fall into the lake.
Dex Save: 1D20+1 = [3]+1 = 4
vs Pyrus
Int Save: 1D20+2 = [3]+2 = 5
vs Aquaria
Str Save: 1D20+2 = [18]+2 = 20
vs Dropping the Barrel
Alchemy: 6D6 = [3, 2, 5, 2, 6, 5] = 23

Save: 1D20+1 = [5]+1 = 6
vs Barrel
Gone: (PCs) Aquaria, Auraia, Pyrus, Terrus; (BGs) Adepts, Cultists
Damage Taken:
(PCs) Auraia 23(11?), Terrus 23(11?);
(BGs) A1 10+22=7=Dead, C1 10+5+7=Dead, C2 7+23=Dead


OOC: At the same time great for stopping them, and crap for taking damage.

Terrus: dex Save: [roll0]
Dex Save to keep from falling: [roll1]

Auraia: dex Save: [roll2]
Dex Save to keep from falling: [roll3]

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Location: Lower Lake Encounter: Cult Assault Squad

Begin Round Two

GM: I'm starting to understand how this works.
Name * (Position) * AC * HP
Auraia (Q23) AC17(19) HP 40/51
Aquaria (P15) AC17* HP 51/51
Drako (N10) AC13(16) HP 45/45
Kurzon (P18) AC20* HP 42/52
Lorenn (O13) AC16(18) HP 42/42
Mord (M9) AC14 HP 39/39
Pyrus (O14) AC13 HP 51/51
Sesto (O15) AC18* HP 45/45
Terrus (P23) AC16(17) HP 46/57
Torbin (I9) AC15 HP 45/45
SnorLoska (S16) AC17* HP 48/65
Udit (M14) AC15 HP 45/45
Zander (S15) AC19* HP 54/54
Dunmire (B10) AC13 HP 30/30
Guldred (P17) AC13 HP 20/20
Rhussuk (Q16) AC15 HP 20/24
Shosha (O17) AC15 HP 22/22
Zalena (C11) AC12 HP 35/35
Bobskeleton (Q18) HP less 10
Skeleton1 (P19)
Skeleton2 to 8 Destroyed
Skeleton9 Destroyed
Adept1 Dead
Adept2 (M31) HP less 7
Cultist1 Dead
Cultist2 Dead
Cultist3 (O31) HP less 7
Archer (AB22) HP less 21
Guard1 (AA22)
Guard2 (AB21)
Guard3 (AB23)



Dusty Dragon
Udit's eyebrow rose as he saw the archer's aplomb - and skills. She had to be taken out as soon as possible. He drew another arrow, concentrated, and let loose another arcing shot

2nd shot at archer from the darkness, 2nd roll is advantage. : 1D20+6 = [19]+6 = 25
1D20+6 = [2]+6 = 8

He had aimed for the upper torso - even a shoulder shot could foul her aim

Second shot vs archer: 1D6+3+3D6 = [4]+3+[6, 3, 3] = 19

Once again, the arrow hit home.

Again, Udit shifted his position slightly, worried about return fire

second stealth check vs archer: 1D20+9 = [17]+9 = 26

River Song

Not surprised at the resilience the skeleton of Bob was showing, Kurzon attacked it once more calling upon Tyr to guide his blows.


BOnus Action: Hunters Mark on BOb



Reaction: Sentinel Attack if it comes to it!



First Post
"Come on Valindra, this is getting serious!" Zander yells indicating the hole in the ceiling and the piles of bones floating in the water.

"You sure your pay is worth all this risk? The rewards The Beast might let you keep, you think they are as valuable as your life?"

Knowing his words might not be enough Zander keeps his shield held as his waste ready to deflect any oncoming arrows.

