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Rob Wieland

Rob Wieland

I Wonder Wonder Wonder Who, Who Wrote The Book of Nod Review
In 1993, The Book of Nod appeared on gaming store shelves around the world. It came just as...
Weird Frontiers Takes DCC West
It’s been a good year for fans of Weird Westerns. Deadlands came out with a brand new edition...
Achtung Cthulhu 2d20 Makes World War II Even Weirder
Modiphius comes full circle with the release of Achtung! Cthulhu 2d20. The company established...
My Five Favorite Things From Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos
I don’t play Magic: The Gathering but have enjoyed the sourcebooks that they’ve done for...
Cyberpunk Red: One Year Later
Of the two big releases in the Cyberpunk setting late last year, the tabletop one seems to have...
Sabbat: The Black Hand Shows How The World of Darkness Continues To Change
When Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition made sweeping changes to the setting on its release...
GameHole Con Is My Favorite Convention
Yes, it’s a terrible name for a convention. The organizers will be the first to admit it. The...
Time For Some Star Trek Adventures In The Shackleton Expanse
One of the strengths of the Star Trek Adventures line is the robust adventure support. Between...
Call of Cthulhu Celebrates 40 Years of Madness and Mystery With A Deluxe Edition
Forty years may be the blink of an eye to a Great Old One but for the tabletop games industry...
Count On The Troubleshooters For Heists and Hijinx
Comic books have never been just superheroes. Like any media they’ve explored all sorts of...
Marines, We Are Reading! (An ALIEN Colonial Marines Operations Manual Review)
The first question nearly every fan asked after the release of Free League’s ALIEN RPG two years...
My Five Favorite Things From Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons
Even though the release of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons has been slightly delayed by the ongoing...
Asunder Brings Primal Flavor To Tabletop Fantasy
Most fantasy RPGs lean into the medievalism of Lord of The Rings, a handful throw things farther...
Find Powerful Reinforcements For Soulbound In Champions of Order
One of the true joys I’ve discovered over the past year is Warhammer: Age Of Sigmar: Soulbound...
Hearts of Wulin Is A Soaring Swashbuckler
When Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon came out twenty years ago, it exposed a new audience to a...
Rise Of The Drow is Three Good D&D Books In One
There are a lot of solid campaigns out for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Wizards of the...
My Five Favorite Things From The Wild Beyond The Witchlight
This month begins one of the busiest periods in the history of Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition...
Get Cozy With Cthulhu In Brindlewood Bay
Mysteries can be one of the trickiest types of game to run. Threading the needle between too...
Go Back To The Medieval Future of Fading Suns
Every gamer I know has a Pile of Shame. It’s the pile or shelf of books and games that they’ve...
My First Game: Top Secret/SI
For the vast majority of people who get into the tabletop role-playing hobby, Dungeons & Dragons...
A Look Inside The Upcoming Avatar Legends: The RPG
Magpie Games set tongues wagging earlier this year when they announced they had secured the...

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