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Kulan: Knightfall's Aerie of the Crow God Game [OOC]

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second birthdate : 15 Dec 2011
Ok, I just got off work and am thinking:

put Maur, chainmail and heavy arms in the boat with Xander and the npcs who live in the village, and if there is enough then add the two prisoners. the rest of us take the under earth passage, hustle or maybe even force march to catch up.

The boat would need to be pulled by the druid/shark

Keep any locals who are still armed and armored and full of fight with the main group in the passage.

this will
A. reduce the total in the boat
B. place the slower and high risk persons in the boat
C. keep from encumbering those in the passage.
D. if any high risk persons want to escape, there is a convenient shark to remind them not to try and get away in the water.


World of Kulan DM
Ok, I just got off work and am thinking:

put Maur, chainmail and heavy arms in the boat with Xander and the npcs who live in the village, and if there is enough then add the two prisoners. the rest of us take the under earth passage, hustle or maybe even force march to catch up.

The boat would need to be pulled by the druid/shark

Keep any locals who are still armed and armored and full of fight with the main group in the passage.
So, Caerth and Maur together with Meridith, Timmins, and Wieland. Xander goes with Maur. That makes sense. Maur wouldn't want the duergar out of his sight. Wieland won't want to let Aries or Eike out of his sight, so the launch will likely be burdened with a heavy load.

So, no faster than 4 miles/hour as a base speed. With two rowers, I'm willing to increase that to 5 miles/hour. Maur would be one rower and either Xander or Aries would be the best choice for the other rower. Eike won't row unless forced and the three NPC allies will be more concerned about watching the three prisoners. Aries would be willing to row more than Xander.

Angus, Quinn, and Phar hustle through the underground passage with Cruel Justice lighting the way. Aureus will insist on going with Phar and the group will likely need her eyes and skills as a rogue. Brutus will go where Quinn leads.

However, with his breastplate, Quinn only moves at 20 feet, so that would be 4 miles/hour if the group hustles. Quinn could choose to ride on Angus and while that would slow Angus down a bit but with his horseshoes of speed, he could still move along with Aureus, Brutus, and Phar at 6 miles per hour based on 30 feet movement. Rules for Hustle:

"A character can hustle for 1 hour without a problem. Hustling for a second hour in between sleep cycles deals 1 point of nonlethal damage, and each additional hour deals twice the damage taken during the previous hour of hustling. A character who takes any nonlethal damage from hustling becomes fatigued.

A fatigued character can’t run or charge and takes a penalty of –2 to Strength and Dexterity. Eliminating the nonlethal damage also eliminates the fatigue."

this will
A. reduce the total in the boat
B. place the slower and high risk persons in the boat
C. keep from encumbering those in the passage.
D. if any high risk persons want to escape, there is a convenient shark to remind them not to try and get away in the water.
C. Quinn could go on the boat but that would leave those traveling through the passage shorthanded if they run into Tarrak and his horde. I assume the goal is to either ambush the cultists underground or go around them to get to Carnell first. There wouldn't be any light for Phar, who has low-light vision not darkvision, without Cruel Justice lighting the way.

Timmins is wearing light armor (leather kilt), so he could take Quinn's place underground and carry a torch. No one would have to ride on Angus that way. Timmins is the most experienced of the NPCs, but his AC isn't very high (only 15), and he's past his prime (52 years old). If he gets into a fight with deadly foes, he likely won't survive.


World of Kulan DM
Okay, looking back at the older posts about the journey to the island, I need to rework where I've placed the island on my regional map. 20 miles is too far. It is more like 12 to 18 miles.

When I scaled up my maps for Kulan, I didn't take into account where the island was originally on my old CC2 map. I'm going to have to fix the map when I redo it in Worldographer.

I'm going to split the difference and say it is only 16 miles between Gurnard's Head and the mainland by sea but a trip underground adds another 8 miles (instead of 10) for a total of 24 miles.

So, the launch with Caerth pulling it in large shark wild shape form along with two rowers would take 3.2 hours to get to Carnell.

Underground, PCs that hustle at 4 miles/hour would take 6 hours to reach the mainland but if it is a 6 miles/hour hustle, then they get there in 4 hours. That's either 3 points of nonlethal damage or 5 points.

Tarrak and his horde are moving at normal walking speed of 30 feet, so 3 miles/hour. With a two hour head start, that just over 7.3 hours until they reach the mainland. With a two hour head start, the fliers are already at Carnell.

