[OOC] Return of the Runelords


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Deuce Traveler playing Michael Tell the Human Fighter
Scotley playing Teodor Kirila the Human Rogue
Neurotic playing Drâth Isidar the Dwarven Druid

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These traits are all really interesting, but I have to love Accidental Clone for just sheer wacky fun factor!

Spirit touched is also pretty interesting.

I'll have to brush up on my Pathfinder skillz to see what looks fun. Huge amount of options!

Binder Fred

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I'm thinking:

Teea the Unreasonable, gunslinger
Nothing dire happened to her or her family. No catastrophe was foretold at her birth, no curse uttered or fell portent recorded. The sky does not darken at her passing, the birds do not pause in their songs nor the brook cease its prattling. And yet, Teea the Unreasonable acts as if all those things happened.

Wields a pair of ancient, single-shot pistols, burnished with age. (I don't know the history of gunpowder in this world exactly, but tentatively: ) They were made by Tchell, a prolific ancestor of hers to slay a dragon; some say she was mad with grief, or possibly possessed, or maybe both. Others say the 'dragon' was really the Warmaster of some great country of the time... Which might explain why her family clan lives in *Roderic's Cove* now ;)

Race: Hm... What's your thoughts on re-skinning, Tailspinner? I'm thinking playing a catfolk re-skinned as a "kitsune" might be fun for her: Human-looking with a fox tail and fox ears, must transform into a fox to use her Natural Hunter and Fast Sprinter racial abilities. (You can tell a kitsune from a natural fox by counting their tails; kitsune have one for each decade they've lived on Golarion :) )... Do you think that's possible??


Accidental Clone seems like it could be completely bonkers.Personally I would probably play it straight: as a cleric of Shelyn. Got to go to bed, but I will come up with some ideas in the morning.


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Hm! If you want the Clone, I'll probably go with Intrigued by Thassilon. An Arcanist, I think. From a distant land, coming to see the ruins and new findings.


Maybe your idea for it would be better than mine. I would not rule it out yet. I do not have to be anything in particular.


Can we use class options from any book for any class we have access to? For instance, if I use a token to be an oracle can I take a mystery from Ultimate Intrigue?


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Both my ideas are human arcanists. I'll present them both here in the interest of helping develop the party as a group.

The first idea is the Accidental Clone: A wizard who is killed and transformed utterly. I'm thinking race is different, gender is different, even the class changes. From a male wizard of some stripe (half elf is my first guess) into this female human arcanist...who is apparently a copy of someone else! Identity crisis, fish out of water, learning to cope with a world turned on its head.

The second idea is an arcanist from Tian who has come to further her studies of Thassilon in the wake of new discoveries. Mei Ying, is an eager young scholar/adventurer, trying to be on the forefront of this study and make a name for herself even if her actions in doing so might be considered reckless. Mei-Ying is most likely human, though the possibility exists for an aasimar with the 'human looking' racial trait...still mulling that over. Related question - Are variant aasimar ancestries available to someone choosing that option (and the use of a token to obtain it)?

I like both these a lot, so I've no objection to someone else grabbing one or the other of those campaign traits. I just need one of 'em. :)
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So this is my prospective thinking for the Accidental Clone:

Lunysh was a vain girl. She had been the prettiest and then most beautiful in her small rural village on the outskirts of Magnimar's influence, and she had had the local farm boys (and maybe even a farm girl) wrapped around her little finger. But her vanity made her believe that she was greater than her humble beginnings, and so given the chance she decided to head to the big city where certainly wealth and riches awaited a girl like her.

Lunysh was only small town beautiful. Magnimar turned out to be a rude awakening. In the city there were many whose looks exceeded her own, and she had to eke out a living doing the sort of menial work she thought she had escaped from when she left home. But still she was vain and willful, and she prayed to the goddess of love and beauty, Shelyn, that someone would come and sweep her off her feet. And she mirrored, as best she could afford, the grooming habits of the wealthy elites shared by many of the Shelynites.