OOC: Man I deserve to still be in NPC mode, this build is so bad. No mace, no range weapons, opps my bad.
Action: Dodge
Persuasion: 1d20+1 [roll0]

AC: 19 (dodging attackers have disadvantage)
HP: 54/54
Speed: 30'
Saves: STR +5, DEX +2, CON +4, INT -1, WIS +0, CHA +1
Features: Second Wind (10+5)-unused, Action Surge-unused
-longsword +6 1d8+3, crit 19-20
-handaxe(m) +6 1d6+3, crit 19-20
-handaxe(r) +6 1d6+3, crit 19-20, rng 20/60

Pitons(10), Rations(6), Torches(8)
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Torbin & Zander
That's fluff. Her AC is higher than 15. I assume Torbin has some way to shoot past cover?

OOC: Not really. No feats taken at all. Although I did forget to announce his casting Hunter' s Mark on her. But that's just the extra d6 damage I rolled on his attacks.

Torbin continued the assault, hoping to make a dent through sheer weight of fire combined with Udits.

Longbow:: 1D20+8 = [17]+8 = 25
1D8+3+1D6 = [6]+3+[3] = 12
1D20+8 = [3]+8 = 11
1D8+3+1D6 = [3]+3+[4] = 10

Squirrels are evil!
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Prickly Pear

Come on, Zanders. We can't stand here like dummies for practice shooting, says SnorLoska, looking like a pin cushion, and indicates to move north along the shore. Then he sets off along the shore towards the narrow bit where they could cross over. We are going to take them on where they don't expect us!

OOC: move: 40 feet northeast (is he outside the lanterns light? Dim light?)
Action: Dodge
Obviously, SnorLoska will stop and attack if he can see more enemies up there (60 feet darkvision).

Udit and Torbin

Udit and Torbin sent arrows at Valindra, the archer, but her vast experience with arrows showed her how to take their very well-placed arrows in such a way as to allow her to take a minimal amount of actual physical damage - she took one on her shoulder-pad, another through her sleeve. A third arrow, she side-stepped, and she returned fire.

She could not see Udit, or tell where he was firing from. But she could find Torbin, down the tunnel, in the dim light of Dunmire's lantern, hidden behind the stalagmite teeth, waist-deep in water. A near-impossible shot, but she made it. Her well-placed arrow found it's way past all obstacles and struck Torbin in the shoulder. Her second arrow, on the other hand, meant for Udit, hit a wall ten feet away from his position.

GM: [Sblock=Rolls]
Attack: 1D20+6+1D10 = [15]+6+[2] = 23
1D8+4 = [6]+4 = 10
Attack: 1D20+6 = [2]+6 = 8
1D8+4 = [5]+4 = 9

Gone: (PCs) Torbin, Udit; (BGs) Archer
Damage Taken: Torbin 10, Archer 19 & 12

Kurzon, Mord, & Sesto

Kurzon fought toe-to-toe with the Skeleton that had once been Bob. He had only met the big barbarian briefly, yesterday (was it only yesterday? It seemed so much longer) but he had respect for the man, and this was a terrible way to go. He slammed his sword into the skeleton (bone was so hard to cut!) and the skeleton swung it's axe and hammer back at him, but Kurzon was an expert with his shield, blocking with perfect timing.

Mord was far up the tunnel, still disguised as a lizardman. He sent blasts of energy at the skeleton, which rolled with the force, chattering it's teeth in mock-laughter that angered Sesto, who had fought beside the big man in life. Sesto sent Lathander's light at the mockery, but it was as if it knew it was coming, and it moved in time to avoid the radiant sear.

The other remaining skeleton took advantage of everyone being so focused on - and repulsed by - Bob's skeleton, that it sneaked it's sword past Kurzon's defences, scratching the half-orc on his shield-arm.

