D&D General One Piece of Art IX (Wildcard)- What NON-D&D Art Inspired You to Love D&D?



Is this movie, Ladyhawke?

If so, I will try find to watch.
It is.

It may inspire you to have your thief pick pockets.

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For me, they showed how a city could be just as fantastical and action-packed as a dragon's den or elvish forest. That a city is a character all on its own. And also driving Thieves World were the characters. They were complex and not always heroes. I think we all developed our favorites, and it was always a treat when they'd show up.

Ahh Thieves World. Loved those. The Spiders of the Purple Mage has appeared as an adventure more than a few times over the years in different groups.



Is this movie, Ladyhawke? [Yup.]

I will try find it to watch it.

While the movie itself still stands as one of the better fantasy films of the 1980's, the soundtrack, however, has not aged particularly well. It really should have had a more classical sound to it rather than the '80's synthesizer stuff they went with.

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