Spelljammer Spelljammer Confirmed (MAYBE, April Fools?)


We'll find out soon enough: I expect something not unlike Ravenloft in a lot of ways, but unlike it in a few key ways (like space travel, natch).

I also expect to se Chris Perkins unleash his humor to it's full power, so...there may be casualties.
There's at least one casualty in their marketing...

...oh, oh, you thought I was talking about the hamster without a space suit. :sneaky:


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Seven pages of thread and we haven't even addressed the (I assume to be a) Cowboy Bebop reference in the tweet.

"See you later, space cowboy hamster"
Smoke and mirrors. I mean, it's not like there's a spelljammer helm that's powered by giant space hamsters running in a wheel. Because that would be absurd.


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