Dragonlance Would you allow Kender outside of Dragonlance?

Would you allow Kender outside of Dragonlance?

  • Yes

    Votes: 28 20.7%
  • No

    Votes: 82 60.7%
  • Yes, providing the character originated on Krynn

    Votes: 19 14.1%
  • No, but I'd refluff the stats and allow those as another race

    Votes: 6 4.4%


No, but the kender race explicitly encourages it. I mean, it just about whispers in your ear, "Hey, you don't understand personal property and know no fear; why would anyone take offense to your having their stuff? Snicker. You can get away with it. C'mon!"

IMHO the kender offers nothing good that the halfling doesn't do better. But again, this is a playstyle preference thing.

The same could be said about paying a Thief, or a Tiefling. Or how Mages are always keeping secrets, or how barbarians are always yelling and running into battle, or....

Saying "The race made me do it" or "The class made me do it" is just as bad as "My character trait made me do it" The *PLAYER* is the one responsible for playing like a jerk or not. It is not only possible, it is easy, to play a Kender and still be a reliable and solid part of an adventuring party.... if your players somehow can't hack it.... I would recommend different players.

edit: And just FYI, I played a Kender for a couple of years... and not once did that fictional race of my fictional character every whisper into my ear.... go figure....

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I would say sure why not, there is series detailing a kender in the planescape/Realms settings - Finders Bane/Fistandantilus Reborn\Tymoras-Luck (lost gods series); entertaining books imho.

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