(IR) IR Interlude Turn 6 - Turn 7 (thread 3)


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Edena of Neith on the backup board said:

The reporters ask of Anabstercorian - AFTER he has finished:

Anabstercorian, you are wanted on multiple charges by the authorities in Realmspace.
Is it your intent to turn yourself in?
Do you intend to plea to Erika Lesage for mercy?
If the UCR attacks, will you defend or give yourself up?
You fought for the illithid in the War ... do you still hold to the ancient illithid views on humankind?
Would you rather the Dark Powers won than be captured by the UC?
If the UC captures you, what justice do you expect out of them?

<< I'll answer these questions in the order that they were raised. >>
<< First of all, Erika Lesage can take her "high ideals" and "peace and light" and cram it up her ass. That is NOT a personal insult, mind you - She's one of the most brilliant life forms I've ever sensed. We simply disagree on some points. >>
<< For example, the Luna debacle. Had I realized the presence of the 2nd Touch, and the fact that the Red Goo of Luna would remain unfazed by my sterilization, I would not have undergone the attack. It would have been an utterly meaningless waste of life - And was. Because I did NOT realize that my attempts were ultimately futile, I tried anyway, panicked by Melkor's assault on my armada. Had I succeeded in destroying the Red Goo, the deaths of those 3 million men, women, and children would have been worth it, EVEN IF THEY WERE ILLITHID. >> He pounds his hands together to emphasize these last words. << She would disagree with me - To her, the presence of the Red Goo was less of a risk than the deaths of three million innocents were worth... We simply disagree on that point. >>

<< If the UCR attacks ME personally, they can expect to have their guns rammed up their noses telekinetically. If the UCR attacks the Army of Darkness, they would respond with force whether I would like it or not, and I owe it to them to lead them effectively in such an encounter. If the UCR attacked the Penumbral Hub, a civilian target, without explaining its reasons, I would respond with great violence. Perhaps this is hypocritical after the Luna debacle - So be it. Hypocrisy will be eradicated with time. >>

<< I believe that humans, and all thrall species, are destined for eventual extinction at the hands of the Illithid, but I believe it will be an extinction happily accepted - Not a death, but a metamorphosis in to something better. You need only look at the metaprobabilistic statistics of our various species to see that the Illithid offer a basically superior body and brain form. It's not a hostile racism any more... Besides, although my allies will hate me for saying this, dependence on slaves is not power but weakness. Allies are better than thrall, and illithid are better allies than humanoids - We're just brighter. >>

<< I would rather be captured by the UC than have the Dark Powers win. The reasons behind this are obvious. >>

<< IF the UC captures me... Hmm. That's an interesting question. To be completely honest, I didn't give the possibility much thought... I don't give them that much credit. I would expect, frankly, a very swift show trial followed by an immediate obliteration of my psyche, or a temporal stasis treatment in the very best of cases. They'd have a devil of a time catching me, though. I don't think it'll happen, unless I turn myself in for some reason. >>

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Okay Edena, I will stop the search ,for now, what is Rajaat`s response to these words:

Melkor to Rajaat:

Greetings, Great One, what are your plans? I hope that you will soon manage to return Athas to The Glory Of Blue Age. I also STRONLY suggest that you restrain yourself from invading Oerth or Toril, we are not ready to cleanse these worlds from vermins.


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Tokiwong said:

Fu Zhao scowls at Thayadon, "So you wish to persuade this Forum with Illusions and tricks to prove some point? If this were a show of prestidigitation then I would applaud thee... but this is a Forum for intellectual debate."

As I told you, FOLLOWER OF MELKOR, what I projected actually happened, and you may use any truth magic you wish to afferm my statement.

Tokiwong said:

Fu Zhao waves to those assembled, "We of the Eternal Empire will not stand behind such parlor tricks... you wish to pass your law then do it through the proper channels...

Of course I should put it through the the proper channals, because then you could run before it was resolved.

Tokiwong said:

because of your interference many of our wounded could not be transported from this Forum to be healed... an obstruction of those that wished nothing of bloodshed only debate... and you deined them that... you penned them in... like rats to be slaughtered until you could prove your point..." he scoffs, "Your words... fall on deaf ears... I assure those that tried to escape and could not because of the wards placed are not pleased with your actions..."
So you want to escape after destabilizing the UC. Not surprising.
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Mr. Draco

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Kas himself now appears before the Torrilian Reporters.

