Play Star Trek By Yourself In This New Solo Version of Star Trek Adventures

Randomly generate missions and play in any era!

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Captain's Log Solo Roleplaying Game is new from Modiphius (which produces the official Star Trek Adventures TTRPG). The digest-sized rulebook is 326 pages long, and you play a starship captain as your ship and crew explore the galaxy.

The game is set in any era of Star Trek, from TOS all the way through to Discovery in the 32nd Century, Missions are randomly generated, as there is no gamemaster, but the game can also be played cooperatively with a GM.

The book comes on in August, but if you pre-order now you get the PDF immediately. has a preview of the game.

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It’s a fantastic book, I picked it up the other day, and I already see things I’m going to add to the campaign I’m running for my friends. Star Trek Adventures is such a fun game, I’m really excited to play it solo as well.

Scribe Ineti

First actual play is live. Character generation via the full lifepath option. I went pretty much full random on this one, letting the dice and matrixes in the book reveal who my character is. Looking forward to creating some stories with them soon!


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