Spelljammer Spelljammer Confirmed (MAYBE, April Fools?)

Not at all, it's a technical distinction: I do not have absolute or Metaphysical certitude, but I have moral certitude, that is enough certitude to act as if it is true until proven otherwise.
I don't think anyone's arguing that Spelljammer isn't going to appear in some shape or form: I'm just trying to argue that revisiting a setting doesn't guarantee a campaign setting book. As an old Planescape nerd, I'd be elated to hear that the big summer adventure this year is Dead Gods or The Great Modron March, and would argue that that totally counts as a revisit. Witchlight included a few fae races, so there is precedent.

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Either they are unwittingly be cruel, or they know something that make them comfortable teasing.
Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 5.33.28 PM.png

Have any of you gone and looked at the way the D&D twitter account is responding to people on this topic?

Definitely having fun with it.

Either they are unwittingly be cruel, or they know something that make them comfortable teasing.

I honestly hope that they simply start following the normal release path with follow up videos, articles, and social media, as if this was a perfectly typical release. I would love to see certain types blow their gaskets (even moreso than they have already) if they continue on as if nothing is out of the ordinary.


Elder Thing
I get it. But until there's a proper, no really this is a product we're launching, it's not confirmed. Signs point to...sure.

Boo and Minsc are way more closely tied to Balder's Gate and FR than Spelljammer. Boo and a Beholder doesn't mean Spelljammer confirmed. There are beholders in FR.

I hope I'm wrong. I'm a huge Spelljammer nerd. But until they put out a press release with a title, release date, and price point. It's all speculation.
Agreed. While this COULD be a Spelljammer thing, I'd actually be a little upset if it was. It has way to much FR detritus all over it for my taste.

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