Those nearest to his simulcrum are speachless at the sudden appearance of, quite literally, a bolt of lightning. Yet, it does not flash for an instant, but stays, floating several inches above the floor as the simulrum of Kas disintigrates.'

Those nearest this strage phenomenon slowly realize that it has a humanoid shape. Nearly ten feet tall, and translucent yellow-white, it has an aura of power about it that causes even the most fearless of the reporters to back away slightly.

Suddenely, it speaks. This voice does not come from the creature's mouth, but seems to radiate from its very being.

Behold Torrilians. I am Kas the Terrible, known as the Godslayer, and God of Strategy, Destruction, Retribution, and Justice. This is my true form.

Perhaps rumors have come to you, perhaps not. Whatever the situation, know this, I am the first of the transcendant. I have achieved the form of the perfect being. I am the first of the Cydian race.

We are not interested in petty squables about 'good' versus 'evil'. They do not concern us. What does concern us however, is our doctorine. The doctorine of the Union of Oerth. That doctorine primarily states survival.

There are those who would question our motives. Those who seek to tarnish our reputation amongst others. Let their thirst for our downfall be saited with their own dissapointment. They now stand, ready to fight. Their power shall prove to be their downfall however, at the hands of the Union of Oerth and the remainder of the nations of this planet.

The one known as Melkor, and his allies, Iuz, Rajaat, and the Hellmaster are even now ralling their armies against those of Oerth. They will fall. One by one to the wayside of life, where they shall be trampled and broken by our might. None who espouse their ideals shall remain to poison the minds of others.

Let this serve as a warning then, to any who would seek to deny the survival of the Union. We will survive through your greatest efforts. Not only survive, but you and your people will be destroyed by us. Those who remain to surrender will bow before us, pledging their lives in service to the Cydian race.

Now, any questions?

The reporters look up from their notes momentarily, gathering their thoughts before speaking out.

What is your opinion on the dark powers?

They are complete fools. Their efforts to draw us into the domains of dread are doomed to failure, for they too by doing this, attempt to deny the survival of the Union. Thus, they too shall forfeit their victory.

What do you think about the recent events in the world forum?

Whether or whether not those babbling politicians can decide upon plans peacefully is not my buisness. However, I will say that they have proven themselves to follow true with my original opinion: that they are a large group of idiots that could not decide which restaurant to eat at, much less the fate of a world! Now, as to the rest of the UC, I admire Lesage for her persistance and patience with those fools. Perhaps she can bring sanity and order to them, apparently, they cannot manage to hold onto it themselves.

Are there any remaining questions?

(if any other faction has reporters with specific questions, now would be the time to post those questions if you want Kas to answer them.)

Edena, if the reporters have any further questions, please let me know.
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Melkor teleports to the conference and adresses The Githyanki Queen:

Posted by Edena:

Hazen is a formidable foe, probably as great a foe as Erika Lesage herself.
He is forging an unbreakable alliance, an unbreakable trust, between himself and countless people, while you sit here squabbling.

Ha! Hazen is nothing more but a deluded foul! He can`t suceed, he CAN`T overcome The Mists, for he CAN`T overcome The Darkness that lies in the hearts of men, it is impossible to defeat Hatred, and Greed, and Suffering, these are primordial emotions, which are eternal! There is one that is a much greater threat to you- Anabstecorian, Chosen Of Ilsenine. For mighty are The Ililthidi, they have power of Elder Ones, yet are free of their madness. There was a time, ages ago, when Ililthidi ruled upon most of the multiverse, and no one could stand in their way, until your ancestors, Gith, rebelled against their masters, and Penumra was destroyed. But now Anabstecorian has rebuilt The Penumral Hub, and The Race Of Ililthidi is uniting around him. I know him, he has a spirit of fire, his will achieve his goal AT ALL costs, he has no weaknesses of ones like Erika or Hazen, no mercy or compassion, no belief in foolish concepts such as Democracy, only pure WILL, and if his will prevails, Race Of Githyanki would be once again enslaved!

Posted By Edena:
In unity is strength.
In disunity is your downfall.

Have you ever considered that if the Pantheon of Glowing Darkness and the Pantheon of the Union of the Worlds stood together, and Anabstercorian and his Army of Darkness stood with you, and you embraced Melkor and the Shade and his new ally Rajaat ... you might win the war?

