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D&D 5E Storm King's Thunder [OOC]

I'd be keen in trying a Death Cleric (DMG) of Kelemvor, either LN or LG. I'm not looking to play a necromancer with a horde of undead minions, but someone who uses death magic with hopeful, helpful intentions (half elf, or wood elf, variant human), not meaning to be as spooky at all.

I will admit I am in another (higher level) SKT game, and so I understand if I am not selected.

First off, great user name and profile pic.

Could you send me a message with a general summary of what is happening in your other STK game? I like your character idea, but am concerned about running through stuff you've experience so far.

I took a quick look at the other game and the Waterdeep beginning seemed to be a complete homebrew. I'm not sure how closely the DM follows the plot further on. WOTC structured this campaign very wisely, so that not every play through is the same. There is the possibility I could make you encounter different places / villians.

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Given the current lineup, I wouldn't mind playing Carolina, a halfling rogue. This is a character that I've played in both 3rd and 4th editions, but I've yet to play a 5th edition incarnation of her. Here's a look at a quick summary, with a more proper sheet to follow if selected:

Looks good to me! I'm interested to see how she gels with the more heroic members of the party.

How detailed of a backstory are you looking for? I'm no novelist, but I can go a bit more in depth if you would like.

What you provided was great! The vision aspect will work really well with the plot of this adventure.


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Well, it looks like you have at least as many players as you're looking for, but since the [recruitment open] tag is still there I'm just piping up to say I'm interested! If someone drops or you decide to take more than five players, I'll come up with something to complement the lineup. If not, have fun all! :)

It looks like I have four players (five if you count Ian) already. I can't believe how quickly it filled up!

I'm going to bump the group up to six, so feel free to send in any more ideas with the understanding that I won't be able to take everyone.

Current Party:

1. Fighter
2. Rogue
3. Druid
4. Death Cleric


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Out of the current line-up, the rogue might do archery, but seems equally suitable for both melee and ranged. The Fighter is sword and board and I am not sure about the Cleric, but they are death domain which tends to favor melee. The Druid (me) is controller/summoner and while is capable of using weapons and may whip out a bow from time to time, will be more focused on battlefield control.

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Awesome, I'm thinking of an archer than. Leaning towards ranger but a fighter/rogue would be great as well. My original idea was a mountain dwarf barbarian.

EDIT: Actually I'm really leaning towards the barb...
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Here's a quick background of my mountain dwarf barbarian. I can finish fleshing it out in the morning, currently I've been up for 22 hours I think.

[Sblock=Background]Rhogar Ironhide is lean by dwarven standards but his strength is apparent. A bear skin hangs loosely from his shoulders as the hilt in the shape of a dragon can easily be seen beneath the skin. His light brown hair and beard are well groomed, even though he had the pungent smell of dead flesh and earth clinging to his being. The horn of some bull or minotaur perhaps can be seen hanging from his side, close to a dagger. Steel guards covered his knees and shins crafted into the shapes of skulls.

Rhogar grew up in the mountain ranges in the north, sleeping where he dropped, eating only what he could find or kill. He’s not a normal dwarf when it comes to combat. He tends to fly into rages and instead of controlling it, he embraces it. Lets the rage flow through him. Shapes it. Uses it. His fellow dwarves call him a berserker.[/Sblock]


Wizard 1

[SBLOCK=Mini Stats]
Passive Perception: 12
AC: 12 (15 with mage armour, 17/20 with shield)
Initiative: +2
HP: 8/8 (HD: 1/1d6)

Spell attack: +5 to hit Spell DC: 15
Quarterstaff: +1 1d6-1B

Luck: 3/3

CANTRIPS (3): FireBolt, Light, Minor Illusion
LEVEL 1: (2/2): *Mage Armour, *Shield, *Sleep, *Fog Cloud (C), Unseen Servant (R), Alarm (R)

Human (Variant)
Increase two ability scores by one (DEX, INT)
Gain 1 feat (Lucky)
Gain 1 skills: Persuasion
Languages: Common, Elven (Human), Celestial (Noble)

Wizard (Level 1)
HD: d6
Weapon Proficiencies: Daggers, Darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows
Saves: INT, WIS
Skills: Insight, Arcana
Arcane Recovery
Ritual Casting

Waterdavian Noble:
Skills: History, Persuasion
Feature: Kept in Style: You go not have to pay up to 2GP per day to maintain a comfortable or better lifestyle as long as people know Waterdeep.

Lucky: re-roll a d20 roll you make, or an attack against you 3/day[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Abilities and saves]
STR: 8 (-1/-1)
WIS*: 12(+1/+3)
CHA: 10(+0/+0)

AC: 12 (15 with mage armour, 17/20 with shield)
Initiative: +2
HP: 8/8 (HD: 1/1d6)
Proficiency bonus: +2

Spell attack: +5 to hit Spell DC: 13
Spell Attack Modifier: +5

Athletics: -1

Acrobatics: 2
Sleight of Hand: 2
Stealth: 2

*Arcana: +5
*History: +5
Investigation: +3
Nature: +3
Religion: +3

Animal Handling: +2
*Insight: +3
Medicine: +1
*Perception: +3
Survival: +1

Deception: +0
Intimidation: +0
Performance: +0
*Persuasion: +2

Passive Perception: 12[/SBLOCK]

[SBLOCK=Equipment and Spells]
Runed Quarterstaff (Spell focus)
Explorers Pack (backpack, bedroll, mess kit, a tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 rations, and a waterskin, 50 feet hemp rope)
Fine Clothes
Bottle of fine wine
Scroll of Pedigree
Signet Ring
Belt pouch

0 20 0 0 0

SPELLS (* shows Prepared)
CANTRIPS (3): FireBolt, Light, Minor Illusion
LEVEL 1 (8): *Mage Armour; *Shield; *Sleep; *Fog Cloud (C); Alarm (R); Unseen Servant (R)

Fistan is of average height but slight of build. His stooped shoulders give away his preference for books, but he still seems to enjoy the hardships of being outdoors, at least for short intervals. He takes great pains to be clean and neat, but clearly is behind on the current fashions, both in clothing style and conversation topics, much preferring practical clothes and obscure subjects.

Personality: Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood.
Ideal: Respect is due to me because of my position, but all people regardless of station deserve to be treated with dignity. (Good)
Bond: I would like my life's work to be a set of great tomes detailing secrets of the world
Flaw: I am easily distracted by the promise of information.

Growing up Fistan always wanted to read, he found the pointless rhetoric of court mind numbingly boring. His parents always insisted that he learn the intrigues of court and he would have not had a choice had he been the first born.

After some rebellion and public embarrassment for his family Fistan was finally allowed to apprentice as a mage. During his absence rumours grew and multiplied about the strange child in the family, was he disfigured, simple, insane?

Years later Fistan returned to find life at court awkward. He had even less desire than before to tolerate the mundane nothings that nobles choose to discuss. Things were especially difficult because of the rumours regarding his absence.

It didn't take Fistan long to commenting the conclusion that he wanted something else. The rumours regarding goblins around nightstand would make an excellent opportunity to prove his worth as a mage and would give him the opportunity to prove to Lady Velrosa that he wasn't crazy, that would go some way to making his life more tolerable.
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