Review Umbrella academy season 3. No spoilers please


Wow. I hadn't been paying any attention to the news. Yikes! That's brutal.

But, The Expanse is hands down the best SF series on TV IMO. That was just FANTASTIC SF despite the final season being a bit weak, again IMO. But the first three seasons? Holy crap. That was some serious SF that just sets the bar.
Yeah, I think they got done hard on the final season. Not only where they preparing to tell stories beyond the season (they got a cancel notice as they already had sets built), they later got told they went from 10 to 6 episodes. They did a series of like 10-15 min extras that are basically cut scenes. You can see some of the extra material they had planned.

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I liked this season, I might have liked to know more about some of the Sparrows (?), but I guess what I particularly enjoyed how they systematically embrace the absolute dysfunctionality of the family. It is kinda ridicilous how little they manage to work together and coordinate, of course, but they do it in such a charming and fun way I can forgive it.


Finished season 3 last night. Interesting. Reginald's plan was obvious the moment we saw the thing in the Moon. Reminded me of an ST Voyager two-part episode.


Final Form (she/they)
Very very good show. I feel like the show keeps getting better season after season

I love each and every one of these stupid, broken idiots, even when they're making constantly terrible choices. Viktor is my absolute favorite sweetheart tiny king and I completely understand why he did what he did, even if I can agree he should have told his family the truth. Allison on the other hand... again totally understandable given everything she lost, but still...

In any case, from my very not-cis POV, they handled Viktor's transition beautifully.

Lila definitely stole the show, especially in the second half of thev season.


In any case, from my very not-cis POV, they handled Viktor's transition beautifully.

Glad to hear that I wasn't totally off about that. It just felt very honest to me. (And I'd like to think that Eliot had a lot of input on how they handled it).

Now that I finished it, I definitely feel like it was the best season of it. I assume that we won't get more, which is a shame, but it had a decent ending if that turns out to be the case!

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