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Game Proposal: So, I'm probably insane, but I've recently managed to get my already-in-progress PBP games running smoothly after a rough winter. So! I have a hankering to run more! Who wants to join me in an old-school assault on the Steading of the Hill Giant Chief?

Build Rules: It'll be level 9 (might as well make it tough). Free feat at level one for all characters (seems to be the trend these days) Two +1 magic items or equivalent (we can discuss) and 500gp in mundane equipment (and healing potions). Please no well-known broken combos, otherwise anything reasonable goes (from official sources). Point-buy or Array, Average HP.

Requests: If you've played the adventure recently, maybe skip it. I've run it before, but it was long enough ago that I remember almost nothing. If you're in one of my games, you're welcome to join, but I wouldn't mind some new blood. Also, if you're in the habit of holding games up, give it a miss. I want to keep my momentum going. (A couple of posts a week will do).

Edit: Looks like it's going to be TWO groups, due to popular demand!:

The Players:

@JustinCase playing Duvrael Oolo, Yuan-Ti Diviner Wizard
@Tonguez playing Kahru Karavetra, Human Druid Barbarian
@TerraDave playing Tenibor, High Elf Wizard
@Snarf Zagyg playing Doc Vileweir, Reborn Warlock/Rogue Gunslinger
@Blue playing Eoghan, Firbolg Glamour Bard
@Shadowedeyes playing Valda the Runeblade Human Rune Knight Fighter
@Kobold Stew playing The Colonel, Air Genasi Tempest Cleric Soldier
@Lidgar playing Jack "the Knife" Blake, Human Rogue Thief
@VLAD the Destroyer playing Quinn, Human Circle of Stars Druid
@Hriston playing Reeve Bible, Human Champion Fighter Sailor
@Maxperson playing Kaligan Wainwright, Human Psi-Warrior Fighter
@Steve Gorak playing Gimlak Silverbeard, Dwarf Prince Psion
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Yes please! :D

As I am not really familiar with the campaign, is there any bond (or aversion) to a locale, person or race I can create a character around?


Yes please! :D

As I am not really familiar with the campaign, is there any bond (or aversion) to a locale, person or race I can create a character around?
I am thinking of making the setting up as we go along. A bleak place called "No-World" in desperate need of heroes. All the standard races' kingdoms are in decline. Elves have mostly gone to the Misty Shores; Dwarves are rare and mostly forgotten. (You can absolutely still play either). The human kingdom (where this takes place) is the Fallen Kingdom of Illeck, ruled by a Steward with corrupt courtiers.

All details can be made up, either by you or by me (all the above was off the top of my head). Do what you like under the theme "past its better days" and I will try to say "Yes, and..." as much as possible.


Hmmm, I’ve never played that high in 5e, but could be interesting.
I've barely run anything this high (and I run a LOT of D&D). I don't tend to prefer higher levels. Still, this ought to be fun. I am as far as can be from a "killer DM"... but I don't plan to pull punches here. Survival should not be guaranteed.

It's an old adventure, so it's low on over-arching plot, but big on on-the-ground, think-it-through story (if that makes sense). You are faced with an impossible task. But you can't back out. Will you rise to the challenge, or perish like so many before you?


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
If you'll have me I'd like to join. This will be my first public (as opposed to among friends) PbP - I've been reading and want to get into one. I'm on ENWorld daily to post.

Disclaimer: I read Steading back in the 90s for AD&D (or was it AD&D 2nd?), don't really remember anything about it.

I can play anything to fill in the gaps in the party. I tend more towards a cleric, bard, or maybe something like a bladesinger wizard, but am flexible.

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