D&D 5E Storm King's Thunder [OOC]

Wizard 1

still rough, but parents wanted him to go into politics but he was more interested in the arcane arts. he;'s recently finished his wizard apprenticeship and is out looking for ways to prove himself, both as a wizard and as a useful member of his family

Looks good! Could you add a bond and flaw?

Sure, that works.

Disposable Hero is offering his spot if you still want it.

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Disposable Hero

First Post
Is Disposable Hero in other games here on ENEorld? I don't want to take the slot of someone new and discourage them from playing. I am in other games, so don't want to hog things.[/URL]

You're good man, life happens and you can't always get a character up and running when you mean to. I'll gladly take a waiting list spot. I have a few games on Myth Weavers I'm waiting on and I'm not new.

[MENTION=6873732]seriousmoonlight[/MENTION], are you going to put up an official Rogue's Gallery thread?


Was just waiting to figure out the final player. I'll create one today.

I'm also going to add a section to the first post about factions. You're not required to be part of one, but the campaign does account for the option.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
As above, I suggest play what excites you. Cleric and Rogue and Wizard can all do ranged attacks with some effectiveness.

Disposable Hero

First Post
If it pleases the court I'll create a character that's in stand by mode simply if something happens to any of the PC's currently, that and I'm LOVING 5E so any excuse to create a character is awesome!

Level Up!

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