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Me? Oh no, not at all. I barely partake, myself.

But my comment was more about the nature of google than it was about the nature anime and manga. :)

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Two quick questions before I start posting anything IC:
1. Warp has Awareness (Dimensional)- has any of the weirdness of the last few days had a dimensional component (anything with a 'dimensional' descriptor)? The sense isn't acute or anything, so this would just be yes or no. (Also her teleportation has a dimensional component, any dimensional weirdness would have influenced her abilities, so I would want to know before I post about her actions)

2. Warp also has Comprehend Spirits 2 (It isn't always on, but she uses it to gain information, so she would have used it). Again, would anything over the past few days have 'riled up' the local spirits?

1. No dimensional weirdness in the storm
2. Hmm not generally, she might hear strange voices but they don't appear to be 'spiritual' in nature.


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The receptionist should be neither impressed nor unimpressed. The power is insidious. You don't know it is there even if you make the save. Unless she didn't care for the salute. :)

I was not really saying that her was unimpressed, more just making a smarty-a GM joke :)

Also +1 Hero Point for the Shadow and Warp :) great intros


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Next silly question:

So, how strong, and how comprehensive, is the anti-teleport/anti-incorporeal screening on the Centurions Tower?
-Does it cover the whole building, or just the "team" floors?
-Is it an exterior shield, or does it block all use within the space? (ie. can you walk in, and then 'port around, or does it block all use?)
-Teleport and incorporeal are blocked, but is dimensional movement also blocked?

-Anything else I should know, before I move in?


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The anti-teleport and incorporeal screening is only over the top 4 floors of the team headquarters and the level 4 sub-basement. Once inside you can teleport and phase through the interior walls except for into the Danger/Training Room and the secure values and holding cells. It does NOT cover dimensional travel.

You can try and by-pass either of these (i.e. teleport into the headquarters) with a Power Roll vs. a DC (semi-secret until you try)


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So just so you know, you make a Will save each round (at the end of your turn) to throw off an Affliction. Princess affect is Entranced (only one affect)

Entranced: An entranced character is stunned, taking no actions other than paying attention to the entrancing effect. Any obvious threat automatically breaks the trance. An ally can also shake a character free of the condition with an interaction skill check (DC 10 + effect rank).


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And Warp has joined the fun.

Her sheet is 90% done- the crunch is complete, and I just need to type in the rest of the background. She should be ready for some shenanigans, though.

-Also, in case it becomes an issue, Warp does have her default power set currently active:
1. Spatial awareness/danger sense
2. Microport Mobility AE slot
3. Dimensional echoes AE slot.
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