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I don't believe in the no-win scenario
That's rough.
"Hot electrical work" means ... the circuit must be hot while you're working on it (like for whatever reason you can't just trip a breaker or something)? IIRC your gig is HVAC, so leaving that sort of thing for specialists seems reasonable to this total outsider.
Close, its placing CTs on high voltage panels to measure electricity. You may ask but doesn't the utility do this when you get electricity from them? They do, but my system breaks it down to how much the lights, HVAC, refr, etc.. is using on individual levels. Also, it measure solar output.

There is a low chance of causing an arc flash live, but its a damn dangerous effect if it happens. See video below for a demonstration (also dont work on panels in slacks and dress shoes)

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EDIT: You know, I thought when I typed that, that there was no way, NO WAY, somebody would already have made a cryptocurrency and called it "LongCoin." It's too obvious! Well, it turns out that, today, I'm the fool!
I had an idle scheme with friends for over a year to create TulipCoin, a parody cryptocurrency in honor of the Tulip Mania speculative bubble. But this January someone launched their own TulipCoin.


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
I had an idle scheme with friends for over a year to create TulipCoin, a parody cryptocurrency in honor of the Tulip Mania speculative bubble. But this January someone launched their own TulipCoin.
My pitch is to start LongCon on Kickstarter, with tiers relating to "tickets" -- $150 for a full four-day pass, $500 for VIP tickets (with vague bennies), and higher tiers for additional bennies. The KS campaign page would guarantee that tickets would only be available on the KS and on-site. Honest!

Assuming it funded, six months or so before LongCon, rumors would drop of cash flow problems. I would announce that you could only pay for things on-site using special wristbands, and you could only add currency to the wristbands with LongCoin, which would boost the cryptocurrency. Then, three months before, there would be a crash sale of additional tickets, to coincide with an announcement that we got additional attractions: a nerd-adjacent band (TMBG? Darkest of the Hillside Thickets? I don't know, somebody hard to reach would have been ideal) along with reclusive gaming names, with the "crash sale" prices being double what the KS prices were for tickets.

And then, we would FyreFestival the crap out of it, cashing out all tokens and taking out the cash, and vanishing.

The venue would never have heard from us at all.


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
Frankly, I am as dumb as a box of hammers. I'm rather shocked some of the suspected grifters in the hobby haven't done something just like this already.


Neutral Evil
For the love of Pelor, hire a cultural sensitivity expert to review your drafts before you send them to the printers. What on Oerth were you thinking?!
You: Meticulously sift through minutiae to pick out every bit that anyone may find insensitive or distasteful. Create a product that is palatable to the mass market for at least a decade or two.

Me: Make a blatant allusions to hot-button topics. Use the resultant controversy to generate renewed attention for my product again and again, then continually take credit for "fixing" it.

Outrage? Free marketing.


I'm not actually advocating for the practice. I honestly just have a really hard time believing that nobody, at all, suspected anything.
I might not have caught it myself, but then again I'm not a cultural sensitivity reader or a person who would be on the lookout for negative depictions of cultures. Others in my gaming circle who are more attuned to these issues would've certainly caught this.
To imply that Wizards did this intentionally to stir controversy, I just don't buy that. It certainly goes against their messaging and efforts to this point.
I would expect a statement from the company forthcoming.

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