Kulan: Knightfall's Heroes of Carnell Game [OOC]

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World of Kulan DM
Here is PDF for all the XP the PCs have earned up to this point. After Tarrak is destroyed, the PCs should have the following XP totals for the entire game up to this point. Like with the other game, I've gone back and add some extra roleplaying XP awards.

Angus: 56,990 XP
Caerth: 56,895 XP
Maur: 56,740 XP
Phar: 56,404 XP
Quinn: 56,245 XP
Aureus: 52,591 XP

EDIT: Ack, it should say Crow God not Crown God at the top the PDF. Doh!


  • XP for Crow God Campaign.pdf
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World of Kulan DM
I've also calculated Total XP for the other NPCs. These numbers did not affect how much XP the PCs got from the encounter vs. the Undead Horde. If you guys want to see the breakdown, then take a look at the attached PDF.

Bothild: 16,835 XP (goes from 1st to 6th level)
Elle: 16,835 XP (goes from 1st to 6th level)
Ghal: 38,720 XP (goes from 8th to 9th level)
Henry: 38,720 XP (goes from 8th to 9th level)
Lady Pendour: 39,220 XP (goes from 8th to 9th level)
Scarborax: 34,016 XP (goes from ECL 7 to ECL 8 [might buy off his LA])
Temperance (if healed): 16,115 XP (goes from 2nd to 6th level)
Thorvid: 16,835 XP (goes from 1st to 6th level)
Tristan: 19,835 XP (goes from 3rd to 6th level)
Wieland: 32,013 XP (goes from 6th to 8th level)
Ailward (gains XP as cohort): 17,979 XP (goes from 5th to 6th level)


  • XP for Other Crow God NPCs.pdf
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World of Kulan DM
So, while the combat is over, the current scene isn't over. The PCs still have the entangled Galzadar to deal with and Maur will want to mop up the zombies. The dead and wounded have to be taken back to Carnell. If Tarrak wasn't lying, then Carnell could be in trouble.

But, first someone has to help Maur and Sir Ghal get out of the crevasse. :D

I have a really bad headache, so I need to lay down for a while. There is tons of construction going on outside and my idiot of a neighbour is working on his damn apartment again. I don't care what he says, it doesn't take that long to replace your floors. :mad:

Luckily, I have earplugs if it gets really bad.
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