Tellerian Hawke

Defender of Oerth
Angus, being a Large Quadruped, has x3 the carrying capacity of a Medium Bipedal creature with the same strength (21);


That means that my light load is 459 lbs. A single rider shouldn't slow me down at all. 😎

At any rate, Angus is ready, willing, and able to let Quinn ride 😎


World of Kulan DM
Is Maur currently low on hit pts.?
After the fight with the cultists, Angus is down by 7 hp, Caerth is down by 16 hps, Maur is down by 21 hp, Phar is down by 13 hps, and Quinn is down by 9 hps.

Aureus is down by 6 hps, Brutus is down by 8 hps, Meridith is down by 12 hps, Timmins is down by 13 hps, and Wieland is down by 17 hps.


World of Kulan DM
Brutus already used the two cure serious wounds potions that he was given by Lady Pendour. He used one himself and gave the other to Timmins during the fight. Aureus has two cure light wounds potions of her own, and Phar has a cure moderate wounds potion from the group treasure.

Aureus's hp isn't too bad, so she is willing to give her potions up to the group. The cure moderate wounds potion should probably go to Maur but you guys can decide who gets the healing.

Cure Light Wounds (x2) and Cure Moderate Wounds: 1D8+5 = [1]+5 = 6
1D8+5 = [4]+5 = 9
2D8+10 = [6, 6]+10 = 22


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Caerth will heal some hp when Wild Shaping, so don't worry about him.

Also, I have an owl familiar. Caerth hasn't asked it to come inside, but it should be around and it can carry a message to the town. At least that way they'll have some warning.


World of Kulan DM
So far, you know that Tarrak has with him at least 2 acolyte zombies, 2 senior acolytes, 4 hell hounds, and an unknown number of ghasts. While Aries doesn't know how many ghasts there are, Xander believes there are only a handful of them. Xander knows that Tarrak has tried to recruit allies from the Underearth caverns below the island, but he doesn't know if the Ghast Lord was successful.

Aries believes the flight of rook-harpies numbers two dozen, but Xander says it likely won't be more than a dozen. They are both sure that the cult's adult anathaema eagle went with the rooks and carries a senior acolyte (named Crisenth) as a rider.

There are two fledglings in the cult's aviary. They aren't large enough to be ridden, and they aren't normal animals, so spells that affect animals won't work on them. There is also a murder of crows in the aviary, a female rook-harpy who tends to the young anathaema eagles (unless she went with the other rooks), and a dangerous plant creature.

Sharks are known to swim in the waters of the Karmine Sea near Gurnard Island, so trying to swim back to the mainland isn't a good idea unless you can befriend some of the sharks first. Dolphin pods aren't unheard of but aren't common. The waters are too shallow for larger creatures such as whales. There are eight or nine smaller islands that surround the island but most of them are barren rock that small sea birds use for nesting.

@Tellerian Hawke:
It is currently three hours after the tides lowest point. The sand isthmus is still traversable for Angus for another hour, but he'd be moving across soft sand and through rising water, which would slow him down (see below). If he doesn't reach the shore within 1 hour, he'd have to swim the rest of the way. He'd likely have to leave his mithral armor (-4 AC check penalty for Swim) in the launch to be able to swim at all. I see he has 2 ranks in Swim for a total of +7. For each hour of swimming, he'd have to make DC 20 Swim checks to avoid taking 1d6 nonlethal damage.

In this area of the Karmine Sea, the current is considered vigorous as per the section under Water Hazards on p. 10 of D&D Stormwrack. The sand isthmus is considered to be soft sand whether it is high tide or low tide. Thus, it costs two squares of movement to move across the isthmus. Angus would only to be able to move at 35 feet or 3-1/2 miles per hour. (He probably should lose another 2 squares for the rising water, but I'm not going to worry about it.)

While I'm fairly certain Angus can't run, he might be able to hustle. If he can hustle, he can make it 7 miles before having to Swim the rest of the way. He swims at half his normal movement rate, so Angus swims at 3-1/2 miles per hour, but he has to fight the current which is 15 feet/round or 1-1/2 miles per hour, so he can only make 2 miles per hour of headway against it. Thus, he'd have to make 5 separate Swim checks to avoid nonlethal damage.

If he fails any single check, he becomes fatigued. If he fails more than once, he becomes exhausted.

