Pogre's 2021 Miniatures and Models Thread - Yuan-ti group, Water Weird, and some Skinks.


Welcome to the 2021 edition of Pogre's Miniatures and Models thread. I know I'm pretty late in posting this, but I'll explain below.

Anyway, if you have not followed my threads before here is a look at some of those:

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I started this thread in August of 2003 and posted on it intermitently through 2017. It has tons of broken links and some very bad photography.

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So, why the delay in this year's thread? Two reasons - first, I have been painting mostly historicals, which I assume this audience is considerably less interested in. I waited until I had painted at least a few fantasy figures before posting.
Second, my Parkinson's Disease has been getting worse lately. I am still painting, but my quality just is not where I would like it to be. It's frustrating, but I finally decided, 'Oh, what the heck. Let's show them anyway what you can do with truly shaky hands.'

I also plan to post some more of my sons' figures and projects, which are quite impressive (unbiased Dad here, of course)!

First up are some French Marines from the French and Indian War era.

Next, are some coureurs des bois (French fur trappers) also from the French and Indian War Era.

Now, onto the fantasy! All the following are Citadel (GW) models:

A Witch Hunter! A repaint from an old auction I won.

A Middenheimer from the Mordheim line.

A Brettonian foot knight.

Finally, a D&D character, Sir Felix, painted by my youngest son Keegan. He used a Reaper Bone Nolzur's Miniature for the mount and an old Brettonian knight I believe for the character.


Models completed in 2021: 23
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Glad you are back. My favorites of the group are the witch hunter and Sir Felix. I really liked the griffon. It's shown me how to paint eagle wings now. The white tips really make the feathers pop.


Glad you are back. My favorites of the group are the witch hunter and Sir Felix. I really liked the griffon. It's shown me how to paint eagle wings now. The white tips really make the feathers pop.
Thanks. I will let my son know you like it - he will be pleased. He is working on another winged beast that is looking awesome. I will be sure to post it when he is finished.


Awesome minis all round!

Also, I'm impressed that it's only February and you've gotten all that painted. I've painted... 3? Yeah 3 minis in total this year.


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I love them! Damn, you paint better with shaky hands than I do with my supposedly steady hands. I have been painting a lot of minis too - but more fast and loose jobs and using dry brushing and washes to bring up detail that I don't want to bother to end up making a mess of by trying to paint them discretely.

But I did recently do a wyvern and a black dragon and I am working on a stone giant currently.

Can't wait to see more.


A few old GW models today. First a Wraith from 1992:


Next, a pair of unsavory Dregs from the Mordheim line:




Finally, a bouncy trio of old Squigs:

Models completed in 2021: 29

Lovely dregs!

I love those models. I play Mordheim, but rarely buy official Mordheim models since they're so overpriced on Ebay. For most warbands it's easy to find alternatives that look the part, but I really struggle to find anything that looks right for dregs.


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I am working on a female fire giant right now (who is totally the wrong scale, but whatever) and have finally been doing batches of goblin minis I got back in the 1990s


Would you be willing to share the paints/washes list you've used some of these pieces?
Sure. The Bone Naga is vallejo game color Bone White, wash of thinned GW Contrast skeleton horde, highlights of VGC Bone White, final highlights of Scale 75 Nacar (SC-02). If you have questions on other models - let me know!


Is it the horrible mold lines or bad pre-priming that swore you off?
Yes. The sculpts are interesting, but their quality control is awful. There is an amazing amount of greenstuff on this model - including some re-sculpting. They are cheap though - it's a trade-off.

I am looking forward to their new hard plastic line.


A little catch up and mandatory Dad brag:

First up are the choke point on my painting desk - French Regulars for Muskets and Tomahawks

Next, some wizkids Bullywugs I painted quickly for our last gaming session:


Dad Brag Section*
A couple of character figures my son Steve (age 17) painted. First is a GW Dwarf he used as his runeknight:

Next is his current PC a fighter. This is an old Ral Partha figure with a heads swap from some Chaos Warrior.

The next group of minis is from my youngest, Keegan (age 15).
First up is a beholder from Wizkids:

A few shots of the Green Slaad from Wizkids:



A pair of character figures Keegan sculpted out of greenstuff and painted:
Hobgoblin Wizard


His current character - a Leonin Paladin from an area with ancient Egyptian flavor.



Models and miniatures completed in 2021 = 52

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