TSR TSR3 Blames Widespread Pushback On WotC

In an unexpected turn of events, the primary individuals behind TSR3 have claimed the pushback they've received on social media and elsewhere was orchestrated by .... D&D publisher Wizards of the Coast (a company which has thus far remained completely silent on recent events).

TSR3 is run by Justin LaNasa, Stephen Dinehart, and Ernie Gygax. The controversy has been raging for over a week, since TSR3 announced itself with a press release.




Stephen Dinehart and Ernie Gygax have since deactivated their Twitter accounts; Justin LaNasa doesn't appear to have one, but it is believed he is the person operating TSR3's Twitter account. A couple of days ago, Ernie Gygax posted about recent events on Facebook (note that he edited the post, but the original can be seen here).

I wish to state in the strongest terms that I never meant to hurt anyone of any race, creed or color. My video From the Bunker caused some to feel that they would not be welcome or would be looked down upon. That was never the intent, I was reacting to focus of modern role play into a more background and Role Play rather than the wargame that so made so many lives happy over 40 years ago.

As a gamer it meant that most of us were not worthy of any attention from others of our own age. We were Nerds. We were brainy-acks and others would snicker. Older classmen would ask to "borrow" something of ours to then pass back and forth a game of keep away. I used to receive some special attention from about 4 Juniors in my Freshman year. I played the Violin and often I began to wish that I had Super Powers, perhaps become a Giant.. I was far to shy and then embarrassed as attractive ladies would just lower the eyes while the jocks or other socially vibrant fellows had some fun at another geeky nerds expense. Thank goodness I grew 4 inches my junior year.

The only real comfort zone we all could share was a table in the lunch room. At least the fledgling TSR found fertile minds in those who had only those like us - gamers. Rather than have to risk embarrassing myself, since Phy Ed was going to force us to dance with those wonderful and yet scary girls. Well to get my Diploma I had to slave for a month to Mr. Gerber the head of the Phy Ed department. Fortunately I knew all about janitorial work as before D&D and TSR dad only made $5,000 as a Cobbler (five children) and we had food stamps and even free school lunches. Yes you had to go to the councilors office every week to collect your free lunch passes. Obviously you could feel all the eyes on you and the talk about....

Everyone has been welcome at my gaming table and multitudes of new friends have been created by the time spent playing the games we Love. Look at pictures of gaming on my site or anywhere I run games. Everyone is welcome, just like a Boot Hill game leave your guns at the bar until you leave town. If you come to the Dungeon Hobby Shop Museum Jeff R. Leason will show you courtesy and a smile and you will see that gaming with elder gamers is a safe and entertaining environment.

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Well, that was fun
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We live in a world where China is flagrantly committing genocide and you think this nobody is a jerk? #firstworldproblems

I wish to any and all gods that may or may not exist that all these horrible exhausting cesspools end as quickly as possible.

The United States is not Nazi Germany. #firstworldproblems
Stick to TSR3, please. This is not a general politics site.

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Well, that was fun
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CR 1/8
Because of the craziness, I have to ask out loud. What if this affair has less to do with trying to run a functional company, and more to do with a hategroup trying to make inroads into the gaming community.
I'd be more inclined to believe it's opportunistic businessmen attempting to exploit an element of the gaming community that's prone to hatefulness. IE, pretty much the same model exploited by a lot of fringe businesspeople to make money off customers of a particular political stripe.


World of Kulan DM

While I concede your point (to me, specifically), I'm not going to talk about politics.

I just dislike this "Not My TSR" making a mockery of what was once TSR and trying to bait WotC and the gaming community. It's in poor taste and could become a detriment to the gaming community. It could hurt the OSR movement.

(And yes, the original TSR wouldn't work today and that's fine. Time moves on. But I still love me some Greyhawk and Mystara!)


Not sure if this is a strategy but it seems TSR is deliberately courting controversy. Not a day goes by when news from one thing to another, is stirred, even without a lawsuit from Wizards of the Coast via parent Hasbro.


Listen...if Wizards of the Coast wanted to launch a "coordinated attack" on TSR Games (LaNasa), they would have started with a Cease & Desist order if not a flat out lawsuit for copyright infringement for using the original Star Frontiers artwork (which they own) in promotion of their "reboot", or for the use of copyrighted TSR artwork owned by Wizards of the Coast including the logos from the 70s and 80s (trademark only protects rights to use text and images in commercial use, it does not grant you the copyright to that text or images).

In fact, unless I missed something, Wizards of the Coast has been very quiet about this entire thing.

Of course, the whole thing is a paid conspiracy and everyone speaking out against TSR Games (LaNasa) is getting paid for it. Which if true, somebody owes me a big check for my viral Twitter thread.
This is spot on. The art works are protected by copyright and only usable in a non-commercial or satire form I believe.


From my vantage point, I feel like the one who is most skeptical and critical of Ernie Gygax.

But generally, on these threads there is an outpouring of love and good will for Ernie, along with understandable concern.

I feel the saddest part of this painful affair, is Ernie not realizing how many WotC fans wish him well.

While I am critical of Ernie, I also wish him well. At the same time, I also wish Non-European Americans, women, gays, and in this situation, especially trans well.
Outpouring of love?? I’ve read a lot of threads on here over the last couple of days and I haven’t noticed an outpouring of love (LOL!!).


Mind Mage
Not a very good equivalency. But believe what you will.
To be fair. At this point, I dont have "beliefs". I have doubts.

For example, many people are characterizing Ernie Gygax as something like a hapless innocent idiot.

But I dont see evidence of innocence.

And plenty of evidence to the contrary.

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