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D&D 5E What is the Sorcerer?

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I feel compelled to point out that post-Tasha subclasses have bonus spells. So they get 4 spells per spell level until sorcerer 11.

And 5.5e will have at least two of the pist-Tasha subclasses so we might see that again.
Yes. for 25 spells total 15 and 2 each level 1 to 5. Same as prepared maximum for level 20.

In 2024 UA they have more by default.

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Thee have been literally hundreds of pages discussing the Sorcerer in the last couple of weeks. Is this the new Ranger?
I'd say yes, but looking at other places...
People still troll about the Ranger over on DDB, reddit has a hate-on for Rogue, got at least one discord channel unhappy with druid.

I think it's just pick-a-class-to-hate-on.

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