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I don't believe in the no-win scenario
Why not both?


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Bob: "Hey look, this cool new Kickstarter is probably going to break a million!"
Ed: "Ugh, it's all just marketing. They work the numbers to make their project look more attractive."
Bob: "So they're just trying to sell their new product?"
Ed: "Yes! Exactly!"
Bob: "Like everyone else in the free market?"
Ed: "Um....yes."
Bob: "And that's bad?"
Ed: "...look it's the principle, okay? They're doing it wrong!"
Bob: "A million dollars' worth of wrong, from the look of it."
Some have legitimately (illegitimately?) done it wrong by having people pledge to Kickstarters with the promise of their money back, plus interest, after the campaign has closed. This is fraud. It is also against the Kickstarter rules, but that's minor by comparison.


Frumious Flumph (Your Grace/Your Eminence)
You guys need to pledge to my Kickstarter when it goes live. It's for the crowdfunded convention LongCon, to take place on Long Island in 2024. We'll have panels of Kickstarter creators talking about how to make money running a Kickstarter, NFT investors talking about how to can make a fortune on the Blockchain, and Twitch streamers talking about how you can get rich playing games for a living! There'll be vendors selling the latest RPG NFTs, and we'll have an NFT photobooth, where you can instantly take a booth photo and mint it into an NFT on the blockchain! We'll also have plenty of games being played, where we're going to introduce blockchain character sheets -- yes, your character, now part of the eternal blockchain!

The Kickstarter will include several tiers, including higher cost tiers for early pledgers -- at the $500 level, you can sit in on a game run by Ernie Gygax, Jr.*. At the $1,500 level, you can go to dinner with Justin LaNasa†! Get in super-early, and you can even qualify for a limited number of new cryptocurrency being introduced as part of LongCon -- LongCoin, a new RPG-based token!

* Pending fallout from any current or future split.
† Travel expenses to and from North Carolina not covered.

In case it needs to be said, /s.

EDIT: You know, I thought when I typed that, that there was no way, NO WAY, somebody would already have made a cryptocurrency and called it "LongCoin." It's too obvious! Well, it turns out that, today, I'm the fool!


Tension, apprension, and dissension have begun
OMG, work is killing me. For the last 4 years I have told my vendor two direct things. No hot electrical work ever, and I need 4 weeks notice for shutdown projects. At least twice a year I get asked how certain the no hot work policy is?; its G D certain, and weekly they try to schedule in less than 4 weeks...
That's rough.
"Hot electrical work" means ... the circuit must be hot while you're working on it (like for whatever reason you can't just trip a breaker or something)? IIRC your gig is HVAC, so leaving that sort of thing for specialists seems reasonable to this total outsider.


"Hot Electrical Work" - Translation for the IT crowd on the board. Think of it like working on live data, except that the data is people. You, specifically.


Limit Break Dancing (He/They)
In my line of work, "hot work" is anything that involves an open flame or spark. Cutting, grinding, electrical wiring, but especially welding.

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