[LPF] Bats in the Belfry


The stairs groan under Ausk's weight as his mass bears down on them. Moving slowly so that the stairs don't collapse on him, he once again calls upon the spirits for guidance, though he is a little less insulting this time since he knows their are people listening.
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As the stairs creak and flex alarmingly beneath their feet, Maia leans forward and whispers to Syldar, "Is this a 'belfry?' What are we going to do here? Izzik said 'bat bashing,' but I think that must be a 'speech figure,' because it doesn't seem to make sense."


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Syldar whispers to Maia as the group moves up the steps. "The belfry is the room at the top of the tower where the church bells are. Frequently it is inhabited by bats." She grins at her. "But totnight, it seems that there is some problem there. A man staggered into the inn and said something about bats in the belfry. So it is likely that that we'll be attacking something up there. So those who like to get up close will likely be 'bashing' bats of some sort with their weapons."


After rescuing the halfling from the water horror, Xan just looks at the assembled group of adventurers and listens to them talk, nodding or giving short answers every time he's asked.

Deciding to follow them, the halfling looks as if lost within his own mind. Wouldn't it be nice to start a journey of his own? It has been some time since he started feeling empty at his post in the guard, as if he needed something else.

As they move through the stairs he can't help but wonder just what could be happening up there. "As long as no one decides to ring the bells while we're up there, everything should be ok" he notes.

OOC: I've been kind of overwhelmed by work the last 2 months, but I'm trying to keep up. Just wanted to give you a reason for my slow posting.


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Everyone slowly advances up the rickety stairs. The eidolons are about half way up the bell tower when a loud thump causes almost everyone to jump.

It sounds like someone jumped out of bed and onto the wooden ceiling above your heads. Then there comes a skittering noise as if something with claws is moving across the floor on the other side of the trap door.

Everyone watches standing on the steps as quiet as possible as the clawing sound moves towards the trap door. Syldar with a thought adjusts the light to shine a little better at the dark opening. And as it reaches the area at the trap door a long snouted bat face the size of a man, looks through the hole.


It bellows before dropping through the hole towards the group.


[sblock=OOC] No one is surprised. Ausk gets a ready action shot, but since not specified I am ruling he takes it at the creature before it dives and thus at AC: 18 Kind of like shooting as soon as it appeared and it has cover. Everyone Init and first round actions please- no one is in melee or can enter melee unless they can fly. ;)[/sblock]

[sblock=Locations] Mapping in 3D might be a little tough I am working on something right now. But is not needed for round 1.[/sblock]


Ausk fires at the first sign of trouble and keeps firing until they are in melee range. Unfortunately, both bolts miss their target as the stairs shift underneath him as he tries to move his mass around to get an effective shot.

[sblock=stats]HP = 11/11
AC/Flat/Touch = 14/12/12
Speed = 20
Level 1 spells = 0/4 used
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(OOC - Stairs = rickety remember. Careful!)

"That is a bat!" Maia squeaks helpfully. "Should I bash it?" When Ausk shoots his crossbow at the descending monster, she quickly follows suit!

When her shot goes wide, she shakes the contraption and suggests, "We're going to need a bigger crossbow!"
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Aldern Foxglove

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Izzik grins wolfishly, "Aha! While I commend you for you dedication to alliteration I am afraid you've got to go big fellow! Bash away Maia, bash away." He chants, "Hcuot degnar a sa delruh eb ot em ot emoc xulfer fo resuac!" And a small sphere of acid appears floating between his outstretched fingertips which he hurls at the dire bat.

Aressa meanwhile simply crouches waiting for the great bat to make its move.

[sblock=Actions]Izzik casts Acid Splash as a standard moving only if he needs to to be within range. Aressa delays until after the Dire Bat's action.[/sblock]

[sblock=Aressa]Str 14, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 7, Wis 10, Cha 11
Medium Quadruped; Speed 40 ft.
HP 11; AC 18 (2 dex, 2 natural armor, 4 mage armor), Touch 12, Flatfooted 16
Fort +3, Ref +4, Will +0
Attack: 2 claws +4 (1d6+2), 1 bite +3 1d6+2
Evolutions: Bite, limbs(legs)(2),Claws,Improved Damage(claws), Pounce.
Feat: Weapon Focus (Claws)
Skills: Acrobatics 6, Perception 4, Sense Motive 4, Stealth 6
Special: Darkvision, Link, Share Spells [/sblock]

Str 7, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 8, Cha 20
Speed 30 ft.
HP 9; AC 15 (2 dex, 3 studded leather armor), Touch 12, Flatfooted 13
Fort +1, Ref +2, Will +1
Attack: Short Spear Melee -2 (1d6-2), or Short Spear Thrown +2 (1d6-2)
Cantrips: Acid Splash, Daze, Detect Magic, Light
Spells Known: Mage Armor, Rejuvinate Eidolon
Spells Slots: 1/3 remaining
Feat: Spell Focus Conjuration, Augment Summoning
Skills: Bluff 10, Diplomacy 10, K.Arcana 5, Spellcraft 5, Use Magic Device 9
Special: Summon Monster 1 (8/day), Link, Share Spells [/sblock]
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Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=OOC][MENTION=10309]Otakkun[/MENTION] the stairs are only 5' wide so if you did you would need a Acrobatics check for the eidolon after every attack. DC 8 - Due to being able to hold on to the banister. But everyone will notice that the dire bat has no reach or range so it will have to drop into melee. Just not this first round.[/sblock]

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