The Hunt for the Blue Palace (Yoon Suin/Troika!)

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Dusty Dragon
acid damage: 1D6 = [2] = 2

Everyone takes acid 2 damage. Everyone has a few holes in their clothes, marks on their armor etc (no game effect, just sucks). Miu, however, is hit right in the face, and falls to the ground screaming. The beast, still shrieking and leaking ichor, runs away in the forest.

The party spray Miu in the face with their waterskins to remove the acid, but the damage is already done. Miu's smooth, beautiful face is now pitted and stained. Although none of you are willing to tell him just yet, you all know that this will leave scars all over. Thankfully, his eyes were spared.

(and now we know how he became to look like that!)

You figure that this area is probably a good place to sleep, seeing how a dangerous predator use to reside here! (I'm just assuming that the old plan is still in effect, let me know if it's changed)


I will need from everyone

  • Awareness check and let me know which watch (1, 2 or 3rd) you are taking
  • Roll 2d6 for overnight stamina healing (also, if you want to eat a provision, heal another 1d6)
  • Roll 2d6 for overnight luck "healing" (it comes back yay!). For further luck healing you need pocket gods, which are basically like a little mini shrine/sacrifice you can make to gain a tiny bit of luck.

Troika Map 4.png


With all the excitement of the day, Dubi Gan felt like he was not tired. He offered to take the first watch and sat looking into the growing gloom, wondering if tomorrow would find them at the doors of the Blue Palace.

OOC: Alertness: 2D6 = [5, 3] = 8
against a skill of 6, I believe.
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"By all means, rest my friend." said Dubi Gan, hoping that he wouldn't be blamed for whatever scars they would find when the bandages were removed. Best to appear kind and concerned, not that he didn't feel a little bit guilty. He pushed that feeling aside, though.


the magical equivalent to the number zero

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