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Recruiting for all Dwarves and Gnomes game. It is meant to be a shorter adventure that if it is successful will be followed by other interrelated adventures.

Recruitment Thread

3rd level
30 pt
All Dwarves and Gnomes

Allowed Books: All Eberron, Core, "Complete" Series

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My Battle of All Alignments game is now closed.

In its place, I'm recruiting for the 4e Battle of Good & Evil, a 4e tactics simulation based on what we currently know of the rules.

The link is the same as before, also in my sig.


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Hey everyone,
Im looking out for a long term campaign, with an emphasis on the roleplay (although i do enjoy the combat too :p).
Keep missing the campaigns people post about, preferably something starting at low levels and with lots of opportunities for developing a character within the plotline :)

anyway drop me a message if your looking for players, but hopefully ill spot the game before you need to :)

Itching to get into some good RP!


I am just on my first pbp game but would love to try some more.D&D 3.0,and 3.5 games . would also like to try pathfinder. also m&m1e I also have . would be happy to play any of these systems.

Jack of Tales

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Interest in 4E game

Looking at interest in one of two 4E PbP games that will start come May (Sometiem between the 5th and 10th).

Games will be set in the fractious city of Faction where various groups vie for territory.

Thread here


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Metal Eberron

HEy Everyone Starting new Game

[Looking for at least one more, starting on the 20th april]

DnD 3.5 Slightly Houseruled.
Looking for 4-6 Players for a FAST (Once/Weekday) Play by Post

-Looking to bring the metal, Need Players who want the metal, because you can't kill the metal.
-stats: 4d6 (rearrange)
-Classes/Races SRD + Eberron CS+ Lvl Adj 0 Hobgoblins, No Subraces + Orks get boost.
-House Rules: Extra Starting HP / Innate Armour

Check out my recruit thread for more details<=

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A player driven roleplaying-oriented "ExtremePoL" 4e PbP game starting at first level.
For the last one hundred years no one has left your town. You've tried to walk out yourself, but there is a line, perhaps half a kilometer out, where you find yourself stopping. No matter how hard you try, you can't take another step.
Almost all of the people in the town don't seem to think this is odd. But it bothers you.
You've seen books, moldering old things, often burned for heat when it gets cold.
If you ask almost anyone in town they'll say, oh, those are from the past. they aren't important now.
You aren't so sure. You're sure the pages after pages of scribbling mean something. Something important.
Your neighbors skin is transparent, you can see his organs. You say that's strange, but he mildly says that he's always been this way.
You feel convinced when he first says this, but when his hollow-boned daughter sneezes and cracks her rib you feel an abhorrent overwhelming feeling of wrongness.

Recently you've started to feel that you aren't alone., there are a handful of others in the town who feel the same way.
For the last one hundred years no one has left your town.
But one day soon that will change.


Whirtlestaffs Revisited, ONLY A FEW SLOTS LEFT!

Old Wizards and New, please take note that Whirtlestaffs Wizards Academy is once again holding open enrollment thru this Friday, 5/2/08. Starting level now to be FOURTH, with the only class requirement to be that the last level your character gained be in the Wizard class. Multi-class to your hear's content for the first four levels, and even for your sixth and higher levels, but #5 WILL BE in Wizard. Also, rules for pc spells and scroll scribing have been returned to phb norms, so no starting out with every spell under the sun and a crateload of scrolls (unless you buy them at normal price).

First IC post intended to be made sometime Saturday, 5/3, probably LATE Saturday....

OOC thread is here: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?p=4193626#post4193626

Rogues Gallery is here: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=224704

IC thread is here: http://www.enworld.org/showthread.php?t=224681
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The 4e game is getting ready to close; anyone who joins after April 30th will probably wind up as an alt (you'll still be able to make a character, but you won't be able to get a class or leave the town).

As the first post now says
The game will start off with roleplaying, we'll slowly introduce 4e mechanics as the characters progress. The only thing you really need to start playing is a strong concept.


Jerrand Redband said:
interested in pbp i'm new to pbp but not to d&d can post almost everyday and
could Dm if aothers want to start a as players??
So are you offering to start a game where people rotate as DMs?
-Generally- speaking it's not a bad idea to start PbP as a player. DMing can sometimes be a bit confusing.

Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition Starter Box

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