One day as she worked her serving job at the local tavern her wish appeared to come true. Lunesh caught the eye of a patron, a moderately handsome looking young nobleman who appeared to appeared to be carousing with friends. They had a short romance, but when Lunesh became with child the truth about the "nobleman" was revealed: he was, like her, of humble origins, and had taken on airs in the hopes that adjusting his ways would naturally be followed by a change in station.

While Lunysh's "prince" was not so churlish to leave her out in the cold to care for a baby herself, life was hard after that. She had a baby girl, and her days did not leave much room for worrying about her appearance between work and raising a child. Much of her vanity was worn out of her, but the longing for a scheme to get rich quick - not so much. So several years later when a motley group of folks who frequented one of the establishments she toiled at appeared to be discussing the treasures and riches of a local ruin they hoped to explore she jumped at a chance she feared might not come again: she volunteered as a torchbearer, pack carrier, and all around menial servant in exchange for a chance to get in on it.

The small fellowship was a bit taken aback. They said that bringing a hireling to carry your things was a bit old fashioned and that they were modern adventurers. Lunysh begged. Anything to get her out of this life. Eventually they acquiesced after it came to light than the ruin in question was in the area of her hometown. She tried to explain as best as possible to the father of her child was she was leaving their kid with him as she went cavorting in the wilderness. And she made it clear that she felt he owed her. Her daughter cried when she left, and Lunysh struggled to hold back her own tears. But she had to be strong! This was for both of them.

The adventuring career of the vain girl was short. Her party found the old ruin, Thassilonian, easily enough. There were dangers, and Lunysh even had to personally bop a couple of goblins on the head with her burning torch. But then the came on a wondrous state of an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Maybe the sculptor had been generous (you could never tell with such old things) but the woman appeared to be just as Lunysh had always believed herself to be in her heart: beautiful, strong, even enchanting. In fact the woman in the statue was quite enchanting, because Lunysh was suddenly overcome by such a strong attraction to the woman, an animal lust, that she felt she would kill rather than let another set a hand on her. Unfortunately, as she found out when the hand of the rogue slipped a hand in from behind her and slashed a dagger across her throat, so was everyone else.

Some time later Lunysh came to. She was surprised to draw breath again, and surprised again when the mere act of breathing seemed strange and foreign to her. She thought she was supposed to be dead, so it seemed trifling at the time. Stumbling out of the bizarre looking room she had awoken in, she grabbed some ragged cloth to tie around herself. Why barely had time to dwell upon why she was undressed before she came upon the statue of the woman. There, scattered around it, were the bodies of her companions. And... and her own.

Breathe caught in her throat, Lunysh fell over and crawled over the floor sticky with blood to what appeared to be her own body. Frantically she ripped open the pack and found the small mirror she had brought with her. Holding it up in front of her face she gazed on her reflection, and who gazed back she was totally unprepared for. She looked up fearfully at the beautiful and formidable visage engraved in stone, a visage that was now her own. The mirror slipped from her fingers when it struck the floor its surface cracked and shattered. Lunysh poured out the rest of the contents of the pack and scooped up a keepsake her daughter had made for her before she left. And then she fled. Back home. A place no one knew her.

She had been a vain girl. But now she was a mysterious stranger in her own hometown, and the most beautiful woman that any of them had ever seen, or ever would see. More than one young man who, in their youth, had claimed there was no one else in the world for them as they pleaded for Lunysh's hand in marriage, stumbled over themselves to win her attention. Not one even mentioned the girl they used to know. It was all too much. And that was before she realized the weird instances of bad luck that were beginning to pile up were not going to stop.

Lunysh had strange dreams. In these dreams she seemed not herself, but rather the woman whose face she now wore. But then one night she had another dream. She gazed upon a beautiful statue. Not a large, imposing one. But one she recognized. Not from the ruins, but from a temple in Magnimar. It was a representation of the goddess Shelyn. And for the first since she woke up as another woman Lunysh felt at peace, like whatever had been plaguing her (the spirits of her dead companions) were gone. Nothing was said, but she understood: the goddess had chosen her. Lunysh blinked and the face on the statue changed. It was now her own. Her true face. The face of Lunysh, champion of Shelyn.

