D&D Movie/TV Benedict Cumberbatch Joining D&D Movie?

According to The Sun, Benedict Cumberbatch is joining Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Rege-Jean Page, Hugh Grant and others in 2023's D&D movie.


He was in the The Hobbit trilogy as Smaug, the dragon, and is well known as Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock. More recently he narrated an animated short about a Drizzt.


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But he shouldn't be allowed to play a wizard, because Hollywood contracts asks some actors not to play "rip-off" of famous characters. For example Gillian Adensorn couldn't roleplay "Hannibal" because the agent Clarice Starling was too close to Diana Scully.

I dunno if you can really get forbidden from taking future roles by a contract. Would seem careerending.
You can't, generally speaking. People can certainly write it into a contract but under California or British law, the ones most likely to apply, it's likely such provisions will be disregarded unless they're extremely narrowly drafted in both the roles they cover and the time for which such roles are excluded. There's a widespread but mistaken belief that everything in a contract is legally enforceable. In reality this often not the case - especially as a lot of contracts are drafted by non-lawyers or drafted in an um... "optimistic" way. Post-nups (and even some aspects of pre-nips) have similarly proven hard to enforce.


So before you all start quoting me again to criticize and correct, etc., this free advert blip is not about the D&D movie but let's first play along that this could definitely be D&D movie adjacent.

Soundtracks are a thing in movies for decades now. And I see this opportunity to help market this young rapper on Kickstarter, Dizzy Roseblade

This kid is doing a rap album narrating D&D Adventures and even his personal experience. What say we support the Kickstarter (last 40 hours now) and maybe even get him on the official soundtrack?

There are those of you with more sway and years in this D&D Industry, so can make this happen.


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