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pogre's model and figure thread

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Thanks Mark - the feeling is mutual.

All pictures are thumbnail link to larger photos.

Thought I would put up some works in progress pictures, since I have not posted for a time.

Don’t you love it when a player inspires you? Well, that’s exactly what happened with this project. One of my players (hwoolsey) started building a wonderful ship out of the world works stuff. I was so impressed I decided to build a primitive medieval cog out of balsa to represent the pcs’ ship The Last Coin.

The characters in my campaign have a small trading company called Fortune’s Favor and this represents their single ship – a trading cog with the early rudder design. I have been thinking about building the ship for some time and finally made some progress on it the last few weeks.

I still have a few things to do like creating a banner for the pcs’ trading company and a few other details, but for now it’s done and will make a very game-friendly piece. Not sure if or when it will be involved in the story hour so I thought I would go ahead and post it here.

You can see the GW dwarf hanging out by the mast for scale purposes – he is a sorry refugee from my repair pile.

BTW – it’s important one of your players has a huge gaming room with plans for building an even bigger one before undertaking a large project such as this – right Heinrich (aka hwoolsey)? ;)


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pogre said:
BTW – it’s important one of your players has a huge gaming room with plans for building an even bigger one before undertaking a large project such as this – right Heinrich (aka hwoolsey)? ;)

Oh yesssssss!!!

We wants our new garage.

Now, here's hoping the in-laws come through with the loverly cash gift that has been mentioned.



pogre said:
Hope you enjoy the dragon

Excellent. The dry-rushing white on the black primer is inspired. Enjoyed the fire, fangs, and directly putting kneadite in the joint, too. Thanks for the tips. :)

Love the cog, too. I've got what would be a row boat for, perhaps, 80mm figs (it's not really for minis, just a desktop thingy) that I was thinking about converting into some sort of useful 25-30mm scale watercraft. It's been on the back burning for a while but it might be time to finish that up.

The next Chicago gameday is looking like it will be July 9th, so mark your calendar. :)


All pictures are thumbnail link to larger photos.

Here’s a project that took me WAY too long to complete. I made a trade with a gent online for some OOP miniatures in exchange for a dungeon room of his choice. I sent him a number of ideas including a photo of a Todd Goss designed two-level dungeon. That’s what he decided on and I confidently told him it would be ready in a couple of weeks. Sadly, that was three months ago…

Fortunately, my patron was a generous fellow and told me not to worry about it. The result is a dungeon piece I like so much I’ll be making one for myself next. (That should take about a year).

Here’s the whole dungeon piece with a little mastermaze -

The piece can be taken apart so you can throw miniature prisoners in there –

One of the obstacles I had to making the roofs removable was how to give them enough support. Adding linoleum, card, or anything else might make the fit look odd. So I used crossbeams just like they would in the old dungeon. I think it was an elegant solution and they seem to hold up great.

Oddly enough, here is the thing I like most about this model. Let’s say you don’t need a two-story jail. You just need a cell or cage. Just take the top layer and plop it down on your mastermaze and you are good to go!

That extra versatility for the piece is what sold me on making another one!

So there you have it – a dungeon for your dungeon.

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I have a total man-crush on you! Err...well, your minis work at least ;). That is just too cool. <Starts making plans to kidnap Pogre and chain him the basement for a year with unlimited model-making supplies>.

~ OO


Another insanely awesome piece. I don't even know if I have a use for such a piece, but I'd sorely like to get Scorch or Valanthe to make one. I could definitely find a use for an actual cell like that, somewhere. Bravo, sir, bravo.

But Scorch has been talking 'Lake of Fire' lately....and I'd really LOVE a lake of fire. I mean, who wouldn't?

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