She was a vain woman. But her vanity had been tempered by motherhood, then by the divine. She had a new look, but more importantly she had a new sense of self; and a purpose. Her small misfortunes followed her back to Magnimar, but along the way she came to understand the goddess had given her new gifts as well, though she was as yet inexperienced with them. She consulted with a number of sages and came to understand her new body had been prepared as a clone for a figure of legend: the Runelord of Lust, Sorshen. Given the circumstances of her demise and rebirth, it made more than enough sense.

Hanging over this all though was an ache in her heart, one that would not go away. For all intents and purposes Lunysh was dead and her little girl was now motherless, in the hands of a father who had never been quite up for the task. She had watched them once, from far away. She had even caught her little girl's eye. But there was no recognition there. How could there be? Would she even want to try and make her baby understand that another woman's face adorned the love of her mother? She even had a new name to go along with her new face: Shendra. And so she fled again. Not to her hometown, but rather north, to Roderic's Cove, the gateway to Riddleport. In time, once she had gained a little more mastery over her powers, perhaps she could move onto that den of thieves and piracy. Or perhaps destiny would come looking for her once again.


Lunysh "Shendra", is a neutral good haunted oracle of intrigue. While this mystery is not normally associated with Shelyn I figure that the extraordinarily exceptional circumstances of her endowment warrant some deviation. She would take Whispered Glimpses as her initial mystery, with a statline like 14 Str, 14 Dex, 14 Con, 13 Int, 11 Wis, 20 Cha, unless Tailspinner is willing/able to feed me Sorshen's actual Str/Dex/Con as a guide for what her clone body is capable of. The last token will probably be for feat access. I am not sure an oracle could particularly need anything fancy in the way of equipment.


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So I'll probably go with my Arcanist, Mei-Ying then. An expert on Thassilon who's come very far to investigate! She is known in Tian as The Magic-Eater.

Deuce Traveler

Looks like we have some divine and arcane spellcaster thoughts, and a gunslinger handles the ranged attacks. I could go for a front-row warrior or a rogue, or even a hybrid. Either way, I'll think about taking a character for the front line.

Edit: I'm looking at the 'Close Allies' trait. I am thinking about creating an older, disgruntled veteran of some war who considers himself a father-figure of one of the other characters. Maybe they are related by blood, or maybe he just feels protective of the younger generation. Either way, I'm looking at creating a front-line fighter, paladin, or barbarian at this point.
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You could be the barbarian I pay to keep watch over me as I explore the land of barbarians in search of ancient mysteries!

(Note 'barbarian' doesn't have to be literal...everyone on this side of the pond is a 'barbarian' to Mei :))

Edit - Oh, but then we both have to take it. Nevermind!


You can still be my pet barbarian though if you want. :)

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
[sblock=Mad jeenyuss' lab: {{{TOP SECRET!! KEEP OUT!!!}}} work in progress]
Everyone gets three character tokens (henceforth tokens) to spend on any of the following when creating your character.

Professor Randolf Smarz - Myconologist

Step 1—Determine Ability Scores:
A. Free: 20 point buy
B. 1 token: 36 point buy
..... STR -12 +1 [2 pt]
..... DEX - 15* +2 [7 pt]
..... Con - 12 +1 [2 pt]
..... INT - 16* +3 [10 pt] +2 [race] to 18 +4
..... WIS - 16* +3 [10 pt]
..... CHA - 14* +2 [5 pt]

Step 2—Pick Your Race:
A. Race:Half-Elves,

Step 3—Pick Your Class:
B. 1 token: Alchemist,

Step 4—Select Feats:
A. Free: Player's Handbook feats.
B. 1 token: Include feats from other Paizo books.

Step 5—Buy Equipment:
A. Free: Standard equipment from Player's Handbook.
B. 1 token: Include equipment from other Paizo books.

