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[OOC] Return of the Runelords


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Deuce Traveler playing Michael Tell the Human Fighter
Scotley playing Teodor Kirila the Human Rogue
Neurotic playing Drâth Isidar the Dwarven Druid

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These traits are all really interesting, but I have to love Accidental Clone for just sheer wacky fun factor!

Spirit touched is also pretty interesting.

I'll have to brush up on my Pathfinder skillz to see what looks fun. Huge amount of options!

Binder Fred

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I'm thinking:

Teea the Unreasonable, gunslinger
Nothing dire happened to her or her family. No catastrophe was foretold at her birth, no curse uttered or fell portent recorded. The sky does not darken at her passing, the birds do not pause in their songs nor the brook cease its prattling. And yet, Teea the Unreasonable acts as if all those things happened.

Wields a pair of ancient, single-shot pistols, burnished with age. (I don't know the history of gunpowder in this world exactly, but tentatively: ) They were made by Tchell, a prolific ancestor of hers to slay a dragon; some say she was mad with grief, or possibly possessed, or maybe both. Others say the 'dragon' was really the Warmaster of some great country of the time... Which might explain why her family clan lives in *Roderic's Cove* now ;)

Race: Hm... What's your thoughts on re-skinning, Tailspinner? I'm thinking playing a catfolk re-skinned as a "kitsune" might be fun for her: Human-looking with a fox tail and fox ears, must transform into a fox to use her Natural Hunter and Fast Sprinter racial abilities. (You can tell a kitsune from a natural fox by counting their tails; kitsune have one for each decade they've lived on Golarion :) )... Do you think that's possible??


Accidental Clone seems like it could be completely bonkers.Personally I would probably play it straight: as a cleric of Shelyn. Got to go to bed, but I will come up with some ideas in the morning.


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Hm! If you want the Clone, I'll probably go with Intrigued by Thassilon. An Arcanist, I think. From a distant land, coming to see the ruins and new findings.


Maybe your idea for it would be better than mine. I would not rule it out yet. I do not have to be anything in particular.


Can we use class options from any book for any class we have access to? For instance, if I use a token to be an oracle can I take a mystery from Ultimate Intrigue?


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Both my ideas are human arcanists. I'll present them both here in the interest of helping develop the party as a group.

The first idea is the Accidental Clone: A wizard who is killed and transformed utterly. I'm thinking race is different, gender is different, even the class changes. From a male wizard of some stripe (half elf is my first guess) into this female human arcanist...who is apparently a copy of someone else! Identity crisis, fish out of water, learning to cope with a world turned on its head.

The second idea is an arcanist from Tian who has come to further her studies of Thassilon in the wake of new discoveries. Mei Ying, is an eager young scholar/adventurer, trying to be on the forefront of this study and make a name for herself even if her actions in doing so might be considered reckless. Mei-Ying is most likely human, though the possibility exists for an aasimar with the 'human looking' racial trait...still mulling that over. Related question - Are variant aasimar ancestries available to someone choosing that option (and the use of a token to obtain it)?

I like both these a lot, so I've no objection to someone else grabbing one or the other of those campaign traits. I just need one of 'em. :)
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