MnM3 Centropolis (Re-bot)

In theory movement should not specify anything. In HERO, Teleport is used for the "ninja throws a ball of dust on the floor and disappears in a cloud of smoke" ability. Usually with the limitation "there must be an uninterrupted path between the starting and ending locations." In M&M, that would just be "Medium - no physical obstacles." :)

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As I am total nerd for Hero Banter and near fights on hero teams ;) and as I want to reward and encourage more role-playing of one's characters flaws/Complications both Princess Starlight and Rumble get +1 Hero Point.


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OOC: Then I guess I have 3 levels of failure.

Wounds: -3 Toughness
Condition: Staggered = Dazed and Hindered
Dazed = Only 1 Standard action per turn, plus free actions.
Hindered = -1 to Speed (7)​

I don't know if you saw my reply in the thread but I thought I would mention that on your turn you could take Recover standard action and it removes the worst of the conditions you are suffering (Staggered) and also gain a +2 to your defenses until the start of your next run and then use Extra Effort to do the attack against the last of the Leeks. That would mean next round you would gain the Fatigue condition which means a -1 to your movement speed and takes one hour to recover from.


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Sorry work and holidays have really REALLY thrown me off here for the last two weeks. I really have been dropping the ball on all my games. I am hopping to get caught up today.


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I can relate. I cannot believe how hard it's been to find the time.

Very sorry to all my GMs.

It's very possible I will need to make cuts soon, even though it breaks my heart to do it.

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