TSR TSR3 is no longer the original TSR

After weeks of claims that TSR3 was the original TSR resurrected, that they started the hobby, and that they created Gen Con (a convention which started in 1968, five years before even the original TSR was created), TSR3 has now altered its stance. Now it is no longer the old TSR. The new company states "... we are not the old TSR in any way. We are a new entity." TSR3 has deleted many earlier tweets.

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Sir Brennen

But But they have a great range of um a ah there we go dice and t-shirts and um stuff um how about a theme park and a $1000 game sessions and um stuff.
I heard about the dice and t-shirts, but don't see them anywhere on the TSR3 site. Were they removed? Did they realize the images they used were copyright (belonging to WotC) and not trademarks?


That tweet has some serious "flouncing out of a 90s Usenet conversation" vibes.

Between all this and the references to Star Frontiers being scrubbed, I suspect Wizards' lawyers finally said something.


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How weird. They must have just deleted their twitter account. Good lord. But there is this one now, which clearly isn't run by LaNassa and crew lol


Sir Brennen

Writing a "breakup letter" to someone that you've blocked (and who therefore can't read it, let alone react to it)? Immature and unprofessional. This is the sort of stunt that a middle-schooler would pull. "Hey! I want everyone to know that Wendy and I broke up! But don't tell her I said that, okay? She might want to get back together and I don't want it to get weird."
But shouldn't you and Wendy have been dating before you break up with her? Or shouldn't she at least know you exist?


Don't you all understand? It's because they keep getting bullied by SJWs. They had to delete everything because of the harassment. They are the victims here. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Weird thing is, no one mentioned their lack of accountability or problematic statements in their last tweet this morning. It had gotten quiet.

With Dinehart’s dramatic “breakup” with WotC and the deletion of the accounts (Fb too) and scrubbing of all mention of TSR, maybe WotC finally pulled the legal plug on them?

Or, perhaps it’s because a former President just sued many large social media platforms and they’re switching off in solidarity…?

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