BTW, If he hustles with a rider (Maur), any hustle damage he takes is considered lethal damage not nonlethal.

DM's Note: Kulan has two moons, so it's tidal action is a little more chaotic than Earth's. Kulan's second moon orbits three times as distant at its farthest point (than Earth's moon) and twice as far at its closest point. The primary moon is like our moon, exactly. The second moon is not tidal locked and is a water world with scattered islands.


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Hmm, while making sure that the XP totals I have on Quinn's PC sheet are right, I've come to realize that I don't think I gave out XP for the PCs when they fought the rooks with the rook alpha just before they met Maur. (I also think I missed giving out XP for the fight against the ghast.)

I did calculate the XP for the first fight with Maur as a member of the group against the cultist patrol that the PCs ambushed on the first level of the temple. That turned to to be 900 XP for each PC (or 3,600 XP in total).

The ghast was worth 400 XP and the Rooks with the Alpha were worth 4,300 XP.

That means Maur has gained 1,000 XP for the fights against the first group of cultists and the ghast.

The other PCs have gained 2,435 XP each from those three battles.

Below is the previous summary of XP from earlier in the game...
(Old) XP Summary For Entire PbP Game
Original Group (including Lorien and Quinn)

Second Group (including Aureus, Caerth, Lorien, Phar, and Quinn)
500 extra (ad hoc -- for first interactions with Cruel Justice)
2,723 XP Each

Third Group (including Aureus, Caerth, Phar, and Quinn; Lorien as an NPC [gets half XP])
788 (vs centipede)
591 (vs "doom" zombies)
972 (rats, bats, and wererat)
1,181 (baby scrag [x4] vs PCs vs koalinths w/sharks [x3])
1,500 (story award for returning Lord Pendour's body; Lorien only gets 500)
5,032 XP for each PC
2,266 XP for Lorien

Fourth Group (including Caerth, Phar, and Quinn; Aureus as an NPC [gets half XP]; Lorien not with group)
1,000 (story award for returning with wererat/ratware couple; Aureus only gets 500)
2,400 XP for each PC
750 XP for Aureus
700 XP for Raius and Sir Ghal vs. the wererat assassin
0 XP for Lorien

Revised XP Gained
Caerth: 10,155 XP
Phar: 10,155 XP
Quinn: 10,505 XP

Aureus: 8,505 XP
Lorien: 5,339 XP

This means that Caerth and Phar have gained 12,590 XP in total and Quinn has gained 12,940 XP in total up until the current ongoing battle. So Caerth and Phar should have 33,590 XP each and Quinn should have 33,940 XP before the current fight broke out.

I believe the group agreed to have Maur come into the game with the XP minimum for 8th level since the other PCs had just reached 8th level (or were about to). We should probably do the same for @Tellerian Hawke's PC, Angus.

Regardless, I'm going to say that both Maur and Angus come into the game with half the XP required to reach 9th level. That would give each of them 32,000 XP to start. Maur has gained an extra 1,000 XP, so his total before the current fight is 33,000 XP. He's a bit behind the other PCs but not by a lot.

Angus's first XP gained will be for the current fight. He'll be behind the other PCs but not by too much. His intro into the game was really cool, so I'm giving T.H. a 750 XP bonus for that. :cool:

Hmm, I think also gave Caerth a special XP bonus for using the dire boar as a battering ram... I'll check. Yes, I gave him an ad hoc bonus of 100 XP. It still makes me smile, so I'm going to upgrade it to 250 XP. :D

Aureus gets half of what the PCs get, so she gets 1,218 XP. She now has a total of 30,723 XP.

The other NPCs will have their totals calculated separately from Aureus and the PCs, later. I'm going to treat them as their own adventuring group fighting alongside the characters.

Time for lunch!

32,055 + 5,160 = 37,215 XP
Needed: 36,000

(Gotta go back and see if I missed any XP, although that wouldn't be a lot I'm sure.)

Will level-up Caerth today or tomorrow.

So... how fast can that launch go if it is pulled by, say, a druid wildshaped into a large shark? ;)
So I found out I've got more XP than I thought! :)

33,590 (as described in the post quoted) + 250 (for the dire boar battering ram) + 5,160 = 38,900

I accidentally already rolled HP for this level, and it's in the RG so I'm just keeping that.

My animal companion Screech, however, gains 2 extra HD. :D Screech bonus HD: 2D8 = [6, 2] = 8

Level Up!

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