[LPF] Bats in the Belfry


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Syldar smiles at Maia. "There are many things that all of us have not learned. Part of the joy of life is finding out what there is to learn, and then learning it." She follows along with the rest of the group.

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Thy wounds are healed!
The Belfry is only a block away and you reach it well within the midnight warning you received from the bell ringer. The tall, over four story tower looks peaceful enough and nothing seems amiss on the outside.

Entering the small stone tower the group first sees a lantern lying on its side on the floor, and a series of narrow rickety wooden steps leading up to the top.


OOC: I think this well be fun.


Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=OOC] Mapping will be a small problem with this one as PCs could be directly above each other. Just bear with me plz. [/sblock]

[sblock=Notes] Rickety steps means they count as difficult terrain as you climb them and the turning adds like moving diagonally - trust me ;). Going with three lvls till you reach the top/fourth lvl. Each lvl will have ten feet of steps divided by five foot sections. So up first section from bottom equals five feet (ten actually due to difficult terrain) than you make a turn (+10 feet) and go up the next five feet (ten due to difficulty) and are at lvl2.

This should play out as people taking their time and the stairs/banister wobbling as they go. Have fun with it.[/sblock]

OOC: Marching Order if you please.

Aldern Foxglove

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Izzik eyes the stairs dubiously upon entry.

"Right Aressa you go first, I'll keep ready to dismiss you if you look like heading for a kersplat, Xan can do the same with his eidolon if he's so inclined. Then I say we let the big guy go, Ausk right? Yeah Ausk. Since you look to be the burliest of our bunch. Then say Syldar, Maia, me, and Xan. We move up nice and slow." Izzik says, a half smile playing across his devestatingly handsome features.

Glancing at the lantern he chants briefly and casts lighton the tip of his spear. He then looks inquiringly at the rest of the group,

"Anyone need me to shed some more light on the situation?" He asks waggling his eyebrows and grinning hugely - it is after all a Penkian's religious duty to ensure no pun goes unspoken. "Not that I could, but the pun had to be done."

[SBLOCK=Marching Order]I suggest we go with Aressa, Xan's Eidolon, Ausk, Syldar, Maia, Izzik, Xan. Moving 30 normal feet a round - modified as necessary by the stairs - which will allow the Summoner's to keep readied actions in case the eidolon's encounter problems with the stairs and allow the Oracles to easily keep up.[/SBLOCK]
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[sblock=marching order]I have no problem with that, just remember Ausk and Maia are both at 20' normal movement. Ausk will have his crossbow ready, and reserve a standard action every round as a readied action.[/sblock]


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"That sounds good to me." She gestures and says "Siara lucis orbium". Four torches appear above the party, lighting the entire tower.

Bow in hand, Syldar prepares to mount the stairs.

[sblock="Light"]Aldern: I think you can only have one light spell active at a time.

Action: cast Dancing Lights, draw bow

The dancing lights are stacked vertically, so they provide normal light for a 50 foot vertical column. It sounds like the tower is 40 feet high, so that should cover the entire region. If it does not, she casts the spell so the lights light the top and (assuming nothing of interest is seen) moves the lights down to light the area the party is about to traverse.

Ausk and Maia: we are planning to move 30 feet/round (before terrain modifiers) so the oracles can double move and cover 40.


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Maia leans over to peer curiously at the lantern, then looks up through the center of the tower with its winding stairway all around. Had this device fallen all that way? If so, why?

She noticed other people preparing their weapons, so she did likewise, using the tricks she'd been shown. It really was faster that way.

When Syldar cast her spell, Maia's eyes brightened and she laughed in delight at seeing the orbs of light. They banished the gloom of the tower and made her feel...well, more at home. Remembering Syldar's kind words from before, Maia tucks herself into line just behind her, hoping to talk more when the danger was past.


Thy wounds are healed!
As the lights created by Syldar reach the top they reveal a trap door in the ceiling, that is hanging halfway open, which must lead to the bells.

Everyone is at the ground level looking up and following/watching the lights float up when the also see a tiny bat flutter away from one of the glowing orbs. It circles around the inside before disappearing out of sight behind the steps.

[sblock=OOC] Ok if your marching order is good for you all than post going up. Please halt at the top of the first lvl. [/sblock]

Aldern Foxglove

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The group move cautiously upwards the stairs creaking alarmingly beneath their combined weight.

"Well if they we are here, especially if they are, dun dun dun, Werebats!"
Izzik says happily, briefly tucking his spear into his armpit so he can accompany "werebats" with jazz hands.

Aressa rolls her eyes.

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