Spelljammer Spelljammer Confirmed (MAYBE, April Fools?)

Reference lost on me.
I burned out on anime in high school, but "3, 2, 1 - Let's jam!" was a prominent line in the opening theme of the show:

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Oh! I’d there is inspiration from Cowboy Beebop that’s be incredible!
Do we really need more excellent genre bending? That would be like combining 16th century views on luminous aether with a pastiche of swashbuckling films, talking hippo men in Napoleonic costumes, and the leftovers of the Forgotten Realms, and hoping it sticks. Like that would ever happen.

Some of us just want simple things. Like an AdventureVision compatible board game with hair band fashion. They can properly announce Wild Space any time they want. B-)



B/X Known World
Years ago in school, I daydreamed about a 2d Street Fighter clone, where all the characters were the philosophers and theologians I was studying.

...I now have a title.

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