Ok here we are. A little later than I had hoped but SUN was a bad day for me and now it seems like time is flying by.

I will be restarting AoW's it has gotten a lot of interest from those on the boards and I like these adventures.

First I wish to mention everyone that has played in the games that have gone on before and give them a chance to jump in.
@ghostcat @Shayuri @renau1g @Walking Dad @Padreigh @GandalfMithrandir @jkason @Lughart @rb780nm @s@squ@tch @fireinthedust @CanadienneBacon @jackslate45 @TSS @SJRSamurai @Axel @Blood and Honor @Gondsman

Whoa quite a list...

And now for the new people who have shown interest.
@Disposable Hero @SelcSilverhand @Cromm10k @Fenris

Let's see who all wishes to join in. Group size will not be a factor for now I have some ideas running in my head should we get more than 6 players.

For now post your interest and if you have a character here...


Please let me know if you wish to keep that character or not.

For the anyone new who wishes to join please post your interest and what type of character you are looking to play.