Melkor responds:

You are wise, Queen, indeed, Strenght in Unity!
If people of Toril, Oerth and Krynn unite around The Pantheon Of Glowing Darkness, they shall be protected, for we wield The Power Of Darkness that can rival those of Dark Powers, we have no reason to be afraid of them, WE are Dark Powers ourselves, we have fully embraced The Night Eternal through Red Scourge, we have Power, we have Understanding! Hazen is a fool in his belief that Light will prevail over Darkness, That Power Of Preserving can defeat The Power Of Unmaking, Corruption and Decay- isn`t everything destroyed, sooner or later? Only The Darkness is eternal, and through it can Eternity be achieved! Yes I agree to ally with Union Of Worlds agaisnt Alliance Of Oerth and Torillians, even with Anabstecorian, despite his treachery.
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William Ronald

Hazen will answer any questions the reporters have. If he is made aware of the reaction of the other worlds, he becomes very humble.

"I am honored that my words were so well received by the people of Toril. You are the spiritual heirs of those who gave all for their world. You honor me beyond words with the trust and goodwill that I have heard. I am humbled by what I have heard."

"Athas, Krynn, and Mystara are also threatened by the Dark Powers. There are good and noble people on these worlds. There are lives which honor the values of compassion and sacrifice. Despite the differences of race, faith, nation, and world, what unites us is far more powerful and important than what divides us. It is this vision that Ian Payne left for Toril. I believe he is proud of what the peoples of Toril and Realmspace have accomplished."

Hazen turns to the Angel, nodding after speaking of Ian Payne. His face is full of the utmost respect as he speaks of the Saint.

"If there are no further questions, I shall attend the peace conference. As a courtesy to the press, I will say that I and several others will make a major announcement soon. I believe it will help generate further good will on Oerth and beyond."

"I thank you for your time and your patience. I believe if the peoples of the worlds stand together, no threat, no darkness can triumph over us."

If there are no further questions, Hazen will go to the Peace Conference. (OOC: I will work on a suitable message and a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that Edena knows about.)

Melkor adresses the assemblage at the Conference:

-I know that you are planning to strike against me and my Allies! It is a bad move-it will only strenghten The Mists- I propose Non-Agression Pact between Pantheon Of Glowing Darkness and Powers of Oerth/Toril.

Edena, what is a pl of Rajaat`s Forces?


At The Peace Conference

Sanctus Punitor, silent and peacefully will take a seat somewhere in the spectators area. Regina Canities, Brohagan, and Baeron are with him. They sit in a small box seat and don't try to draw any attention to themselves. This is so that maybe I won't get any press, but I am still here for other player characters to talk to.
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Kalany reveals his true form and looks around at the others as he stands to his full height of 32 feet. His eyes burn with the golden fire of determination, his skin gleams silver in the light and his wings spread to their full length as he speaks.

" Think hard on the Truth of what Melkor has said, his actions do not reflect his words. I find myself in agreeance with the Illithid, Melkor uses this speech and those reasons merely to decieve he has no intention of peace merely a desire to let us become weak before he strikes. Such is the way of darkness. Your lies do not decieve me Spawn of Shadow and Lord of Darkness and I dount they decieve many others. You also speak a lie when you say fighting sparks the mists and the goo, there was fighting for centuries before and neither appeared, the truth is that it is not the fighting that attracts the mists but the hatred and the attrocities committed during the fighting. The Dark Powers do not feed of battle, indeed in honest battle valour,honour, courage and many others of the markings of light are clear, it is the hatred, the torture and the apathy that battle can trigger in the hearts of many that feed the Darkness. False peace from fear strengthens the Dark even more than battle could, they would feed of such deciet and become mighty indeed. Remember honest battle when needed is less of a dangerous than a false peace. Although I would prefer True Peace but I know that a false peace is pointless,will not last and will only strengthen the powers of Darkness, to drive back the mists we require a true peace. "

As Kalanyr sits his form shifts and fades until he is merely a drow of 6 feet again with silver wings.

(OOC- I know a lot of my allies are going to disagree with this, but being a Chaotic Good god who has combat as one of his portfolios Kalanyr would defend battle, over deceit and false peace. So I believe would Kord , Heironeous,Correllion, Eillisterae, Tyr, Odin, Torm or any other power of good who believes struggle is a way to improve the self. )

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