Pineapple Express: Someone Is Wrong on the Internet?

Just going to do the ones I like here:

1. Roast Beef (though we do it different than that pic: don't use horseradish here and it needs to be hot sliced roast beef: either cheese, mayo, barbecue sauce or a combo of the three are all we use)
2. Italian Sub
3. Bagel with Lox
4. Cheese Steak
5. Rueben
6. Meatball Sub
7. Lobster Roll
8 Italian Beef
9. Falafel Pita
10. French Dip
11. Bologna

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I may have mused about sandwiches a few times.

I’ve tried to up my game since I stumbled across a deli several years ago whose owner teaches sandwich making at the culinary institute.😲


I have found that most foods can be made enjoyable by a skilled, knowledgeable cook. I’ve personally experienced many examples of this.

None of them have involved Spam. And yes, I’ve tried masubi- it was edible, but nothing more.🤷🏾‍♂️
Heh. It can be so eye opening when you have something that's cooked by someone who actually knows how it should be cooked. I hated so many dishes mostly because of the way they were first introduced to me.

That and the difference between real sushi and the stuff you get outside of a true sushi restaurant is incredible.


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It can be so eye opening when you have something that's cooked by someone who actually knows how it should be cooked.
Sometimes it’s not so much a question of “how it should be cooked” as “knowing another way it can be cooked.”

For instance, I have never liked okra. But I’ve encountered 3 okra gumbos that I actually enjoyed, and a Filipino restaurant grilled some a different way than I’d ever had, and I finished them off.

And there was an Irish pub that had a house salad with mixed greens (including arugula) and a strawberry vinaigrette. I hate arugula, and strawberries are among my least favorite fruits. But somehow, their chef combined them into something I enjoyed so much, I sometimes ordered the DINNER sized portion of that salad instead of the side salad that came with their untouchably awesome Guinness burgers.

The only Burmese restaurant I’ve ever been to is run by a killer cook. For most of my life, I’ve limited my intake of pumpkin to the occasional (every couple of years) piece of pie. But I’ve eaten her pumpkin stew with every kind of protein she serves it with.


No, no, I typed "Reuben," not "Kentucky Hot Brown."
I love open faced sandwiches and turkey... and the Kentucky Hot Brown at the Brown in Louisville was really disappointing.

A sports bar near us has a Carolina Hot Brown - an 8 ounce hamburger steak cooked to temp on Texas toast and topped with mashed potatoes and cabernet mushroom brown gravy.

The picture is from a take-out version ... the in person isn't particularly more photogenic. But they sure taste good.


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