The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread

To be fair, a lot of threads get hijacked by a certain couple of posters and dragged into a spiral of talking past each other and sniping. Who wants to be a part of that. Or a thread goes so far off topic that it isn't relevant to the OP anymore.

When a thread goes off the rails, the OP doesn't really have any way to get it back on track (aside from asking/pleading, I suppose).
If the thread poster really wants/needs it to stay on topic, there's always the option of making it a [+] thread.
Given which thread it was and the fact that mods showed up and use mod voice along with normal chat instead of just closing the thread on the OP as @payn
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Thomas Shey

I'm still waiting for the Punic War themed comic from Lindybeige. It's now years overdue. I'm not complaining, though, because it's the first time that he's attempted a project like this. Many projects routinely take 2 or 3 times as long as their estimates, because drek happens.

Back a computer game KS sometime. They virtually always take forever (even more if you're uninterested in Early Access). Dead State was, I think, two years late, and Xenonauts 2 is taking its sweet time.

Thomas Shey

Troll posts happen, but I have to wonder why anyone should care. if a discussion is still happening absent the OP, what difference does it make?

You've explained why. Because sometimes its someone throwing a grenade, knowing the likely result, and running off laughing. And sometimes people are more subtle about it than obvious.

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