Step 6-Other Stuff:
A. All players need to select one campaign trait from the Player's Guide.
.....1. Time Lost
You’ve always felt separated from the era into which you were born. You might be suffering from missing time—whether a few hours, a few weeks, or even several months—for which you have no memories. You might instead receive brief visions of friends or enemies much older or younger than their actual age. You’ve long since grown used to this strange condition, but have not yet determined why you suffer from it. Your GM will be provided with additional information about this trait’s strange nature in the third adventure of Return of the Runelords.

You have a knack for knowing when to act a few instants in advance and gain a +2 trait bonus on Initiative checks.

Once per adventure as an immediate action, you may use your strange link to the flow of time to force the GM to reroll a single d20 roll. You must declare the use of this ability immediately after the GM rolls the d20, but you can choose to do so after learning the results of the roll.

..... 2. Lost time: was experimenting with a potion given to him by a new client to identify, only to discover it was cursed to activate upon divination magic of any sort: time freeze, teleportation and forget magics were cast upon it to cause the victim to forget where they are from, to be transported to a specific city and to put them in a suspended state for an unknown time.

He woke in a wizard's school assembly hall, in a town of no idea and body frozen in time. The wizards did what they could do, but nothing worked, so when he awoke 6 months later, he restarted with a new life with his alchemy skills.

His knowledge of fungi and their use as reagent made him popular, despite his youthful age, however after a couple of years of life in acadamia, his wanderlust kicked in and the need to explore the fauna and mycology of this new land got him to point of needing a sabbatical. With journal and travel gear in hand he settled on rodric's cove with an assistant from the academy to act as messenger and research assistant. There was supposedly a coastal algae that was to be used in a special tattoo ink for inducing a spell into one's skin .. .. ..

suggestion to @Tailspinner: The new client was actually the intended target of the curse, but he, the client, suspected something was amiss.

B. All players need to select a second trait from any Paizo books.
C. Max gold for your class.

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Edit: I'm looking at the 'Close Allies' trait. I am thinking about creating an older, disgruntled veteran of some war who considers himself a father-figure of one of the other characters. Maybe they are related by blood, or maybe he just feels protective of the younger generation. Either way, I'm looking at creating a front-line fighter, paladin, or barbarian at this point.
Sure, I could go for that.

Rough outline :
  • Tchell crafts her guns
  • Tian expats are one of the founding families of Roderick’s Cove (branch off Ameiko’s family (from Jade Regent) who settled in Sandpoint?)
  • Many generations later: Teea’s family are wheat farmers (rotation crop?) on the best land in Roderick’s Cove: between the river and the hills, where yearly flooding render the earth rich and dark.
  • Father, brother and two sister killed in mud-slide during a great rain; Buried in Audrahni’s cemetery; Teea regularly goes to offer little tokens and burn offerings
  • Taken under Deuce’s PC’s wing: uncle, grandfather, mother’s new husband/suitor or friend of her father's?
  • Teea finds the family’s ancestral cache, half-buried under the house. Cache includes strips of moldy lamellar armor, rotten bolts of silk, ripped and faded scrolls (with secret family histories and –drum roll - the Secret to Dragonpowder!tm), battered oil lamps, mud-filled barrels, and a batch of broken firearms, a single one of which only she can make work...

What do you think?

Binder Fred

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Some of her ancestors were?

Thought it might make for an interesting link with Mei-Ying? (and the black-powder/eastern connection's nice too!) Maybe Roderick could be a stop-over to visit estranged 'family' for Mei-Ying, on her way to other places? Or a base-camp for her in her forays into ancient thasilonian lore across Varisia? (Certainly Teea could use some help deciphering those tian scrolls!)
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3 rings to bind them all!
Oh and: "Is Teea from Tian? Is Teea from Tian? Is Teea from Tian? Teea told Theodore thrice: to trounce tribbles trebles your troubles!" (and your tribbles too, obviously)

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