[VtR] [OOC] Born into Darkness

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Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll keep the willpower point and see what happens with the frenzy. I get the feeling she's going to be doing a lot of that.


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I did not realize that you had created your own RG thread until just now. After shifting through it I saw that my last update to Cole Braddock did not make it.

Here is the lastest update
Compared to your lasted edition

Hopefully the changes would not have changed anything.



it doesn't look like you've changed too much. And its still early days so I'm fine with changes.
Where did striking looks come from? How are your looks striking?
(I'll try to take another look at the sheet. If its on there I'll find it then so don't worry about it,)

Yeah for the record the master character thread is what's used for the game...
I'm pretty fine with changes but I want to know about them and have a chance to discuss what's being changed and why.
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I do not know what book it comes from as I found a list of merits on the web. I do know that it is a 2 or 4 dot merit. I am guessing the 2 dots is very good looking and 4 dots down right gorgous.

I thought the merit would go well with his 'people person' personality and skills. What a better way to diffuse a situation than with a charming smile and areasuring wink.



It comes from Core; I have no problems with it.

Of course. It works well socially.

Usually striking looks are "striking" in some fashion. I.e. For example, Ash (who is no longer with us), has striking looks. When we discussed it Ash's player and I agreed that she was tall, rail-thin with natty-hair that almost looks like it moves.
The player had in mind the idea that she looks almost like a Medusa.
It's not just being good looking.... there's something -else- something that draws the eye.

Giselle, also has striking looks **.
I've tried not to go into intense detail (cause I write long already) but I think you did a great job of picking up on that. There's supposed to something, alluring, above and beyond being "attractive", about her. But it's also, at least in my mind, specific. She's got intense green eyes.

One of the Nosferatu, Sicko (who you haven't met yet), has striking looks ****. He -so- good looking, so polished in appearance that he seems inhuman. Film come to life. (Not that
It's a case where his Nosferatu weakness (the creepiness) mixes with a merit to produce a specific effect.

Basically, striking looks is a way to give your character something unusual, specific. It gives players and NPCs another tool to use in interacting with you.

Also, see next post
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From the IC thread
Graf said:
Biggs turns to Nice but he has stepped away from the group and is on the phone.
What do you mean it's missing? he's saying into the receiver
I'm not trying to shut down interaction with these sorts of responses. There are really two factors at work

1. The players, despite playing for weeks, haven't actually had a chance to interact. I'm keen to see interaction occurring. Give the group time to coalesce, etc etc.

I had the phone ring when it did to avoid prejudicing the initial meeting of the group. (Does that make sense?)

2. Obviously, I do want there to be a sense of "development", an awareness that the story is unfolding (even if what's happening is just some NPC talking to some other NPC on the phone).
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What's the big deal about Merits?

Merits are a finite thing. Especially in a game where everyone starts off at "neonate" level without extra xp.

So if someone takes common sense, edictic memory, or striking looks then that's something unique about the character that only they have. You've given up other options to take those traits, and I want to respect that.

Not that I'll always succeed but if you've got something like that (particularly something where the combat utility is low like edictic memory) I'll try to work in scenes where it's important/valuable useful.

Of course some stuff is just easier than others. In a game where memory loss is a factor having close to total recall (Beth) has the potential to be more important than having virtually complete understanding of firearms (Archer).

So if I'm asking questions it's usually so I can tease out what sort of story choices people are working on.

This isn't necessarily just true of merits. War is doing interesting stuff with Biggs' specialty. But Merits are "expensive" relative to other character choices so I feel like that requires a minimum amount of ST attention.
(not that I'm promising anything of course)



Normally in VtR when you use Auspex you have to "activate it".
I.e. declare you're using it, what senses, etc etc

I've decided to reverse this (FOR AUSPEX * ONLY), for a lot of reasons, the biggest of which is just that it's not feasible in an online game to ask "do you have Auspex up" "do you have Auspex up" all the time.

So, my default assumption is that you have Auspex * up, all the time.
(You can tell me you're turning it down, or not using it of course. This is just my default assumption.)

So long as you have it up, of course, your senses can be overloaded (per VtR 119). Which sorta sucks, effectively you'd lose a turn if someone suddenly fired a gun next to you (if I understand how the power works anyway).
(For borderline cases I might give a roll)

Also, for situations where you're listening in in a social setting, be aware that the roll will usually include a subterfuge component (usually something like Wits+Subterfuge), to prevent people from noticing that you're distracted.

Do people (ie specifically ig and Festy since it affects their characters) think this is fair?



What Disciplines are you thinking about for Biggs?
Not that he's familiar with how they work yet, but I wanted to get the story moving towards his aquisition of them.

Given his personality, an instinctive use of at least Protean * is reasonable.

Resilience is, naturally, the easiest to explain but the choice is ultimately all yours.

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