GM: [sblock=Rolls]
Attack: 1D20+6 = [7]+6 = 13
1D8+4 = [4]+4 = 8
1D20+6 = [7]+6 = 13
1D8+4 = [1]+4 = 5
vs Kurzon
Dex Save: 1D20 = [17] = 17
vs Sesto
Attack: 1D20+4 = [16]+4 = 20
1D6+2 = [1]+2 = 3
vs Kurzon
Gone: (PCs) Kurzon, Mord, Sesto; (BGs) Bobskeleton, Skeleton1
Damage Taken: Kurzon 3; Bobskeleton 13+6+7+8(0)=26

SnorLoska and Zander

As SnorLoska leads Zander around the north shore of the lower lake, the guards across the water send crossbow quarrels hurtling toward them. Both turn on the quarrels, hacking them and blocking with their shields, ready for anything. Then the pair slip off beyond the lanterns light and into darkness, Zander holding the half-orc by the shoulder to find his way in the darkness.

GM: SnorLoska loses his rage!
[sblock=rolls]Attack: 1D20+4 = [20]+4 = 24
1D8+2 = [6]+2 = 8
1D20+4 = [17]+4 = 21
1D8+2 = [3]+2 = 5
1D20+4 = [8]+4 = 12
1D8+2 = [1]+2 = 3
vs Zander, 2x SnorLoska
Crit: 1D8 = [8] = 8
vs Zander
Oh wait, you're BOTH dodging! (That's disadvantage on the roll, not some trumped-up AC like you're suggesting, EarlyBird! :p
Disadvantage: 1D20+4 = [2]+4 = 6
1D20+4 = [2]+4 = 6
1D20+4 = [15]+4 = 19
vs Zander, 2x SnorLoska
That's a whole lotta miss! Turn my beautiful crit into a 6! Grumble frazzim....
Gone: (PCs) SnorLoska, Zander (BGs) Guards
Damage Taken: NONE. >:-(

Prickly Pear

SnorLoska sniggers when he hears the guards across the water swearing at their pathetic attempts to find their marks.

OOC: It's a bummer about the rage but taking damage is an expensive way to keep the rage. The range of the darts are too short to cover the distance to the guards too. Whatever.

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What a bloody mess! This deafening slurping noise mixed whit the cultists screams echoing in the whole place chilled Lorenn to the bones. Reassured by his mage armor spell, he tried to make his way into this chaos. With some hesitation, he stepped out of the shadows, searching for a target. But he haven't see anything yet when arrows start flying everywhere in the cave and countless undead raised from nowhere! Is it Bob there? But when a blast flashed out, Lorenn had just enough time to raise his arm, protecting his face from the bones shrapnel. Yup, he believes in Lathender from now on. And now it's Zander, Snor, Terrus and Auraia who rush out. Wait guys! What's the plan? Who wants a fog cloud? But when the shït really hit the fan was when Pyrus frowned his eyebrows. Next moment, it was the whole cave who blew up!

He didn't find the courage to hurt Bob, so he opts to take care of this archer pack with one of his favourite spell. It will cut off their retreat and maybe burn them a little bit.

OOC: Movement: 016
Action: Cast Flaming Sphere on AA23 (60 ft) Dex save DC: 13 or take 2D6 = [3, 6] = 9
Bonus Action: Ram into Valindra and stop at AA23
I want make them move north to avoid flames. Now, technically, they could go south because of the spell mechanics (if they don't end their turn in contact with the sphere, no harm.) But, I suppose that you run to the opposite direction when you are chased by a fire ball. [/url]

[...]Any creature that ends its turn within 5 feet of the sphere must make a Dexterity saving throw. The creature takes 2d6 fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
As a bonus action, you can move the sphere up to 30 feet. If you ram the sphere into a creature, that creature must make the saving throw against the sphere’s damage, and the sphere stops moving this turn. [...]

[sblock=Statblock] HP: 42 HD: 3d6/3d8
AC: 16 (+2 Bladesong) (+5 Shield)
Potions: 2/4
Spell slots:
1st: 3/4
2nd: 2/3
Bladesong: 2/2
Arcane Recovery: 1/1
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