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Solo 3.5 Campaign (Closed)

I am looking to run a slow (2-3 posts per week US CST) Solo 3.5 campaign for someone. I am more than willing to run this as a filler until you can find a more permanent game more to their liking. The Campaign Setting can be Eberron or a custom homebrew (defined by the PC) as the PC would like. First come, First Served. :D
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Dire Lemming

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This is a bit off topic but I already made a thread for it and it dropped off the page with only one (not particularly helpful) reply. Anyway, does anyone know anything About Festy Dog's absense? He's in Rytil Arden's Equivilent exchange game but he hasn't been online since the 6th and hasn't posted for even longer. Is anyone else in a game with him?


Eidalac said:
D&D 6E + Black Company {Setting undetermined, possibly Diamond Throne}
5 of Swords {working title}
Discussion Thread

Looks like I'll have to be dropping this idea, but I have another!

D&D Epic 20
"Planar" setting
20th level Evil party.
Looking for 6 or so to start with.
Diablos ex Machina

Remember, Evil has Milk AND Cookies.
Because we stole them.
From babies.

We now have 9 applicants, and I won't start with more than 8 PCs. I'll be pickings based on concept 1st, execution 2nd and application order 3rd.
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Discussing a nWoD Vampire game here.

Moved on to the recruiting character creation phase. Game is "soft" closed (still accepting alts).
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Dire Lemming

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Scott DeWar said:
IsTwistedMindInc still looking for replacement players?

Nope, sorry, generally it's a good idea to take a look at the front post in this thread that consolidates the content of all these other posts before asking. It'll usually answer your questions.

J. Alexander

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Recruting to the Four Lands


I currently have two very successful and interesting games going on in a world I created. The world is called "The Four Lands" but is not based upon the Terry Brooks "Shanarra" series. I just like the geograhpic lay out of it. It is a huge world with a varied time line and as I have recently done some more work to it a thought occured to me that made me want to start yet again a third thread. The two threads that are currently going are called "The Four Lands - The Great North" and The Four Lands - Southern Operatives". The new game i am creating will be called "The Four Lands - Divine Avengers"

Right now I am in a quandry as to what level i want to start this off at....for some reason 1st level is most appealing to me and I hope seeing that one of the games has lasted over a year players will be inclined to take a risk and start at first level. The other option would be to start at 15th level but I am having to do some serious thinking about that.

In character the game will have 4 to 6 players all focusing either on combat or a religious vocation. Posting will be in a 72 hour cycle which should allow for plenty of time for the players to think and post. Check out the thread "Call to the four Lands" in talking the talk and let me know if your intersted...please post all your comments etc in that thread.


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Obi-Andy's Pathfinder Chronicles

I have started a recruitment thread in the Talk-the-Talk forum here for a campaign using Paizo's Pathfinder Chronicles Rise of the Runelords adventure path.
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The Wizards' Academy (in Talking the Talk)

Still recruiting a small number of additional character to The Wizards Academy. The name pretty much says it all, or as one prosepective player said, "Harry Potter on steroids." There are a few posts by me in the recruiting thread that say plenty more.

System Used: DnD 3.5
Url for the Recruitment Thread is here: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?p=3937785

Recruitment is ongoing for about 5-7 days yet (sometime anywhere from 12/19 to 12/21 is when recruitment is expected to close). Starting level to be 3rd. All wizardly specialties and generalists are encouraged, as is spell-swapping among pcs.
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