The "I Didn't Comment in Another Thread" Thread


Bruce Baugh, Writer of Fortune
TL;DR: be kind to one another. Let people enjoy things. Remember that you are in public. Don't feed the trolls or validate the bullies, but don't let their behavior slide--report them without engagement, then click away.
Thiis is what it’s about. I am never going to game together with 99.9%+ of the people I see here. What you all want in a game will never force me to put up with something I don’t want in my game. All we have is talk.

So if you have something that makes you happy, I am free to be glad for you, with no disclaimers. I may be baffled at how anyone could be happy with X or Y…but I know what it feels like to be happy with A and B, and we overlap in the “being happy with” part. And I approve of happiness I think most of us need a lot more of it.

If you’re stuck with something that doesn’t make you happy, especially when it doesn’t seem like you can get from there so a kind of gaming you like, I am sad for you. It doesn’t matter whether I really like the thing that you’re stuck with. It doesn’t matter if I find the thing you’re stuck with bafflingly weird and don’t understand how anyone could ever be stuck with, as in a certain thread about the scope of D&D levels. I know that gaming should not be a burden and that most of us already have too many, and I wish gaming could be a positive way to spend off-duty hours.

Focusing on the people and their experiences makes it easier to connect with them and come to learn something about what their play means, and make even learn something that helps me understand my own preferences and experience better. That’s the best kind of fun.

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Thomas Shey

I think sometimes its less that people are actively hostile to other people they're interacting with, so much as they're at war with trends or zeitgeists (because it makes getting the kind of game they want difficult or even, in practice, impossible) and the people they're arguing with are stand-ins for that (its pretty clear that's what's going on with a couple people I know of on here). Its still probably kind of not-useful, but I can understand how they got there; frustration is hard to deal with sometimes.


I wonder what the Venn Diagram overlap is between people who decry "postmodernist nonsense" and people who can define postmodernism...?

I visualize it as lookkng something like this:



As long as i get to be the frog
Old hotness: martials vs casters.

New hotness: make your tabletop D&D game more like BG3.

Eternal hotness: edition warring.

(Apparently tabletop RPGs can learn quite a bit from video games…)
We ain’t got nothing on the Diablo 2 vs 3 vs immortal vs 4 debates.

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