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Candlekeep Mysteries (OOC Chat)

I was thinking 60 feet or so. Pretty much close enough so if we run into trouble we can shout and the other can get to us in a couple rounds. As I said in my IC post going to assist Crock Jon with perception. Once @Kobold Stew chimes in I will get up another IC post with some skill checks.

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Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Crock Jon sees himself as a hireling, and will do as instructed. Since Hawthorne just summoned him to the house, he'll follow Hawthorne if he goes up.


I'm especially sorry to have taken so long only to post a brief and anti-climactic post. I probably could have pulled that one off much earlier, if I had been more on the ball.


No worries. It's that holiday time of year when everything always slows down anyway, and you had moving added on top of that.

It's true! I also have publishers making everything in the comic book industry into three-to-five times as much work as it used to be, for little reason and no gain. (I can't imagine that they are not losing money on all the foolish decisions they have made in the last year).

I used to call my job "Christmas Every Wednesday" and meant it like a child - we opened boxes to find the presents inside! Now it's like "Black Friday Every Tuesday", but unfortunately, it's like... the getting trampled part.

Level Up!

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