Battlestar Galactica #16: Deadlock/Season 4 Finale/2009


It reminded me too much of Revenge of the Sith. "She's lost the will to live" and 'You didn't love her enough for the baby to survive' are both stupid ideas.
Those were things the characters were telling each other/themselves so they felt less powerless (a fairly common thing, natch). People say all manner of stupid things in the face of tragedy.

I sincerely doubt they were being offered up as the 'true' reason for the miscarriage.

And after an episode of mediocre tension, all we have to show for it is the death of a baby.

Real gripping television there, BSG.
Right, because the death of a baby is good for a quick laugh, at best.

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Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
All the naysayers on the ep. reminds me of a comment one of my friends had about an episode of Babylon 5:
Frosh said:
Too many social issues; not enough guns!
Some folks want big booms, some want character development, some want a little of both and different times. Me, I'm with Mallus.

It did have one arc purpose: If the Cylons can have children w/o humans, they don't need them and could leave. Liam had to die from that point of view. Even though they could "try again" at this point (to be a little callous about it), with a breeding population of 5.... you thought the ~40,000 humans had it bad...


Part of the problem is that with all the emphasis on Saul, he's a character that never seems to make decisions of any consequence,
beyond poisoning Ellen
. All the stuff seems to happen to him; being Adama's second in command,
knowing he's a cylon, having the baby, losing the baby.
, seem to have just happened and he just stands there with his mouth agape, waiting for the next decision from the show's main characters to wash over him.

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