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D&D General "March Madness" - Let's Rank The D&D Classes

Help me set up an NCAA-esque "March Madness" bracket for the D&D classes. Pick up to 4!

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The Elephant in the Room (she/her)
Heck, I considered just putting them in alphabetical order (Artificer-Paladin on the left, Ranger-Wizard on the right), but that had its own problems and it didn't really have a "team" feel to it.

I also considered seeding them with random numbers, but in the end I felt that having "playoffs" would be more fun and drive more engagement--and give people a chance to recommend their favorite wildcard. So that's how it ended up.
It's also a pretty great way to see the difference between "vote for your top four" and "pick your favorite of these two", which, given the small sample size here, could be fairly significant and produce some fun upsets.

And it all serves to contrast the "vote out your least favorite" results of the Survivor-style threads.

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Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
If the D&D Classes were sports teams, what would their mascots be?

Rangers: The Rangers, obviously
Rogues: The Dodgers
Bards: The Songbirds


Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
The "playoffs" are starting to heat up! Here's a quick snapshot of where things stand.
  • 43 people have cast 166 votes, out of a possible 172. There are still 6 points floating around from voters who didn't use all 4 of their options--and those points could show up at any time! Maybe we will see some "buzzer beater" points next week, close to the deadline?
  • The Casters have a slight edge (87 points) over the Martials (79 points).
  • The Warlock is the current leader of The Casters, with a score of 18. Second place is the Wizard (16), followed by the Cleric (14).
  • The Fighter and Rogue are leading The Martials, with 16 points each. Second place is also a tie between Warlord and Paladin (11 each), and third place is another tie between Ranger and Monk (8 each).
  • The Swordmage leads all of the other write-in candidates, and is currently in position to take the Wildcard slot.
  • Remember: none of these votes are final until 15:28 PST on Wednesday, March 6th. Voters can (and probably will!) shuffle their points around, to help or hinder their favorite "team" in Round One. So don't write any of these off! Just like in basketball, don't count the points until you hear the buzzer.
If the bracket were finalized today (and it's not), Round One would look like this:

Warlock vs. Psion
Wizard vs. Druid
Cleric vs. Sorcerer
Bard vs. Artificer


Fighter vs. Swordmage
Rogue vs. Barbarian
Warlord vs. Monk
Paladin vs. Ranger

But there are still five whole days left in the playoffs, and plenty of time for folks to shuffle things around. Having three, three-way ties in the Martials division is interesting...I'm curious to see if that's going to be a help or a hinderance. And as it stands, a single voter can completely rearrange the Martials side of the bracket, throwing all predictions out the window.


Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
Halfway there! The poll will close at 15:28 PST on Wednesday, March 6th. You have about three days to get your votes in, and to put the points where you want them...because once the poll closes, the bracket is final.

I got a message from someone who wanted to know how ties will be handled. So:

Rankings will be sorted first by number of votes, then by alphabetical order if there's a tie. Cleric and Bard are currently tied for #3, for example, so if that's still the case when the poll closes, the Bard would get the #3 rank and Cleric would get #4.
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Looks like the fighter is going to steamroll the poor swordmage if we don't do something to improve its board position. So, I'm moving my cavalier vote to swordmage unless more votes come in for the thief/acrobat. I'd prefer to support an AD&D-exclusive class if I can but right now the write-ins are a lost cause unless we can get them out of last place.


Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
Okiedokie, the poll is closed and the rankings are final! I'll have the bracket up in a few minutes; stay tuned.


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