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5E Cleric Tier Ratings


Grave Domain.

Offered as a nicer alternative to the death domain the Grave domain packs in quite a few interesting abilities.

First up you get a lot of spelks that don't transform the class in any significant way as they are already spells the cleric for the most part gets already. And they're not exactly spells you would pick anyway. Overall for the most part a fairly lackluster effort.

Circle of Mortality
This looks like a great ability and first. In practice more often than not its a maximised healing word. Spare the dying at will bonus action 30' range is useful but one can argue a cleric that doesn't let allies drop in the first place is an even better idea. Still all of these abilities are useful and are not bad as such.

Eyes if the Grave.
AKA how to annoy your DM. Marginal use in most games although useful in undead heavy games. Very situational and limited though and campaign dependent.

Channel Divinity. Path to the Grave.

This ability looks great. Mitigated a bit by you giving up an action to double the next amount of damage dealt. Useful but it kind of depends on that source of damage. Compare with a death or light clerics inflict more damage full stop now. Still more damage generally always useful.

Sentinel at Deaths Door
You will be popular in any party you are in. You can negate most incoming critical hits. Not to shabby.

Potent Spellcasting
Wisdom modifier to cantrip damage. I prefer this ability over bonus damage to weapon attacks. Wish the death cleric got this.

Overall the grave cleric should probably be played as a support character. Nothing wrong with that. However I think there's just better option in that niche such as life domain. Overall I would make it a B tier or B+ being generous. It's not going to be as good as dedicated support characters (read as Bard or some clerics and druids).

Even comparing it to other clerics there's just other ones I think are better mechanically and from a powergamer PoV. On the plus side it's still a good domain nothing wrong with it.
and now question I'm confused for some days - Are "Path to the grave" beating enemies immunity? So can I then made double dmg by fire to fire immune, etc. for this one use?

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Circle of Mortality gets a lot of use in my game.

But that probably says more about my players...
I'm thinking about it same as your players... why heal with 1dX, when I can wait and heal with X. When you hit some ones or twos on dice It give you much more sense.


and now question I'm confused for some days - Are "Path to the grave" beating enemies immunity? So can I then made double dmg by fire to fire immune, etc. for this one use?
It would seem that way.

Great in that situation but it's still situational.


Order Domain

Located in the Guildmasters Guide to Ravnica is the order domain. Very briefly this is a powerhouse of a domain.

Domin spells.
Ost of the domain spells are cleric spells anyway with a few wizard spells. They are mostly good spelks anyway. Not that apparent at first glance is the synergy they have with later class features.

Bonus proficiency.
Heavy armor, Intimidate or Persuasion skill. Heavy armor is always nice along with an extra skill. Persuasion is probably the skill you want the most ymmv.

Voice of Authority.
This ability is very good. Whenever you target an ally with a spell they get to make an attack as a reaction. Very good ability to use on a rogue. Also works with spells like bless. Still limited by spell slots so gets better as you level.

Channel Divinity: Orders demand.
While not as useful as other channel divinities it's useful inside and outside combat against a wide variety of targets. Thumbs up from me.

Embodiment of Law
You can cast enchantment spells if 1st level or higher as a bonus action. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to your wisdom modifier. This ability is so good and makes your cleric better at casting spells. Something you should be doing anyway instead of pretending to be a bad fighter. Combines nicely with your domain spells and Voice of Authority. Bless is also an enchant so bonus action bless, trigger an attack of opportunity from one of your allies and then cast a cantrip. That's pretty damned good.

Divine Strike.
Fairly typical ability that mist clerics get. It deals psychic damage which is one of the best types of damage to be dealing. Just wish it was potent cantrip instead.

Overall the Order cleric us really good. About right powerhouse of a domain. If it had potent cantrip instead of Divine strike I would put it in S tier. It doesn't so I'm going to put it in A tier but it's a high A tier and it's almost good enough all by itself to do so. However after comparing it to the light cleric that gets potent cantrip and a better channel divinity you can see why I didn't place it there. So close though.

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