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BLEB1: Beer Run (stonegod - Designated Driver)


Kenn takes a knee and rides down into cover.
His mouth is a little dry.

Let's see if this works. If it doesn't, I'll be retreating for the rest of the trip.

He takes a deep breath and reaches into his head for something he brought back with him when he died.

He lets the breath out and suddenly casts a clearly defined shadow two inches long in all directions as he manifests Inertial Armor.

Kenn gingerly flicks the tip of his nose with a fingertip. Or at least, he tries to.
It feels like solid steel, but it weighs nothing at all. Kenn grins hugely. This is much better than leather armor.

Time to get to work.
"Fritz, don't be a hero. That's what paladins are for."

Kenn vanishes into the darkness.
Kenn's Hide, Move Silently (1d20+6=25, 1d20+6=18)
Presumably along the way he picks up his rapier and buckler -- they're certainly gone.

A low, challenging laugh ripples back from the front of the car, the only remnant of his presence.

(Kenn will move towards the front of the train stealthily.)

Hit Points: 14/14
Action Points: 5/5
Power Points: 3/4
Psionic Focus: Acquired

Inertial Armor raises his AC to 17.

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First Post
Khoros grabs his spear, leaning against a nearby wall. He exchanges a quick look with Kenn, and nods.

He is going to move in position a few feet behind Kenn, as they approach. He has a spear in one hand, and his throwing axe in the other. Unfortunately, he steps into a ray of sunlight that cuts through a window, easily revealing himself.

Khoros' Hide, Move Silently checks (1d20+6=7, 1d20+6=24)


The man with the probe
Tam and Khuther can't see much, but Tam thinks he sees the flickering of a rope flapping loose on the train farther up. However, it's hard to look out unopenable windows to see the train unless you're going around a bend, which you aren't at the moment.

Rio detects several minor evil auras in the car ahead of him, moving around in a disorganized fashion. He can't sense much further than that.

Ken stealthily finds that the door between the two cars is locked and won't open.


Kenn skulks in the shadows and fumes.

The universe is messing with my sense of drama.

1. Has this door been locked before?
2. Is there a window in the door? Peeking time!
3. Note to self: buy acid for these occasions...


The man with the probe
1) Not that you are aware of. The Car attendant was in here 2-3 hours ago.
2) Yes, you see mass panic in the car in front of you, and several people struggling with the door trying to go the other way.
3) Not my problem.


First Post
"Locked?" Khoros whispers. "I *knew* I should have learned how to pick locks! Should we be breaking down the door?'

OOC: What about the windows of the train? Can get out of them without breaking them (making noise) and move alongside the train to open the door from the outside?


The man with the probe
The people are trying to get the door of their car open (There are 2 doors, one on each car).

You could try to pop out a window quietly, but you might loose it to the elements. However, there is some noise from the comotion, and the train, still going on.

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